School Starts Tomorrow – Be Alert for Buses and Pedestrian Safety


Monday, 8/19 is the first day of student attendance for Creve Coeur Schools. Please be careful driving and watch out for pedestrians and school buses!

Below are the Illinois State laws regarding school zones and school buses:

School Zones
When approaching a marked school zone between 7 a.m. and 4 p.m., on days when
school is in operation and children are present, a driver must discontinue wireless/cellphone use, reduce speed to 20 mph, and stop and yield the right-of-way to any children or adults in the crosswalk area.

School Buses
You must stop before meeting or overtaking a school bus loading or unloading passengers on a two-lane roadway.A warning will be given at least 100 feet (200 feet in rural areas) in advance of a stop. The bus driver will flash amber and red lights on the front and rear of the bus. The stop signal arm will be extended after the school bus has come to a complete stop. You must then come to a complete stop. You must remain stopped until the stop signal arm is no longer extended and the flashing lights are turned off or the driver signals you to pass.

On a four-lane roadway where a bus is stopped in the opposite direction from which you are traveling, you are not required to stop your vehicle but you should drive with caution.

Your driver’s license or vehicle registration will be suspended for three months and you will pay a minimum $150 fine if you are convicted of illegally passing a stopped school bus.