4 thoughts on “School Board Meeting – October 15, 2012

  1. I have to totally agree with the comments on only getting one bid. I don’t know anyone that only gets 1 bid. You should always get 3 bids for contract work, if you always use the same vendor they do get comfortable and know what they can charge you. The board needs to add in bi-laws that 3 bids should be required. Our school district is using tax dollars to pay for Creve Coeur Cops to sit in on these meetings….with budgets as tight as they claim to be why are we using money for this and not using it for our childrens education??? Ms. Davis has requested the presents of the Cops at each of these meetings. What is this going to cost our district over the course of a year?? Must be good money if the Cops are all wanting this extra work to make easy money. This is not a RUMOR….This is FACT!!! Did our school board approve this or just Ms. Davis? These Cops are off duty for the City but still wearing uniform at these meetings. Why do we need these cops if this is being video taped? I have watched these videos and I see nothing violent. Maybe this is a bully tactic from Ms. Davis. Information stated in this reply is TRUTH….I only speak the TRUTH.

  2. Remember… The focus is not suppose to be about vindictive comments or having arguments with childish name calling… The focus should be about the children in our community. I think many of you have forgotten this. Who really cares about all this other little petty garbage..as long as things are being done to maximize student achievement and provide the best academic resources to our children. I think some of you need to not be so narrow minded and think about the “big picture” here. The students in Creve Coeur our struggling. They are struggling with various emotional, social and academic needs… These are not surface problems that can be fixed quickly. it’ll take time and the committment of the community to come together to do what is best for our children. Instead of arguing with one another… Lets argue for pur children and their needs!

  3. Hello Folks. Frankly, I can’t believe I watched what I just watched! This school board is DESPERATELY needing some major instruction on “Robert’s Rules of Order”! It appears to me that the “newer” board members have been on the board over a year and none of them seems to know much about how meetings should be run! Mrs. Davis rarely has a definative answer about anything asked. It’s always, “I’ll get back to you on that”…Hmmm? Does she ever? (And no one ever questions her hesitation and lack of knowledge on important matters)!
    Speaking of getting back to you…I have NEVER heard of a business, school board (or even a household) accepting only “1” bid given for work done! This work involves the new addition to the parking lot. How is it possible that only one estimate was accepted? The most interesting statement came from the school board secretary in reference to the superintendent’s “reasoning” for only 1 bid. She stated that she trusted Mrs. Davis’s “PROFESSIONALISM”! Are you kidding me?! What’s wrong with you people?
    Then there’s the small matter of the Head Start group using the recently remodeled administration building ($240,000.00) RENT FREE. When asked if the contract the school board was voting on for Head Start was going to be 3 or 5 years…The school board and the superintendent DID NOT know. Mrs. Davis was also not really sure about how the school district was going to feed the children. Hey people…This group is using this building “RENT FREE” for 3 or maybe 5 years and no one knows what’s happening! Hello!
    In addition to this list of circus events…I might add, the school board made a motion to dismiss for executive session, BUT, did not take a vote on the motion. THAT, my friends, is a NO NO! Shame on you! I’m thinking you better get your acts together, guys!
    Unfortunately…it is quite obvious…your district leader is good at “lip service”, but totally CLUELESS on rules! Yes…I do believe “circus” is the operative word!

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