School Board Special Meeting Video – September 22, 2014

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3 thoughts on “School Board Special Meeting Video – September 22, 2014

  1. WOW. After all this time there is a contract. Wonderful! I agree with the previous statement. The school board did the right thing. (All except the school board president, that is). Hum. It appears that the leader of the school board is once again “following orders” from the superintendent. (He was really pushing this outsourcing idea). I remember how she always followed Ms. Davis like a puppy. Well folks, obviously the Community and children of Creve Coeur are not Ms. Strong’s “priority”! Let us NOT forget her contract vote when WE vote for school board!!! I also noticed the attorney that used to be there when Ms. Davis was superintendent. Thank Goodness. He’s Good! I think the school board needs him around. Keep up the Great work for our Community and our schools, school board!

    • Yes. You are absolutely right, ccmom. That is the old attorney. But, I heard that the school superintendent Mr. Aldrige is also an attorney and he doesn’t know about school laws. A couple people told me that. Who hires these superintendents? I am also disappointed that Ms. Strong voted against the janitors. She needs to get off the school board. At least the other school board members thought about their community and the best thing for the kids. I say thank u to them, too.

  2. I would like to say THANK YOU to 6 of the Board members who did the right thing. Also a SPECIAL THANK YOU to the 3 members who called for the special meeting, instead of dragging this out longer. It was good to see a few members do what they were voted in for. I just hope people will remember this along with a few other instances from the past couple of years when they go to vote for new school board members. Once again, thank you, from my heart and thank you from my children. GOOG JOB!!!

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