2 thoughts on “Village Board to Decide on Fate of Aging Water Tower

  1. I agree with Lisa. The $1 million could have been used toward building a new water tower, which is needed. Sidewalks and street lights are nice, but drinkable water would be nicer. It would also be nice to have enough water pressure to actually HAVE water. Is that something the new TIF plan is going to take care of? OR is Main St. getting more sidewalks, street lights, and benches?

    Creve Coeur

  2. This comment was printed in the Peoria Journal Star in the forum section:

    Re. Aug. 24 story, “Creve Coeur weighs water tower choices”:

    Creve Coeur officials are saying the water tower is in need of repair. It was built in 1938 and needs to be updated, which I’m sure it does. But what I want to ask is why, knowing these updates needed to be done, they spent $1 million – $600,000 from the city itself – for fancy new sidewalks and street lights when the money could have been used for the water tower?

    Lisa Smith

    Creve Coeur


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