29 thoughts on “School Board Meeting – September 17, 2012

  1. Is there anyone reading this that is still wondering why Creve Coeur is such a joke? Do you wonder why EPCHS doesn’t treat our kids with respect? If any of you heard your children saying the things you are saying to each other on here what would you do? There is not a single person on here that I don’t find completely embarrassing. You all sound ridiculous. School board members, school employees, and a couple of parents acting like this on a public site?!? I am sick of watching you people attacking each other and smiling and bragging about it in public. How can some of you actually sit on a board of education and believe you are doing what is best for the children with all of this hate and bitterness in your hearts? How can you want to sit on a Parent Club and believe that you should influence anything that is for children? How dare you hold a position as a teacher with this disdain for the people of the community? You have all wrapped yourselves so tightly in your hatred for each other that you clearly do not care about our children regardless of what you are trying to sell.

  2. what I find amazing is a couple of the board members (namely the ones you can not see in the meetings) and their followers a.k.a trouble makers continously complaining of Mrs. Davis. How about one of the board member (one you can not see on the video) who is consistantly going around talking about people behind their back due to fact they stick up for their children. I find this very very unprofessional of this board member. If I was Mrs. Davis I would be upset in the meetings also if all I had to do was put up the board members who continually create unprofessionalizm and chaos. All I can say is for the people who want to know what is going really going on please learn the facts and not listen to the trouble makers or the person who is driving around with the stupid comments written on her vehicle. The problem with Mrs. Davis is she does not take the crap of ignorant people. If you are so upset over her big words maybe you could go back to school and learn some yourself

    • Thank You! I couldn’t have said it better myself! It seems as though they are actually taking the spotlight OFF of the children, so how can that possibly be their #1 priority. Davis is so busy doing paperwork and consulting attorneys & CPA’s in search of unimportant information that is irrelevant to anyone, which is requested by “involved citizens” that she has no time to actually do her job. Not to mention the money and time that it takes every time someone puts in a FOIA request. So basically the “involved citizen” are wasting our tax dollars on petty information that has no importance to anyone.
      I agree, if I were Davis, I too would be fed up with the two board members (never seen) that continue to question and repeat the same things over and over again! They continue to waste everyone’s time an energy in hopes of getting a negative reaction from Davis. I am amazed that Davis can control her temper as well as she does!

      • Why does she have to conult lawyers to release info to citizens if she is doing nothing wrong? Doesn’t she often remind everyone about TRANSPARENCY.
        You think Davis controls her temper. Come to a meeting instead of sitting at home hiding.
        Questions keep being asked by 2 Board members because they are never answered. Don’t you get it?

    • I feel sorry for you. I think the person driving around with the stuff on her windows just wants the public to know what is going on. I have heard she is being punished by the superintenent for doing that. What happened to FREEDOM OF SPEECH? I see you also agree with the superintendent, most people in Creve Coeur are not only poor but stupid. I think you neet to check your morals or try to get some.

      • What makes you think I don’t go to meetings and that I am hiding at home? Just because I do not make a scene and talk the entire time the meetings are taking place does not mean I am not in attendance. And for that matter, I do not feel it necessary to attend every single budget meeting etc…because I feel the school board is doing a commendable job! Maybe if you would shut your mouth long enough to hear it you would hear that every question asked has been answered! I would like to also point out that the treasurer that your PC appointed is still on the bank account. Do you also accuse her of spending or stealing the funds? And as far as it being spent inappropriately…I saw the list of items that the Lasalle PC had wanted to spend the Donated funds on. It looks to me like that list has been completed and everything has been purchased or donated that you requested. I must add that on that list you will NOT find that the Lasalle PC voted for any money to be given to the teachers. It is unfortunate for the Lasalle teachers that the Lasalle PC did not have them in their thoughts. But thanks to Davis the teachers are being reimbursed the funds that the Lasalle PC did not give them. Although, I am glad Parkview PC thought about the teachers first and made sure they had their money to start the school year with.
        I do really enjoy how you pat yourself on the back so often though, as well as play the victim too. You go on and on talking about the countless hours you put in at the school and about your own money being spent. And you cry about how badly you are being treated. What about all the other parents who have put in countless hours at the school. I am sure that if you ask around that you are not the only ones that have ever volunteered at the school! What about the couple who have ran the haunted house for the last 10 years or the parents who sent the entire 4th grade on the field trip or the woman who has ran the picture person program for years or the few families who run the market day program?? You act like you are the only ones in Creve Coeur who ever volunteered before! How did they ever manage at the school without you guys? Kids would have gone hungry and it would have been horrible to see a child not get a .25 bag of popcorn! You guys should get a crown! I also must say that I know several parents who did not send their .25 for popcorn in, simply because their children could NOT EAT IT not because they could not afford the .25. But, I forgot you think that all Creve Coeur residence can not afford that!
        What I would like to know is how much did Lasalle PC make from the Chili Supper last year before x-Pres took the money home with her?? Did you happen to count it before or after she brought it home? Or lets talk about how much you lost on the carnival that you spent so many donated funds on? I would like to know the answers to these questions! I should write that all over my car windows!!
        But it seems that you will continue to cry about how you are being mistreated and you will accuse others who you keep whining about accusing you. But I do know that you will always make sure to gloat about what a great volunteer you were and how no other volunteer could ever compare!

      • Tammy….don’t you think you have made a big enough fool of yourself by now? Everyone knows this is you sitting at the library writing about how wonderful you are! But I guess you have to have someone backing you, so who better than yourself? The only reason you are being punished is for your actions. You can run around acting like you are being mistreated but you know that you have had several teachers complain about you! You keep playing the victim, but you know what you have done! This has nothing to do with freedom of speech, you can say what ever you want…God knows you make up some good stories!

      • And, btw Tammy, those where your words and suggestions that Creve Coeur people are poor not mine. And I think the only stupid people here are the ones that believe your lies. It is not hard to find the truth, after all there is a record of any money being spent. I also think that you are out of your mind if you think that people in Creve Coeur can not afford .25 bag of popcorn or a t-shirt for their child! And if YOU actually can not afford this then maybe you need to check YOUR morals because I don’t know anyone else who would rather by a pack of smokes than put a shirt on their child’s back. For that matter, are you suggesting that had it not been for the X-pres of Lasalle PC that children at Lasalle School would have gone hungry?? I would like to hear you tell the school officials that! Are you actually saying that the kids would go hungry because the school would not feed them if they did not have lunch money? We ALL know this is a lie! It amazes me the amount of lies and contradictions that come out of you!

      • I really dont think I need to check my morals what I think is the person driving around with that on her windows is part of the trouble maker crew and again do not have the facts straight and looking for sympathy for all she has done wrong. also yes I am from Creve Coeur and no
        i am not poor (by far) and sure the heck not stupid you do not see any writing on my vehicle. why is she the only one with the writing on her vehicle you would think there would be more people with writing on their vechicles if Mrs. Davis is doing all of this. as far as the comment I must be friends with Mrs. Davis I have never met the woman or do I know her. so again get your facts straight before you make statements like that. Really I see a pattern here.

    • well I went to a board meeting last night just to see in real time instead of the video clip and WOW I could not beleive it when I heard the budget was balanced and yet you had two board members vote NO on a balanced budget. Sorry I am not a CPA but I thought that was the goal of the budget……. again look at the board members who voted no that is where your problem lies I think. Really the topic on the float is really sad if that is all you are concerned with. I guess I would be upset too that certain parents took the time, donated materials for the float so these cheerleaders and warriorettes actually looked nice for once instead of craming them in the back of an old truck with two or three posters on the side of the truck. As far as the coaches helping with the float for these children it might surprise you to know none of the coaches showed up to help these kids or the parents. What I would like to know is why did these coaches quit?????? maybe because the athletic director did his job and said something.. come on people your problem lies not on Mrs. Davis but your petty little selves……..find someone else to beat up for awhile this is getting old. Problem is most of you are to chicken to put your real names on your replies. GROW UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Squints66- I am glad we are on the same page here. So, what some people may not know is onlythetruth is the lady with writing on her windows. She is also the x-secretary of Lasalle PC who is one of the people that Davis and the Principal of Lasalle removed from the PC checking account(as well as the x-pres of Lasalle PC). Now, they obviously want the donated funds back in their possession (as per the writing on her windows).
        She feels that since it was Lasalle PC donations that it should ONLY be used by them. Let me add that the treasurer of the former Lasalle PC is still on the account so funds cannot be spent without her knowledge. These people are angry that their names were removed from the check book and that they have no say in how the money is spent now. They are worried that some money might be used for activities at Parkview School. Now, what I do not understand is that they keep saying its about the children but don’t both schools in our district involve the children?? I believe that donated money in the name of our schools should not be any ONE persons possession and that if it is used for activities and the betterment of the children in our district than it is a good use of the funds. I think these people are greedy and self absorbed to think that they are the only ones who should say how this money is spent and that otherwise it is being misused! I still am shocked that she is running around with writing on her car saying that the district should give back the money?!? There is no more PC, it is now a Parent/Teacher organization and they have no title or power now and they cant stand it. These kind of people are what is wrong with the world today!
        You will notice that during the meetings the only ones causing any issues are the x-PC members as well as the couple board members that vote got overturned to fire Davis. So, that is it in a nutshell. You have a hand full of jilted individuals who do not like the decisions that were made so they are throwing a tantrum because they did not get their way. Flash back to grade school again it seems! And due to their lack of education they whine about the big words Davis uses and they choose to use words like vagina and threaten to run people over. Not real hard to see who the nutcases are here. And yes, it was very strange that the two board members voted “no” to a balanced budget. But obviously that is just their way of acting out because they dislike Davis. So I 100% agree with you that they all need to GROW UP!!!

  3. what I find amazing is a couple of the board members (namely the ones you can not see in the meetings) and their followers a.k.a trouble makers continously complaining of Mrs. Davis. How about one of the board member who is consistantly going around talking about people behind their back due to fact they stick up for their children. i find th

    • Thanks myschoolboardrocks I was starting to get a little worried. I thought I was the only one who felt this way. I am not a stupid person even though only The Truth seems to think everyone in Creve Coeur is (your words not mine). I find this sad due to the fact I have done a great deal of research into this matter and have found out YELP just like I have been saying all along. What I find disturbing if only The Truth thinks everyone in Creve Coeur is stupid (your words not mine) why would we want someone like that in our PC in the first place. During my research I also found out the lady with the writing on her vehicle has a child in Lasalle School and one in Parkview so why would you not want to use the money for the children (both schools) in the school district period???????? I have also found out this missing money is still in the account all you have to do is look. One of the other rumors was about picnic tables. I found out this Davis actually got these picnic tables donated. Well GOOD FOR HER!!!!!!! heck why not if you can get them donated saves money for the school does it not?. I have also found out the lady with the writing on her vehicle is going to run for school board WOW really no thanks wont be getting my vote, Our schools does not need this type of aggravation. Also during my investigations I found out the two board members who voted no on the balanced budget where the ones who seconded the motion. I am seriously confused about that one lol. For the board members who are not causing the distrubtions and chaos during the board meeting good for you and continue to do a good job dont let the negative ones with nothing better to do but try to bring you down or make you give up the fine work you are doing.

      • Squints66-Yes…you are so right! You know what I have found, is that the many intelligent people who reside in Creve Coeur do not read the BS on this site and therefore a few other intelligent Creve Coeurians (like ourselves) are left to try to get the TRUTH out to the few naive people who might believe their crazy stories. I am afraid my attempt to make any sense to what some people have wrote here is pointless,luckily most of the Creve Coeur population knows this site and these people are a joke! They seem to want to lie, accuse and bully people and then cry that they are the ones being picked on. But I also want to acknowledge the fact that the board members (not including 2 who deny a balanced budget) are doing a commendable job. It has to be tough work making Creve Coeur look normal when you have people like the ones running this site running around.

  4. How is it that the school board is to act as one when they segragate themselves at the meetings. For example, you have Jeanne, her closet buddy Charles (really, caught at school), and her puppets on one side and then everyone who is trying to actually improve the district (FOR THE CHILDREN) on the other. Jeanne has manipulated and tried to BULLY more members of the board and teachers into thinking she is the almighty and if they/you don’t follow then you’re against her. I’ve noticed that everything she refers to involves her lawyers or CPA’s. If she has to consult with them on everything an S.I. is suppose to do then why not just hire them and remove her position all together. Also, for all of you staff members that recv’d an email from Jeanne stating that any personal day taken must be in writing and approved by her, you may want to review your contract. I went ahead and consulted with MY ATTORNEY and no where in the teachers contact does it say it has to be approved by her. Also, if a day is denied for such reason then it will provide grounds to file a grievance. Jeanne may think she walks on water and that her s@*t doesn’t stink but she highly underestimated the people of the community. She may have manipulated her way back into the District, but rest assured at the rate she is going it will be short lived. If anyone (teacher, student or parent) has any issues on how someone with this position may have mishandled anything inappropriately and wishes to file a complaint for any sort against said person(s) then you can reach out to the Illinois State Board of Education (isbe). Their website is as follows: http://www.isbe.state.il.us/board/default.htm.
    As for the email mentioned above I will post a copy of that as well as forward it on to MR Diggle of the PJSTAR.
    Until next time (Monday night at the board meeting)!!!

    • That is CRAZY! I can not believe you have to actually have PERMISSION to take a day off! What kind of place do you work in where they don’t just let you take off whenever you want to? Man she sounds like a slave driver! And to actually deny you a day off…wow! Who does she think she is, the Superintendent of the school or something?!? I’m sure that Mr.Diggle from the PJS will love to hear this story….I can see it now “Teacher denied a day off by her big word speaking S.I.”
      You are obviously portraying yourself as a teacher, so if that’s a fact, you might want to use that Illini Grad education to think about things before you write them. Not only are you being insubordinate to your boss in these comments but does the word “slander” (that everyone keeps bringing up) mean anything to you? Unless YOU actually caught someone IN the closet and have proof of it, you might want to keep that to yourself! Not saying anyone believes that crazy accusation but their are families and children’s feelings at stake here and isn’t that what this is all about? Oh ya, you are just mad because you did not get your days off.
      Well, since you believe your boss is a bully (as you said) it would probably be wise to start looking for a new position. Maybe you can find a school district that lets teachers take time off whenever they want to. When you find it let us all know because I’m sure everyone wants that kind of job.

      • Fortunately, i’m not a teacher at this school. Why don’t you try reading the teacher’s contract that is listed on the shools website THEN make a determination about your God almighty. Maybe you’re just upset because I referred to you as being one of her puppets. Also, how is that float that had so much hard work and effort put into it going. Such tasks that your beloved principle wants to put her devoted time toward that aren’t even approved. How did that go over again?

      • illinigrad03…..Back peddling awfully fast there! Why would you get a teachers email, as you said, if you are not a teacher? Or was that posted on the website as well? And really, I am lost about the float, but it sounds to me like you weren’t involved in something and that must have made you pretty sad for you to be whining about it now. And if you go through such lengths as to retain an Attorney, it seems a little odd that it would not pertain to you. For that matter, why would you waste anyone’s time making a complaint about something that has nothing to do with you? Again, like so many others, you are making no sense! So, it seems to me you have to be one of the two things: a DISGRUNTLED EMPLOYEE or A TROUBLE MAKING LOOSER! I suggest if its the latter of the two, get a life! But if you are in fact a disgruntled employee, I urge you to file your complaints, about not getting your days off, and see how far that takes you.

      • I’m not sure what it is you think I back peddled on…In fact the on time I do ever back peddle is to get a running start at running your a$$ over. No, i’m not a digruntled employee or former employee nor am I a “LOOSER”. In fact, LOOSER, would probably be a good description for your thoughts, words, and probably you vagina. I also have not retained any attorneys. The fact is I have a few friends that are lawyers whom I can get their legal advice from doesn’t mean i retained one. Was i pissed that I got left out of making a float???? NO!. I would be more pissed that all of the students, teachers, and coaches who participated in this activity wasted their time because Jeanne never got permission to build the float. Which brings the next question (and a common one for Jeanne), where did the funds come from? Can we say mis-appropriate use of funds AGAIN. After Jeanne flew off the hadle I believe both cheerleading and warriorette coach’s quit. What about the volleyball and Basketball coach’s also. Not wanting to listen to Jeanne or her other puppet Paul. Didn’t they quit as well. As far as needing persmission to use one of the alloted days off. Those are SICK Days, not you have to get permission from Jeanne to see if its alright to vomit or catch a cold days. Julie, when Jeanne stops pulling your string and dictates what you say, then and only then, should you voice your OWN opinion.

      • What you wrote here is so beyond stupid that is does not deserve any comment. Keep going ILLINIGRAD.
        Once the truth gets out this one will feel like an idiot.

      • illigrad03- First I would like to apologize to any teachers that I have completely insulted by assuming that this lunatic was a teacher!
        What you wrote makes no sense and is actually kind of scary! I see now that you are a trouble maker like I had mentioned. I am really not sure how anyone’s private parts fit into any of this though! I am embarrassed for you that this is your intelligence level. And I am not sure what you mean by “running my a$$” over as you said but I am actually thinking that is a threat. I am glad that you have attorneys as friends because you might need them because of the threats you are throwing out! And you would be wasting your money and time retaining a lawyer for information that is not pertaining to you.
        And after asking around about the float ordeal that you are so upset about, I have found that PARENTS (and not the parents who so often pat their own back about how great they are one here) donated their own time and money on this project. So you see their are other parents who donate their time and money to helping the children of Creve Coeur. And I am pretty sure that the parade went great for the Warriorettes & Cheerleaders and it was a wonderful time by all involved.
        But I suggest you watch what you write because this is a public website that students can access and once again isn’t this about the children?
        Oh btw, my name is not Julie so I find it strange that you would address me as that.

  5. OK, I’m new to this writing thing as well as this website. At this point, I believe that Creve Coeur has it’s own reality T.V. show possibilities! Tune in Creve Coeur residents, you’ll really get an “eye-full” and an “ear-full” watching this show! (Please pay special attention to the 2nd half of the Sept. 17 school board meeting).
    As I understand it, this SCREAMING, OUT of CONTROL “lady” named Mrs. Davis is the superintendent that the school district brought back after dismissing her! (Actually, I’m thinking I know why she may have been dismissed)!!!
    I cannot figure out WHO really “runs” the meeting. I couldn’t see Mrs. Baley on the video, but the superintendent keeps referring to her and yelling at her and she (Mrs. Baley) seems to be the only one familiar with meeting procedures. The rest of the board waits for her to instruct them on what to do (even the superintendent)!
    I have the impression that Mrs. Davis is very intimidated by anyone who questions her. She throws out impressive words and phrases for show. Several of my neighbors and even my children’s teachers have mentioned through conversations I’ve had with them that she talks that way to everyone to make them feel “uncomfortable” and “inadequate”. I also heard that she has her own “driveway” and “parking area” in back of the new school office so she can enter the building late or leave early without anyone noticing. She won’t park where teachers park. She must be important!
    This school district, like so many today seems to have “BIG” issues and it seems that the superintendent and school board have created some of them by themselves. Why would they “TAKE AWAY” a “VOLUNTEER” parent organization involving parents of their own students??? These parents are the helpers that organize school functions, help at ballgames, dances, parties, and work on fundraisers. Do you want NO parents around? I’m thinking that is it! (They might see what is really going on)! From what I have heard, parents can’t even speak at school board meetings. This is WRONG! I hope there are school board positions available and I think parents and community members need to check into running for such. I am certainly considering it! It appears to me that someone needs to CLEAN HOUSE and I’ve got a BIG BROOM!!!

    • You brought up a VERY good point. Why is it that the 2 board members who are NEVER seen on these videos are the only ones you hear continuously arguing and questioning every little thing Mrs. Davis says? I would like to see them on these videos as well! They seem to be the ones who set the mood for speaking rudely and argumentatively during the meetings. But then, they are the board members that TRIED to get Mrs. Davis fired to begin with…right?. So I guess it all makes since now, the only members that are not shown are the ones who do not want Davis there to began with and who failed to get her fired like they so badly wanted. I guess that would be a hard pill to swallow to have fired someone and not been able to validate the reason and have your decision overturned. So now what are they left to do but try to make her look bad to try to justify their actions.
      I also would like to know where the members of the audience who keep interrupting meetings are at on these videos? Are these the same people who you say are not aloud to speak…because I hear them speaking time and time again but never see them! I would like to see all of that on these videos! And, I am confused at what part that you think the NEVER SHOWN board members are running the meetings? The only thing I hear is them arguing which would not constitute running the meetings! (Hmmmm..could it be that the person taping this is related to the members who you never see who are so intent on arguing with Mrs. Davis?) Come on sista…if your going to show it lets be real and show it all! I want to see the parents in the crowd who yell out comments and interrupt the meetings! And WHY do the 2 board members continue to ask about the Lasalle Parents Club? I find it very strange that anyone would have a problem with taking the Parents Club check book away from a President who continues to write several BAD checks to THE SCHOOL! It makes since that if she can not manage her own check book we should not leave her in charge of the donated funds?!? And why we are on the topic of donated funds, I have donated hundreds of dollars over the past several years to the schools. I have never donated money to “parents of Lasalle School”! When money is earned in the NAME OF THE SCHOOLS it does not mean that is their money to spend however they please!
      And I wanted to also mention that their IS a parent/teacher organization for both schools that you might want to look into before you make false statements about parents not being able to get involved. If you really want to be involved then you just need to send in your volunteer form in and there is a committee of parents and teachers that will be happy to get you involved. No one on this committee has a Big title like PRESIDENT so there is no parents who think they run the show and think that donated funds belong to them! I have been told that a couple members of the prior Lasalle School parents club are even involved in this program. I sent my volunteer form in at the beginning of the school year and heard back from them right away. So just because they did away with the “PARENTS CLUB” does not mean that parents can not be involved! You should really look into things like this so you do not sound like some of the people on here that have no clue what is going on.

      And it would be great to get some more new blood on the Board but you got 4 years before the members who we just elected are up for reelection…but I would be all for replacing the old members who only attend the meeting to argue with Mrs. Davis!
      And I kind of think its strange that all you have to complain about is Mrs. Davis using big words and where she parks her car?!? Come on, give us something better that that??

      • There is someone who is making some sense finally! Why don’t we see everyone at the meetings instead of just the 5 people that this website wants to bad mouth? Let’s see the other board members who like to cause so much commotion at the meetings. Lets see the X-Parent Club Pres. who likes to write bad checks to the school! Why your at it I wanna see the parent that can’t afford a t-shirt for her kids but can afford cigarettes so she can fill her childrens lungs with 2nd hand smoke. I agree with you myschoolboardrocks, let’s see it all!

      • myschoolboardrocks—
        It occurs to me that the ONE thing you avoided discussing is the “DESPICABLE” and “UNPROFESSIONAL” behavior of Mrs. Davis at the school board meeting. I find this “most disturbing”. THIS LADY NEEDS HELP!!!

      • Ok – you want somthing better. I will give it to you. The 2 Board members you don’t see are not rude or argumentive. I guess you would say that since you think like our GREAT superintendent. Because someone questions actions made my the superintendent, why are they arguing? You are just a stooge for the superintendent. The old Board as you call it could not release to the public the reasons for dismissing the superintendent. Would you like to take a guess why? Mrs. Davis loves the words lawyer and lawsuit. The 3 new Board members refused to look at the file with the reasons, although they were advised they needed to so they could make an educated decision on keeping her. But no, they could not make an educated decision and refused to look at the file. I voted for these 3 Board members also, what a mistake I made. Do you think that file still exist?
        You said harsh words about the Parent Club President. Did you every volunteer your time like she did? Do you have any idea how much time and how much of her own money she spent at the school? Did you know she paid for other kids to eat lunch and/or have popcorn on popcorn day when they did not have the money. Before you slander someone and throw accusations, you might want to check on things. Besides, the Parent Club President never once signed a check, that was the Treasurer’s job.
        As for volunteering at the school now. What a joke! You have to be one of Mrs. Davis chosen ones or you don’t get to enter the school. You are the one who has no idea what you are talking about. Yes, there may be a couple of previous parent club members, but have they been background checked? I heard one has some kind of police record. I thought Mrs. Davis was going to have background checks done. Oh yeah, she did say the police were going to work with the school to do this so the District would not be paying for it. I don’t know for sure if this is true or not, but I heard the local cops can’t do it, it has to be State Police.
        You want something better to complain about. How about this: Repeated non-truths. Repeated false statements. Repeatedly not answering questions. Repeatedly slandering people. Never admitting a mistake. Repeatedly not following policy unless it suits her purpose. Allegedly Misusing funds. Taking action ahead of getting Board approval. Treating some members of the Board unprofessionally and downright hateful. Using her position on personal vendettas instead of what is best for the District. Intimidating people and actual harrassment and discrimination of others. Is that enough for you? Also since you are so concerned about what goes on at Board meetings, WHY DON’T YOU ATTEND ONE?

  6. Shame on you, she’s come such a long way…I didn’t hear her threaten to kill ANYONE. This is what the people of Creve Coeur wanted wasn’t it? The citizen’s didn’t want the superintendent held accountable for her actions. They voted for her “hand picked” Board of Education. Like she said, It’s “her” building. We just pay for it. She doesn’t have a boss. I find it difficult to feel sorry for those who got what they wished for.

  7. In short-I have never watched such a “grotesque display” of rudeness and nastiness to others as by our school district superintendent at this meeting!

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