Wade Wilson Arrested for Burglary to a Creve Coeur Residence and School



Wade Wilson, 22, was caught burglarizing parked vehicles in Washington on Sunday. Wilson is also being accused of burglarizing a home in Creve Coeur in April and LaSalle School in May. 


Wilson, of Bartonville, now awaits prosecution on three charges of burglary. He was ordered held on $30,000 bond pending a preliminary hearing August 15.


Video game equipment was stolen from the home on Oaklawn Terrace and  a computer and two monitors were stolen from LaSalle School. 


Shortly after the school was burglarized a man reported someone had been living in a vacant house he owns in the 500 block of North Highland Street, only a few blocks from the burglarized home and school.


Inside the vacant house,  the school’s computer equipment and receipts from a Peoria pawn shop for the stolen video game equipment were found.  The receipts had Wilson’s name on them and a warrant was issued for his arrest.


The stolen video equipment was found at the pawn shop and has been returned to its owner.