School Board Special Meeting Video – May 23, 2014

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2 thoughts on “School Board Special Meeting Video – May 23, 2014

  1. I would like to know who called this “special” meeting? Please tell me it wasn’t all about “him”! Did he really tell people he has problems keeping a job? Why would our school district want to keep him then? Personally, it sounds to me like he thinks he’s smarter than all of you! Are you kidding? He must not know who school boards and school districts are supposed to care about! He should set the example, NOT “be the example of greed”! I am wondering if the district’s support staff will get the same percent raise as this superintendent? So sad to see my school district falling apart, again!!!

  2. Why would any BOE give a FIRST year superintendent, with NO past experience more than a year extention on his contract? This clown has not been in Creve Coeur for 10 whole months and he wants a huge raise and a contract extension. As John Stossel says: GIVE ME A BREAK. I believe this man has serious issues, one of which being extremely narcissistic. Didn’t he tell his entire staff the first day of school that he has problems keeping a job? Duh! Wonder why. I think that he needs to start looking for another group of fools to sell his “experience” to. BTW, I could run the district better than him and I’m only a TEACHER.

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