Superintendent Decides Not to Abate Asbestos at Homewood Heights


At a special meeting called by President Charles Thomas, The Creve Coeur School Board was informed by Superintendent Jeanne Davis that the recommendation was to abate Room 103 at Homewood Heights but time has run out and that window of opportunity has been lost. She assured the Board that it will be sealed/contained correctly to be in compliance with code and the law.

The building has been leased to the Regional Office of Education to house the Safe School and Tazewell Academy.

One thought on “Superintendent Decides Not to Abate Asbestos at Homewood Heights

  1. I am in shock after watching this video. Mrs. Davis acts like a person out of control!! Why doesn’t she want questions from the audience? Does she have something to hide? I see when she is questioned by a board member that she gets VERY defensive. I have noticed that only one board member seems to ask questions and state concerns. There are two that speak occasionally. Four seem to just sit and say YES to anything that Mrs. Davis suggests. Can Mrs. Davis always be right? SHE seems to think so! What an ego!

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