Village Board to Vote on Revised Water Meter Ordinance on Wednesday, June 25th

The village board will again be discussing and voting on a revised version of the new ordinance that requires all homes to install a water meter, even those previously grandfathered. The revised ordinance does not include the automatic yearly increase.

If approved, the ordinance would go into effect July 1 and customers without a meter will be charged an extra $10 per month onto their current rate until they get a meter installed. All homes must have a water meter installed by January 1st or face possible penalties or having their water turned off. The meters cost $195 each and it is the homeowners responsibility to install them.

The proposed rates will be a $40 base rate that includes the capital improvement charge and $4 per every 1,000 gallons used — $2 for sewer and $2 for water.

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