School Board Schedules Three Meetings for Monday April 15th

The Creve Coeur District 76 School Board has posted notices for three separate meetings to be held on Monday, April 15, 2013.  The first one at 5:00 is for a disciplinary hearing, The 6:00 meeting is to employ Shayne Aldridge on a per diem basis acting as Interim Superintendent. The 6:30 meeting is the regularly scheduled committee of the whole meeting. The complete agendas are shown below:


[gview file=”041513-meetings.pdf”]

One thought on “School Board Schedules Three Meetings for Monday April 15th

  1. I had several problems with Parkview staff and the board in this district. They blew me off never answered my questions. My son didn’t go to school for several weeks they never called to even ask why. He was a D student move and know he’s a A, B student and loves to go to school. This district never gave me a hearing on his iss. Thinks cough drops is not a medication. Also there 2012\2013 handbook states kids with over x amount of caffeine will be disciplined but yet when a teacher gave out mt dew which is over the limit they over look that. I am glad we are in a district that cares and wants kids to succeed unlike this one did. My kids were behind when they stared a new school because they did not learn much in this district. Bullying shld never be tolerated but when principal and Mrs. Davis bully parents and kids I feel they shld be punished. They need to set a example. Still waiting for copy of licenses for the counseling support group that I was told to talk to. Pulling my son out of class to ask him if I was crazy and on meds is very inappropriate. All I wanted was answers and still wanting answers. My son shld be able to get a education at any school. Staff of school need to care more at this district. No one shld half to move for the reasons we had to. The board shut cameras off on me that’s fine I can still voice my opinion on here. The things my son saw at your school shld of been stopped. No one explaining to me marks he had on him a swollen arm is ridiculous. Calling me to pick him up for asthma attacks that weren’t asthma attacks they were panic attacks. Maybe you need a real nurse. No teacher shld complain to me bout my kid not doing pull UPS or sit UPS right if they can’t demonstrate them correctly themselves. My son was also able to drop out of band without my permission. He watched several fights that the staff didn’t stop right away. He was kicked off the bus when he got punched in the eye by a kid who randomly punched him, all because him and kid he was with was goofing off in the seat even though they were facing forward when he was punched. That’s all I got to say and you guys can say what you want about this I really don’t care for anyone opinion just wanted others to hear my story that hasn’t.

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