11 thoughts on “School Board Meetings of August 6, 2012

  1. For all of you who may be mislead by this website, let me make this clear…this is a “bash Creve Coeur School Board” site and nothing more! Its pitiful that these people have nothing more to do than cause havoc in the lives of innocent people who care enough to dedicate their time to help make positive changes to our schools. If you would be honest and admit that you are just a disgruntled parent who did not get their way on one thing or another, then this website would not even exist. So for all you who seen the signs and were curious enough to check this out like I did…THIS SITE IS A JOKE! Like I would tell my child, you don’t always get your way so deal with it!

    • Hey-myschoolboardrocks-What a joke with your bash CreveCoeur school board comment! First of all, I can hardly stand to turn up the sound on my computer because the superintendent’s voice grates on me so much! Actually, I would like to know why Creve Coeur even has a school board? She is the only person that talks…and talks…and talks! I heard they called the president a “turd on a log”. Perfect! He never questions anything and lets Mrs. Davis run the whole show. If these people are so innocent and want “positive changes” in our schools, then why don’t they allow the public to speak at the meetings? I plan to continue viewing this site and speaking my mind! The school year has just started. I’m afraid their ‘havoc” has JUST begun!

      • Well “Craig”…it sounds like the only way you would be satisfied is if all the previous board members were intact and they stuck with their decision to unjustly fire Mrs. Davis..huh? If you can not stand to listen to her talk that much….then my advice is DON’T!! The way these meetings are being ran is exactly how they should be. During a school board meeting the superintendent and President are responsible for going over the agenda with the rest of the board members. Maybe this is all new to you and you just don’t know how these meetings are suppose to go (but I’m pretty sure you SHOULD know)…but I will try to explain it to you anyway…the president reads whats on the agenda and moves the board through each issue. When an item on the agenda is brought up for discussion they 1st open it for the public to COMMENT. If you have a question or concern that need a response that would need to be submitted IN WRITING to the district office and that way they can investigate the issue and be able to speak on it intelligently. Board meetings are NOT an open forum for anyone and everyone to air their grievances. The board is instructed to only speak on what is on the agenda. If Mrs. Davis seems to speak more than anyone else during these meetings it is only because she DOES do her job and she does it very well. She knows the details regarding what is being discussed and is able to explain it so everyone can understand. I encourage you to visit other district school board meetings so you can understand that this is common practice. If this was a meeting for the entire Creve Coeur Community to debate their likes and dislikes then you would have to invest in a 24/7 camera crew because everyone has legitimate complaints and concerns that they want addressed. But there is a time and place for that and obviously some people are confused when and where that is. But keep on video taping the meetings and editing out only the parts that would explain why certain people are on the defense. Because it seems to be the only thing you have going on in your life. And besides, we all need a good laugh anyway! LOL

  2. I think Mrs. Davis is being judged unfairly. She has been able to accomplish more in the past year than previous superintendents. The District has been awarded many grants due to her hard work. She values her staff, treats them professionally and has provided more staff training than ever before. She works long hard hours for the children and citizens of Creve Coeur. Give her a break!

    • She has accomplished nothing except creating a mess. When she does come to “work” she barely even stays for even a half a day. She does not value her staff and is by far the MOST unprofessional educator I have ever seen in my career as an educator. She does not work long hard hours. She cares nothing for in her words “the Harley Hillbillies”, “Barely out of Diapers Themselves Mothers” or anyone else who lives within the borders of Creve Coeur. If only you knew. She loathes the citizens of Creve Coeur. Have you ever seen her? I bet she wouldn’t sit down and have a meal with you. She practically gags when she is forced to come to a community event. Creve Coeur WAKE UP. This deranged person I am embarrassed to call Superintendent is not fooling anyone but herself and all of you. Ok, so you made some mistakes getting a different board elected and they decided to rehire her after she was terminated for good cause. It cost the taxpayers of Creve Coeur a pretty penny. It was a mistake. Get out and see for yourself. She is not representing the district and the people of Creve Coeur. She doesn’t even respect the hard-working volunteer parents and families who have worked so hard for the schools. Take a closer look. Talk to the staff. The truth will be told. Chuck, Judy please please please be the Christians you profess to be. Stand up for your public. Swallow your pride. Be humble. BE CREVE COEUR

      • I think both Craig and Fail should to go to the Creve Coeur District #76 official website and read for themselves all that Mrs. Davis has accomplished so far and the school year has not even begun!

        Yes, I have viewed the board meetings on this website and heard for myself how much taxpayer money has been saved through Mrs. Davis’s diligent efforts.

        I am very glad that these meetings are being taped so the citizens of Creve Coeur can see who is in charge and how competent the Superintendent is.

    • JJ are you for real? I am assuming you are either hoping to keep your job in the school district or are wanting to be hired. May I suggest you watch 1 of the school board mtgs. on crevecoeurcares.com. and see how Mrs. Davis acts and treats the school board & audience members. She has them all believing that she is somewhat caring and knowledgeable! This woman does not come to community or school activities that I have ever been to. (I can remember 2 other superintendents from Creve Coeur coming to the Community Center for chili and spaghetti suppers). Mrs. Davis does not care about the children or the citizens of Creve Coeur. She feels she is “above”them! And while I’m at it, fail, you obviously care a lot about Creve Coeur. I’ve heard about those two “Godly” school board members who act so religious on the “outside”. Sooner or later they will have to realize how much Mrs. Davis has used them. Now, all you have to do is just
      watch their heads bob as she directs them! Our job is to “spread the word” and encourage friends and neighbors to go to school board mtgs. to watch what is really going on and Pray for our children and schools!

  3. I am with you Vince about several things. Our school district is in trouble!! The lady with the blonde hair seems to be a puppet of Mrs. Davis. Does she ever question ANYTHING that Mrs. Davis does? No!! Let me not forget the President. I put in him in the same group with the blonde. Both seem useless. Except to Mrs. Davis! They are helping her with her agenda to destroy the district. I applaud the member that asks questions! You can tell by watching that Mrs. Davis does not like her and wishes she would just go away. I hope that she doesn’t. There has to be ONE person on the board that will stand up to the BULLY. Yes, that is what she appears to be. If she treats the audience like this, I wonder how she treats the staff that may not agree with her.

  4. Right on, Ozzie! I watched the same video a couple times. Thanks Creve Coeur Cares,by the way. It apppears that Mrs. Davis loves to hear herself talk.You can sure tell that all the school board members are afraid of her, except for the lady she’s always arguing with because she asks so many questions. The only thing the blonde lady on the school board does is smile and nod when Mrs. Davis talks. I’ve got a bridge to sell her! I saw how bored Mrs. Davis acts when the public gets a chance to talk. She acts like she is too important to listen to their question or opinion. I saw her roll her eyes and fiddle with papers . Very rude. I think our school district is in big trouble!!

  5. Hats off to the lady school board member sitting by our “esteemed” superintendent at the board meeting. Someone at the table finally spoke up for a real problem for the schools. Why does the superintendent want to pay someone to organize volunteers? In my days “Volunteers” enjoyed “Volunteering” and didn’t want or need to be paid! Why does a retired teacher need this kind of money (I think I heard $30,000 mentioned) anyway? Parent volunteers make up a school. Don’t you have a parent organization? Oh wait, I’ll bet the “esteemed” superintenent doesn’t want to deal with parents!

  6. Once again I am outraged by the behavior of Mrs. Davis. I noticed the EYE ROLLING when there was loud bang. This showed her disgust that she was interrupted when she was speaking. Yet, when the audience is speaking she does not listen to them. She is writing or whatever and does not show respect!! They are members of the community and she should show appreciation that they care enough to go to the meetings and be interested in what is going on in the community. There was much discussion about the parent volunteer coordinator. I heard Mrs. Davis say that Mrs. O’Conner had already started working. How could this be done without board approval? She seems to do that alot. Does she assume that the board will always vote the way that she wants them to. Since a few more board members spoke I can only assume that they read the comments from the last meeting.

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