School Board Meeting Video – July 1, 2014

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2 thoughts on “School Board Meeting Video – July 1, 2014

  1. Wow! Mr. Aldridge is just a first year superintendent but is trying to act like he has been doing this for years! He is grabbing as much power as he can from the Board and then is rude to those Board members that question him! The Board should need to APPROVE all hires before these individuals begin their employment. It appears that he can hire as many people as he wants! He only has ONE year left on his contract and is doing his best to tear this community apart. He is moving to contract out the custodial work, essentially taking jobs from individuals who live in the community. Before you know it the same thing will be done to the cooks and bus drivers. The Board needs to put a stop to this nonsense and remind this CARPETBAGGER who is in charge before it is too late. If the Board votes to source out the custodial services I hope that all Board members who vote to do this will be able to look their neighbors in the eye.

  2. School board members, you can read for yourself; School boards shall appoint all teachers, determine qualifications of employment and fix the amount of their salaries subject to limitation set forth in this Act.

    If the superintendent appoints (hire) the special ed teachers violates the article cited below, what protections does the teacher have. What educated person would accept a position knowing the next school board may decide the appointment was not legal. Future boards could then, release them whenever they want! If the school board doesn’t legally vote to appoint the teacher at a legally held, open meeting; think about what protection an employee may not have?

    The board president already called a special meeting on a Friday night to give the superintendent a $7,000 pay raise. A special meeting on a Friday night for a pay raise.

    What a cruel environment when the Board of Education does not want to take the time to LEGALLY hire teachers! The school board should show pride when a prospective candidate is recommended for employment. The school board members should be the first person to welcome new employees to the district. Ho-Hum, the superintendent hired someone to work around our children is not the right attitude.

    EMPLOYEES are the MOST important asset to Creve Coeur School District 76. Employees are people, not just a numbers.The school board should be the gateway to working in our schools. Teams build better schools.

    Mrs Strong, please, put back on the next agenda and reconsider posting vacancies only. When the need arises, the superintendent will make the recommendation and THE SCHOOL BOARD will make the final decision to appoint the teacher, hopefully at a open public meeting. Yes, I realize it may happen on a Friday night. Show school pride and start welcoming people to or schools. The public perception that the board of education could care less who works with our children needs to change. Anyone can claim they care. The school board can show how much they care by the way they vote.

    Below is a copy of the school code all board of educations are REQUIRED to follow.

    (105 ILCS 5/24-1) (from Ch. 122, par. 24-1)
    Sec. 24-1. Appointment-Salaries-Payment-School month-School term.)

    School boards shall appoint all teachers, determine qualifications of employment and fix the amount of their salaries subject to limitation set forth in this Act. They shall pay the wages of teachers monthly, subject, however, to the provisions of Section 24-21. The school month shall be the same as the calendar month but by resolution the school board may adopt for its use a month of 20 days, including holidays. The school term shall consist of at least the minimum number of pupil attendance days required by Section 10-19, any additional legal school holidays, days of teachers’ institutes, or equivalent professional educational experiences, and one or two days at the beginning of the school term when used as a teachers’ workshop.

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