Three Main Issues in District 76 for Voters to Consider

Three issues have led to at least six of the candidates to seek election or re-election to the Creve Coeur School Board: the handling of administration and finances; the district’s overall test scores and state ranking; and the level of community involvement.

Residents will being casting their votes for 4 candidates on April 9th. Six of the  candidates are running on a platform to create a school board that is more responsive to constituents, more inclusive of all parents in school activities and with a greater emphasis on improving school test scores. Those candidates are newcomers Wayne Brainard, Tammy Bowers and Dezseray Rudd, former board members Pam Greiner and Valerie Ragon, and incumbent Linda Bailey.

Current President Charles Thomas stated “All in all, I’m very proud of this district, and I’d like to see the same plan that has been in place for the last two years continue”.

Other candidates are Brenda Koegel, Shirley Carlson and Kimberly Harper.

Full Story in the Peoria Journal Star (source)


29 thoughts on “Three Main Issues in District 76 for Voters to Consider

  1. Tammy and anybody else that this may apply to, I hope you will not be mentioning my name again because I’m pretty sure that it is considered defamation of character so please be careful in using my name again in a negative or positive way. I would also like to clear up that the cops asked me what happened I told them and all they said was to ignore you. They said that the easement was the cities property but it “might” be good to ask permission…didn’t say I had to. Again, nothing became of it since I neither harmed, threathened or stepped on your property.

    I will not ever visit this site again as it is nothing but immature bullies too afraid to come out from hiding! Everyone knows the real truth and eventually the city will know as well.

    I would like to say my dad wasn’t happy with my actions but he, as any GREAT parent does, loves me dispite my actions. My dad WILL NEVER apoligize for me as I am my own person and have my own thoughts…if you ask anyone I am not a follower! I make up my own mind at all times and have never followed what everyone else wanted me to do.

    As for talking bad about Parkview teachers…uhm you are wrong. It was only Mr. Jockish that I have issues with and that is what both Kim and I said, in that joke of a meeting at Driftwood. We did also talk about the basketball coach Miss Mayfield, as we were not happy about the way she coached basketball. We did not say anything negative about them as people, just that we didn’t approve of their styles of discipline (Jockish) or coaching (Mayfield.)The only people that showed up to that were the not so wonderful 6, a woman who has no kids in the school district because she doesn’t want her grandkids to be a part of District 76, and a couple others that got sucked in to it thinking it was for real concerned parents. I will have you know that some of the things spoken about were legit issues that I myself questioned and received answers to.

    Saturday after all of the bashing happened on Friday night, I will say that I joined a prayer around the flag pole with many other concerned people of the community. I did ask for forgiveness for my actions the day before, as I know that my family and God would not approve. But as all have done…I fell short of the Grace of God and let my hurt feelings and frustration come out in a manner that even I was sick about later. Tammy I am sorry I called you a name regarding your disability…that was uncalled for and totally unacceptable. I do not discriminate against disabilities and daily work with people that have them. I have asked God and now you for forgiveness for this.

    Stacey Schroeder

    • LMAO!!! That’s a good one Stacey, but defamation of character would require you to have one first.

      P.S. That wasn’t a flag pole you were around and God doesn’t forgive you!!! If he did then he would have given you a better character.

  2. WTF woman, do you ever stop? Everyone can see what a psycho you are with all of your crazy rambling posts. You say you do not talk about people but that is all you are doing! You are the most negative group of people I have ever seen! I will feel sorry for any board that has you on it! Maybe you should try to smile once in awhile, it might do you some good. Or, maybe instead of going off on people who do not agree with you, you should try to prove them wrong with a nice statement for a change. You are all so spiteful and angry to anyone who has a kind word about Keogel and the others. I don’t see these candidates on here knocking you so your the only one that looks bad. You should be the bigger person here, after all, your the one running for the school board not me or lol2012.

    Btw, WTF is a great user name, perfect for this site I might add! You should look into it, you will find that there is more than one meaning. LMFAO FDA!

    • Money always brings out the “ugly” in people.
      A little birdie told me my name was brought up on this website.

      Enough is enough! Let me clarify something.

      What I had said was that money deposited from 2012 spring fundraiser did not match up with amount of cards that were being distributed. I was not involved in that fundraiser at all.

      The money in the checking account always reconciled with the bank statements. At end of year my report was 5 cents short compared to bank statements. Is that amount really an issue? Let me remind you all, I am a volunteer and not paid to do this.

      Somebody please show me in any report where money was spent incorrectly. I did nothing that wasn’t budgeted or voted for.

  3. You know what I do agree that the superintendent should be able to tell who can come in the school and who can not. But what I do not agree with is why she is banning Tammy Bowers for asking questions about why the money that was the parents club was not being used correctly. I mean why not let somebody who fights on a school bus in? That is why it is very stupid
    that Tammy was ban from the school for know reason

    • What are you even talking about with your crazy comments…”your so tough…ewww I’m so scared” How old are we?? Anyone who is writing on this site accusing others of adultery,accusing others of theft, calling names, and taking part in any negative comments…it is all the same bull shit. I am not saying that all of my comments have been pleasant, obviously not to some of you, but you are no better than me with all of your derogatory statements! Now, maybe you think it is fine for you to do so because you believe what you are saying is the truth…but guess what…SO DO I! I truly feel that what I am standing up for is for the betterment of our schools! I and many others have been treated very poorly by some of the 6 candidates that you try to make out to be angels! I feel that with your 6 comes a lot of negative energy and unwanted chaos in our schools! It seems that you all are always stomping around in anger wherever you go. But, with Keogal, Thomas, Carlson and Harper, I see no negative behavior. They are not trying to be a part of the school board out of anger towards others. They have not been in constant battles with others, they do not accuse people of stealing, they do not picket our schools or boycott events that are trying to raise money for our kids, they do not write hateful things on their car windows. They are positive, professional, kind people and to let’s face it… I have never pretended that I am. So, say what you will about me…because it is not about me….it is about our children and their future!

      And I also wanted to clear up a few things: when you talk about the studies that have been done about parents being involved with children and there school… I completely agree with that! But, I feel that this means helping from home. Parents need to do their part to help in homework, class projects, being involved, interested, concerned and willing to help from home as well! It does not mean that parents need to be interrupting the classes everyday. I do not think more class parties is what they had in mind when they were conducting this study.

      • As usual you have no idea what you are talking about. The study is talking about parents involved in school. Another thing you need to know, I was not banned from the school. You must have gotten this info from a bad source. I was given, not sent, a letter with a lot of false accusations. The 2 people who did this were on private property and asked to leave, one had to be told twice, that was Ms. Davis. The other one, Julie Troupe, who said she was there as a parent not a Board member was the one who handed me the letter. Now I ask, since when does the Superintendent have a parent do her dirty work? I then sent a letter to each Board member requesting a meeting. I was treated very rudely by Chuck Thomas and told month after month one excuse after another about the meeting. I was told it would be in a week. I believe this was in December, and guess what, not another word since. I contacted the Regional Office (ROE) and Gail Owens called Jeannie herself. Jeannie’s exact words were – SHE IS NOT BANNED FROM THE SCHOOL. Since then her excuse is I can come – just not to parties since I am not in good standing with her. I did not realize she was able to keep a parent away from their child just because she doesn’t like said parent. I assume she wanted to hurt my child, which she did. But you want to say what wonderful people the 4 candidates are. That tells me a lot about the type of person you are. You can say what you like about me, but the people of this town are not as stupid as you think and are not going to believe you. By the way keep going – you only make me look better with your false attacks. Also if you want to know what really happened when Stacy verbally attacked me in front of my children and the 3 young girls next door – contact the police. There should be a record of it and the officer can tell you the same thing he told me, Stacy backed up everything you said – that it happened as you described. But then you won’t call the police or Gail Owens to check these things out. You are not willing to pull the blinders off. If you do get brave enough, you might want to also ask the police if they have ever removed a parent from a Board meeting. They will tell you the same thing they have told others – IT NEVER HAPPENED. I want to thank you for giving me the chance to clear up all these false accusations. Here are a few more: I do not live off of the State. I worked for around 20 yrs and became disabled. I do not collect SSI. You must be a friend of Stacy and Kim Harper since you have a low opinion of Disabled people or people who need state assistance. Considering there may be quite a few people like that in this town, that was a bad move. Guess what WE ARE PEOPLE TOO and retain the right to vote. I have also been blamed for many things I did not do or say. I don’t know any teacher named Thatcher and I barely know Nettles. I have never spoken with the man and only know of him from the orientation night at Parkview and what I have read on this website. I have never made a statement about anyone having affairs. For one thing that has nothing to do with any of this, and for another, I don’t know anything about it nor do I believe these things. Unlike you I do not believe everything I am told. The next mistake – no citizens are costing the district thousands of dollars, Ms. Davis is. There is no reason for her not to answer FOIA’s – it is legally public knowledge. The statement made about the Attorney General finding them all unfounded is not true at all. In fact I just spoke to one this morning. I have been assured by them that my FOIA’s and OMA’s have not been unfounded at all. Others have also been told this. You also stated Powers couldn’t make sense out of the Parent Club books. That seems a little odd considering Powers was the one who did the books to begin with. You also stated Powers said the money didn’t add up. Maybe she should explain this to Donna Burns, me, Dezi Rudd, and herself considering they were all officers, not just Dezi and me. I am now asking you to show proof about any statement you made. Can you? You also made comments to only the truth about Ms. Davis being able to have a wrongful termination suit. How can she do this when she WAS NOT terminated. Her contract was not renewed. You also don’t seem to have a clue about the grant being returned either. How is the school saving money by returning a grant of $200,000.00? Maybe you didn’t know this, but I did. Yes, we had to match these funds, but didn’t she know this when she accepted the grant? How can that not hurt our district on future grants? I would think you of all people you would understand this a little better considering your position. But from what you say you never seem to know what you are talking about. Also did you not know that by doing the work the grant allowed for, we could have saved $30,000.00 every year on utilities? Now I am sure you will respond with more of your insults and false accusations. So please feel free to go ahead. You are only helping me more each time you speak. Thank you!

      • And now…the rest of the story
        Koegel (formerly Mudd) Party:
        How many of them have committed adultry…more than one!
        They have been told to leave school functions due to inappropriate behavior, police called because of violent behavior over childrens school functions.
        Many have been sued for not paying there bills…so how are they going to help the school district with finances.
        Children have received SPECIAL treatment against State Policy.
        Spouses convicted of a Felony!
        Campaign flyer – too much of a coward to put names on it that slandered residents
        How many coaches were fired because there kids didnt get special treatment? Then turned around and wanted the position themselves.
        How many times have Koegel, Carlson, and Harper been to a board meeting in the last year?
        One Candidate has stated several bad comments about Parkview teachers then the Teachers Union is backing the candidate…WOW.

        Easy to find out background information with the internet today..

        Good day!

    • Thank you for what you said. Do not pay attention to this LOL, she is not worth it and never knows what she is talking about. Everyone has a right to say what they want.

  4. This website started out as a great informational place to get updated information on things going on in the community, but as I started browsing through some of the comments it seems as though it has become a place for people to gossip, bash, and bully. (Not everyone, but a certain few for sure) As a parent, I am disgusted on some of the things people are saying about others, most is just plain gossip. Just because it is typed on a website does not make it right, its cyber-bullying. It is something that is a major problem in this nation and it starts with adults teaching their children by example. I understand with the up-coming election things can get heated, but why go below the belt. There are certain moral standards that should be upheld.

    To LOL2012: I do not wish to get in a heated debate with you but I was a little disturbed by some of your comments and wanted to give you a chance to clarify if you would. I understand when sitting behind a computer and typing not all things come out the way you want. (believe me I know by example)

    1. You say you don’t like others bashing or gossiping but from some of the things I’ve read it somewhat seems like you are discussing ALOT of things. You have alot of stories, so I didn’t know if you were personally around for each one told or were some here say?

    2. I keep reading where you state that some people do not work and need to get a job. This is very offensive to some. I am a stay at home mom (by choice) We do not get any help from the state & live within in our means by driving paid off vehicles but still money can get tight at times. You not only told people to get jobs, you told all who get on this site that a certain person is writing bad checks and filed bankruptcy. I understand bankruptcy is public knowledge, but it doesn’t have to be public knowledge for you to put out and the same goes for the writing of bad checks. You don’t know the circumstances of the bankruptcy or the reason for the bad checks. Sometimes things happen……..nobodies perfect.

    I don’t want you to feel as though I am jumping down your throat…….you are not the only one, but these few comments really stuck out. I feel as though this may be the reason for some of the not so nice comments back to you.

    I believe everyone is entitled to their opinion (that’s what is so great about living in the US) but also when putting your opinion out on public forums you have to be ready to answer questions

  5. It appears to me that “DESPICABLE” is the only way to describe lol2012!!! Do NOT know many people as “VICIOUS” as she is!!!

    • WTF??? Vicious, really? I have not read one thing that lol2012 wrote that i could say was “vicious”! Am I reading the same posts as all of you?? I have read prior posts where you people are threatening to run people over, posts that you call others names (puppet is a popular one for example) posts where you degrade teachers, accuse people of affairs, accuse MANY different people of stealing from children…the list could go on and on, and you say lol2012 is vicious?? Seems all she did was speak her mind and state some facts. She must have hit on the truth for you all to be so emotional about it. Sometimes the truth hurts, don’t it!?! Well, you look like a bunch of idiots whining about how mean lol2012 is, when you are the ones who started bashing others on here to begin with.

      • WTF…is that the best you can do for a user name how mature of a name is that one…that tells alot about yourself. For a single dad i would hope you would use another user name…

        You say run people over…that is a new one i dont recall reading that however I could have missed it….when was that posted or is that gossip?

        Maybe you are not real sure what bully is? That is what LOL2012 has done to all comments. Yes truth does hurt, im not emotional over any comments as I only tell the truth.

        I am 100% with my information and not just gossip that everyone seems to think is posted…maybe some people are clueless as to what really goes on.

      • As you show with your user name – you have no clue what you are talking about either. I will not waste my time saying anything else to you. You might want to think before you type – your children must be so proud.

  6. So, this is somehow different than cussing out another parent over a handicapped parking space on school grounds in the presence of many children, as members of your party did??
    And it is different when couples cuss at each other in the school parking lot, after a School event with children present, also members of your 6! I am not saying that this is proper behavior from adults, simply stating that your party has had its fair share of domestic disputes….and yours happen mostly on school grounds!
    I would be interested to hear the other side of the story because something tells me you are not as innocent as you try to come off! You talk about how you do not gossip….but then say that what you responded with was mostly gossip! I would also like to know WHEN Harper said this to you about our teachers…….but I am sure you did not hear this yourself….yes…this is what you call gossip!!
    I am disgusted by the contradictions of everything that you say! You claim to not gossip but it seems to be in everything that you say and do. You promote a website that falsely accuses our teachers of affairs and stealing from the children!
    You try to accuse parent volunteers of stealing and try to hurt peoples careers by stating that they are not qualified for their jobs?!? And then someone has the nerve to say that I am harsh?!? Yes, you also bring up all of the gossip that this website promoted at the last election, including Judy Strong, suggesting she has had financial issues and then say I am wrong to point out that your candidates do not have jobs and write hundreds of dollars in bad checks to the school?? Judy is not her husband and Chuck is not his daughter, I do not think people are responsible for OTHERS actions….only THEIR OWN! If you are putting yourself out there to represent our community, we need to know how YOUR past actions will affect our communities future and with your 6’s past, it does not look pretty!

    • You still have no clue what you are talking about. I can’t even begin to clear this up, so I will just sum it up. You are making one false statement after another. Unbelievable.

  7. I guess you are not Chuck Thomas’s daughter Stacy. Stacy and Kim Harper have both stated that our teachers are not doing their jobs very well. This is not a rumor or gossip, they said this at a meeting. I wonder if the teachers who are supporting Chuck and Kim realize what they said about them. Oops maybe I made a mistake – maybe they were only talking about the other teachers who are not supporting them. Maybe their jobs are secure after all. No one has ever said that our teachers are not doing their job – scientific studies have proven that kids do better when parents are involved in school. You are mistaken when you say there are 60 members of PACE. If so, where are they? Certainly not at meetings and not helping at the school. There are more than 2 parents not allowed to be at parties. Maybe if you were ever there you would have noticed all the parents who were very upset that they could not attend the parties and parade. Maybe you didn’t notice because you were already inside the school.
    Just a little suggestion – get your facts straight before you speak and realize if you continue making up false statements, then they will be defended and the truth will be told. Look up the word HONESTY – I think it would do you a world of good to understand the meaning and live by it.

    • I debated whether I should put this on here or not. I decided people have a right to know before they vote, who they are voting for. Last night when I came home with my 2 sons, Chuck Thomas’s daughter Stacy Schroeder was getting out of Kim Harper’s truck and came to the end of my driveway. She did not cross onto my property. She started yelling at me and accusing me of stealing one of their signs that was in my front yard on the easement. (further investigation proved that she cannot put a sign there without my permission), From there she made a lot of comments, some very vulgar and using the F-word while my children were listening and the neighbors. I will not go into detail what she said about me and what I responded, because it was mostly gossip matters. When she wound down and stormed off, she said I was nothing but a HUNCHBACK anyway. While she was doing this her child and Kim Harper were laughing. I find it very appalling that she would make fun of someone with a disease that makes them hunched over. As if I choose to be like this. It is also appalling that her daughter and Kim Harper also thought this was very funny. I called the police who then had a talk with her and informed me that it would not happen again and wished me luck on the election. Chuck Thomas then showed up at Kim Harpers house but never came to apologize for his daughters actions or at least tell me he did not condone what she did. I for one do not want anyone who would treat someone handicapped like that to be on the school board. Do you?

    • It is a fact that you are not a member of PACE and you are no longer aloud to loiter at our schools….correct?? So, how can you HONESTLY state how many members attend or that there are not volunteers at our schools? hmmmm….you must not know the meaning of the word you say I need to live by. I have been at and volunteered at several events and parties and have not seen a lack of parent volunteers! As I have stated times before, anyone is able to be a member of PACE. It is an organization that does not discriminate or judge, it is parents getting involved with the teachers with the children being at the core.
      I, nor anyone I know, have been kept from being able to volunteer at Parkview school where my children attend. The changes in the parties and other school events that you speak of were put forth by McCartle when she took her position as principal of LaSalle. The Board was not involved in her decision so why do you keep blaming the board for the changes in classroom parties? The Halloween parade and the parking issues at LaSalle, NOT a school board decision but PRINCIPAL! It seems that you blame the school board for all the changes put forth that you do not like, but if you were being HONEST you would acknowledge the fact that this is not a change made by the School Board but one made by the Schools Principle that needs to be taken up with by the Principle not the Board!

      • Ms. Davis is the ONLY one who decides who can volunteer and attend parties. All volunteer applications go directly to her. The Board has allowed the superintendent to limit parent access to LaSalle because her office is there and she does not want anyone near her that may question or disagree with her.

      • timetofly: Totally agree Ms. Davis does determine who is able to come in to the school and who can’t….

        LOL2012 seems to think they know it all…(and NO this is not Tammy that you seem to think writes all this…LOL2012)

        If PACE is Open and not descriminate that how come some parents are never welcomed at the school? In my opinion alot of parents have been dscriminated..

        LOL…dont just blame the Lasalle principle she has to go by the rules of Davis….no need to put blame on the principle….blame needs to be on Davis….SO SAVE US FROM DAVIS…DAVIS NEED TO GO!!!! Good luck Lewistown if she does make it to your town.

      • Lol…if your child or children go to Parkview..then how do you know everything that goes on at LaSalle….is it the gossip that you hear or are you on the board, friends or family with a board member.

        Seems funny that you have a answer for everyone on the website/community….Since your mouth runs so loud why are you not running for Ms. Davis Job that way you can run the schools down even further.

        You talk about others for gossip…from what i see on here u are the biggest gossip person Creve Coeur has….

      • You know what lol2012,you think that you guys are so tough but you are really too scared to do anything. Half of you can not even barely talk to Tammy Bowers and their side all you can do is sit there and give them a dirty look. Oooo I am so scared you are glaring at me. And you can not even own up too stealing and messing up their signs. Think about that next time you think you are so tough.

      • I hope the principal sees what you said about her. This is another rambling of false statements. Reminds me of the flier that went around from the 4 candidates. Nothing in that flier was true either. Maybe you were helping with the flier – if not you should have been. No one has said anything bad about teachers except Kim Harper and Stacy. It was said at the meeting at the Driftwood. There were quite a few witnesses there. Ask one.

  8. Oh, I see you forgot to add the rest of Chuck’s comments not to mention any comments from the other Great candidates: Brenda Keogel, Kim Harper, Shirley Carlson.

    I got to read your flier and have some issues with a couple of things that you state.

    Education of our children:

    I would like to know how the school board is going to change our districts I.S.A.T. scores? Do you not think our teachers are doing their jobs? I would like to know how your candidates think that they can change our test scores….more class room parties? I believe our teachers do a great job and work hard with our children to improve their future, don’t you?

    Parent volunteers back in schools:

    The only Parents that I know are not allowed to attend parties and volunteer, are two of your candidates. These two have caused so many problems with our teachers, staff and fellow volunteers and disrupted classes on a frequent basis that they had to put a stop to it. It amazes me that there is not a rule in place that would prevent people like this to run for a school board. If you are not even allowed to be in the schools, you should not be able to run for any school board! I feel that rules in regards to people coming and going from our schools, are put in place for the safety of our children, don’t you?


    If you look back through the board meetings, you will find that transportation was addressed. This issue was re-evaluated based on student safety, distance and available funding. Unfortunately, there was not enough funding to bus children within 3 blocks of the schools, therefore changes that were in the budget had to be made. Would you suggesting busing every student, if so, how would you fit this into the budget?

    Transparency to the public:

    FYI: Parents ARE allowed to be members of a parents club: PACE. You might want to check into it. It is over 60 members strong: more members than the any of the previous Parents Clubs put together.
    Also, I watch members of the public stand up at every meeting and air their grievances, so I am not sure why you would say that the public is not allowed to speak??
    Anyone who looks at the list at the Open Meeting Act violations will see how ridiculous the violation allegations are! Do you really think that by not seconding to adjourn a meeting, that is grounds to file a grievance?

    Financial Issues:

    I would like to know how your candidates would be more qualified than the other four? It is public knowledge of the filed bankruptcies that plague your candidates. Not to mention the hundreds of dollars of bad checks written from your candidate to the schools! How can we elect people who can not even handle her own fiances to be in charge of the districts? How can we trust people like this to intelligently deal with financial issues of our district??

    • New to this site as of today. I have had campaign supporters at my door the last couple weeks and just today I am looking at this site.

      Its irratating to read the harsh comments left by whoever lol2012 is..I am not accusing you to be somebody just concerned by your feedback on this site.

      Financial Issues:
      I have noticed this on the site a couple times by you making comments of the check, etc….I remember from the Peoria Journal Star reading that one of your CURRENT members Judy Strong has had some financial issues in her life that involved her husand and the law. Her husband even did Prison time so I feel this is far worst then your comment above for our community.

      Reading the journal star today…Mr. Thomas stated he is a write in canidate on the abllot as his original petition was successfully challenged. So if it was successful…what was found wrong since you appear to know answers for this campagin…can you provide that information so that I can make my own judgement.

      I am strong on parent involvement with there children or grandkids…I myself am concerned with this as well because I use to be able to attend my grandkids parties/school function by providing treat bags, helping, etc and now I am told I can only attend one party? P.A.C.E. I know of neighbors that got involved in PACE just so that that they could attend school functions and have only seen maybe 12 people, I am sure 60 are not attending regular. Who is involved from the community that does not have children or grandkids in the district…it does say community involvement.

      I do not know Ms. Bowers however to question why she is not working is totally nobodys business but hers and should not be brought in to the campaign.

      Election is a few days away and this sure has opended my eyes up as to who i will be voting for. As I finished reading flyers i have received. i see a comment on what Mr. Thomas daughter did to Bowers and feel that is totally unacceptable. What kind of person would do something like this in front of children…to me this appear to be a bully tactic.

      Again, I am a concerned citizen and glad I took the time to review this site prior to casting my votes on Tuesday and hope others will as well.

    • Another round of false statements. Keep going. People are seeing you for what you are.

      • this was in response to lol again. I think it came up under the wrong comment even though I clicked reply on LOL.

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