School Board Meeting – August 20, 2012

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  1. Just a little info for “only the truth”: I have been told by fellow employees that Creve Coeur Christian Church volunteers for different things in the Creve Coeur Community and in the School District. Maybe you could look into that and join that kind of organization since you are so intent on “helping the community”. I feel that this might be a good place for you because it really seems that you are looking for your purpose in life. I think that you will find once you find God that everything else will fall into place. I give you this advice out of kindness and hope that you find the right group of volunteers to be acquainted with rather than the ones that led you where you are today.

  2. I got a phone call from an old neighbor of mine saying that I had better read the comments posted about you, it is saying you do not exist. You must be the only person next to GOD that can determine if someone exists or does not exist. But that is pretty much how the old Parents Club treated me…if they didn’t like what I had to say, then I just simply did not exist. So I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that you would repeat your actions. Well, I do in fact exist and have had the opportunity to speak to other parents who I’m sure you wish did not exist either. How about the parent that had the police called on her from the President of the Parents Club for allegedly beating her child on school property?(After police went to the school to investigate no charges were pursued). Or how about the time the police were called to a parents club meeting due to aggressive behavior of some of your members? Or how about the parents who used to be on the Lasalle Parents Club who were accused by more recent members of Stealing money(which was also unfounded). Or should I mention the parent who volunteered to run an event only to have the more recent Lasalle Parents Club officers scold people for volunteering to help her. Or, how about the affair that an old parents club member was accused of having with none other that your esteemed principle(which was COMPLETELY false.) And there are many more stories just like those that people are beginning to share with others in regards to your parents club. I propose we start our own club “parents who really care” and we can all share our horror stories of what was once the Lasalle School Parents Club.. I have not been to a Lasalle Parents Club meeting in years, but I assure you that there were in fact Pajamas worn by certain members. I attended several meetings ran by at thee time other concerned, caring parents. I have had the misfortune of watching the more recent members of the parents club run off all of the old parents club caring members. This was done with hurtful lies and accusations. I am not sure what “secret meetings that did not exist” you speak of, but back when I attended the meetings their were not 6 but at least 20 people in attendance. When I first attended they met in the teachers lounge of Lasalle School but had to move the meetings to the cafeteria do to so many people in attendance. The only reason the the newer officers got their titles was because the old members were tired of their nonsense and quit and nobody ran against them so by default they were given titles. And yes the principal did go to your meetings but only because he HAD TO! Do you think that he was there by choice? My spouse and him were and are still buddies and several years ago he shared with him that due to the “white trash” new parents club officers that have taken over, that this is the first time he has ever hated his job as principal of Lasalle School. So it seems to me that in his attempt to find a new job he said what he had to just to please you. It is clear that no one came to your more recent meetings due to the rude behavior of your officers.
    I am truly sorry for your children that you do not have enough funds to buy them t-shirts, but you should not assume that everyone else in your community is that unfortunate. Maybe you should look at Goodwill in East Peoria because they have an overabundance of Lasalle School shirts for .99 each. And I do not recall any teachers loosing students on field trips. I am sure Lasalle teachers would not appreciate the fact that you say they would loose your child if it was not for the color of their shirt. To conclude, I am so glad that they finally got rid of the “trouble” that plagued the Lasalle School Parents Club. Its been along time coming. It is obvious by your comments that there are certain people that are still intent on causing others grief. Maybe you should try to start a new club of your own or maybe even join a church or how about doing the old fashioned thing and getting a job to occupy your time. Maybe then you could afford t-shirts for your children. But it sounds like you are DONE causing trouble for parents and others in your community. Way to go Creve Coeur School Board!! Keep up the good work!

  3. myschoolboardrocks…..Think back to several board meetings ago when Mrs. Davis requested central air be put in her office. She stated that it would benefit THE CHILDREN. I am wondering how her central air benefited the children today. She ought to be very ASHAMED at such SELFISH BEHAVIOR!

    • NOWHERE TO TURN. There is absolutely nowhere to turn if you are trying to get an answer about anything to do with the schools. It is becoming a hopeless endeavor for students, parents, staff, and community. Teachers are afraid to talk to anyone. Principals won’t give you the time of day. Superintendent won’t respond to anyone. That’s it. There is no school board anymore. I am not sure they even know what to do anymore. It is almost as if the school board president is ignorant of his duties or simply just afraid or intimidated like everyone else. We need to take our schools back to being schools, not a reality television show that is filled with hatred and drama. We need our school board leaders to stand up and be what they promised us they would be. We need to stand up for the now defunct parent club who has been falsley accused of steeling, and everything else under the sun, and focus on all the virtuous things they have accomplished “transparently” for the last several years. Quit slandering them and take a good look in the mirror. Has everyone forgotten about the retired teacher who went on to attempt to purchase the only bank that was in Creve Coeur. Whatever happened to that? Oh…yes, it seems that she couldn’t purchase a bank with “embezzled” money. This is not a falsehood. Her husband is serving prison time for this. You think she didn’t know where they came up with that much money to purchase a bank? The school district didn’t hire her back when he went to prison…so now she is a school board member…yes that’s right. and she has the audacity to contribute to outright accusations of the volunteer pto. Hmmm…just doesn’t seem right does it? And let’s not forget…the time when our board president “in the pretense of serving God”…..raised money, supplies and other items for hurricane relief…from the citizens of Creve Coeur. That didn’t pan out either. He didn’t follow proper procedures and was not allowed to enter the sites that needed help. Did he return all of your hard earned money and donations back to you? Of course he didn’t. He would have to admit that he made a mistake. He would rather try and make himself look good than humble himself and do the right thing. This is what needs to happen in the school district. We just need some good people to do the right thing. The pto did the right thing. They did more than the right thing. They worked endlessly for the kids and teachers in the school to make it a better place for them to be. They “partnered with the schools” to help…not for the glory…but for their genuine love for the children and the community. They did not get involved in any daily drama and they kept to themselves and their tasks. They did not discuss confidential matters with anyone. They did not ask for anything in return. And look at them now. We might as well have taken them out back and stoned them like they did in the old days. It might have been a little less painful than to be treated like common thugs and illiterates. Just like everyone else in our schools…you never know when the wrath of the mighty monster will take something good and turn it into another name calling insult to the citizens of this village. Please support our community. Be Creve Coeur

      • I have been reading all the comments trying to figure out who I think is being truthful in this mess and by the comment I just read by “fail” I finally figured it out. I was a new parent coming into Lasalle School a couple of years ago. I was looking to have a small part of my oldest child’s education. I was approached by members of the Lasalle Parents Club and asked to join their meetings so I could vote in their favor. Although I found it odd to be asked to vote for something I was not familiar with, I was excited to be involved. Being new here and not having any idea on what was going on I did what they asked me to do, thinking it was the right thing. I have never been so uncomfortable as I was at their meetings! I unknowingly got involved with a bunch of grown woman who gossip and bicker like children! After watching the Parents Club (who btw sport pajamas to public meetings) for several months I had made up my mind that this was something I DID NOT want to be associated with! I listened as they alone, with NO teacher involvement, made decisions to spend donated money on buying T-shirts for the entire Lasalle School and staff?!? I have a hard time figuring out how t-shirts benefit my or anyone else’s children. I was stunned to find out that they were free to spend the donations anyway they wanted without any teacher consent or approval. The more meetings I went to the more I knew that this was NOT a Parents Club but a “clique” of women who did only what “they” wanted. The teachers had NO say in how any money was spent nor did any teachers attend meetings. If you did not agree with them on any matter they would shun you. I decided to make up my own mind on a couple of matters and did not do as they told me and that is exactly what happened to me! I became an outcast in their “clique”. The Pres. & Secretary of the Parents Club would not speak to me and I was no longer called to participate in ANY school events ran by the Parents Club. They whispered about me whenever I attended events for my child’s class. They made an effort to make it known that I was not welcome there with dirty looks and hurtful false rumors. If this is not what you call DRAMA then I am not sure what is. I went to the Principle to explain my frustration and look for a solution but he told me I needed to get “tough skinned”. He knew that the Parent Club Officers behaved this way and tried to comfort me by telling me that I am not the only one that they have treated like this. But I was not comforted at all by knowing this. I have since moved from the district and I am now involved in the PTO which involves the TEACHERS as much as the Parents unlike the Parents Club at Lasalle School. It is not a “clique” ran by gossiping parents who feel empowered by a title. Recently, I ran into an old friend who still has a child in your district and he told me that they have done away with the Parents Club and are planning on starting a PTO. I was thrilled to hear that someone finally put a stop to the “clique” known as the Lasalle Parents Club. Its those kind of people who give Creve Coeur a bad name! So if those are the kind of decisions the new board and/or superintendent are making, then I say they are doing a GREAT job! Hopefully there are more positive changes to come for your city and schools.

      • ISOtruth….I am sorry that you had such a bad experience with the Lasalle School Parents Club. I have heard several stories about the Lasalle Parents Club that are similar to yours and it frustrate me that these are the people they have representing our schools. I truly believe that the school board is on the right track to bettering our community! Read over the comments written on this site and you will find the same people stating that they do not get involved in drama and only do what they do for the children and community are also the same people slandering others and making false accusations in the SAME PARAGRAPH! Come on now…. don’t you think people should read back over their statements before they post them.. a little contradictory wouldn’t you say? But I am glad you see it and I am sure others will as well..that THIS SITE IS A JOKE!! LOLOLOL

      • Now I want to address ISO Truth from August 27. You wouldn’t know the truth if it came at you full force. First you were never approached by members of the LaSalle Parent Club and asked to join and vote in their favor. For starters, there were rarely more than six people present and all of them were there to do what was best for kids, teachers, staff, and public. I’m not sure what meeting you were at, maybe it was one of those meetings held in secret that did not exist. There was never any bickering at any meeting and no one in pajamas. There was teacher involvement, which you couldn’t know because you were never there. Teachers were never excluded from meetings. No one wanted to come as they have their own families and probably attend their children’s schools parent clubs. If the teachers need something, they let the principal know or told us directly. We voted and they got what they needed. I noticed you failed to mention that the LaSalle Principal was always there and played a big part. Now if you had actually attended a meeting you would have known the principal and some of the teachers requested those t-shirts be bought for two reasons:

        1) Most parents did not have the money to purchase a LaSalle Shirt. (I didn’t) The kids loved getting a shirt like some of the other kids had.
        2) Safety – For field trips kids were told to wear the LaSalle Shirt so the teachers could better keep track of all their students which could range from 25-28 per class.
        It’s sad that you think kid’s safety was not important enough to spend donations on. As for the “Shunning”, it never happened. That is a fact. No one ever stopped speaking to a parent for any reason. There were never any false rumors on the Parent Clubs part. The more I think about this the more I am convinced that you attended one of those meetings held by our esteemed Superintendent. The Principal never told you any such thing. Funny how this was never mentioned until the Principal was no longer working here. The only people who feel empowered by a title are the ones causing all of this now – Some of our School Board and the Superintendent. I feel sorry for you if you think the New Board and Superintendent are making good decisions. I cannot imagine what kind of person you must be to think that dishonesty, slandering, lying, and outright deceit and selfishness are good qualities. But then again, how can you be any kind of person since you don’t exist.

  4. That is pretty sad that because I have knowledge on how a school board meeting is ran that you would assume that I am a member. Unlike some of you, I try to find out the facts and truth about a situation before I run my mouth about it….you should try to do the same and maybe your comments would not sound so ignorant. The reason Mrs. Davis HAS her job today is because “somebody” did NOT have reasons to dismiss her is the first place! And I would say the “majority” that IS on your side does not know the truth! If you knew your facts and would listen at the meetings you would know that construction has NOT stopped at the district office. That Mrs. Davis’ office is no longer in that building at all, but now in the copy room of Lasalle school. The use of the her PREVIOUS office IS being remodeled so that it is UP TO CODE for Head Start to move into it. Like I said before…this site is a JOKE and you can read in their mission statement that the comments of the site may NOT BE ACCURATE! That is the only truth I have yet to read from the people who want to slander Mrs. Davis and the rest of the school board members! I encourage anyone who does not know the facts and only hear the side of the angry mob who so rudely interrupt the meetings with irrelevant questions, to TALK to a school board member and find out the truth!

    • myschoolboardrocks—You have really cleared up all the issues we have! Thank You. Oh …One quick question…How can a person TALK to a school board member when the Board of Education WON’T let them speak?

      • My advice was to TALK to a school board member NOT go to school board meetings and interrupt the meetings with issues that have nothing to do with what they are there to discuss(which would be what is on the agenda). I think you need to read back over my comments and try a little harder to comprehend the procedures. When I say “speak” to you board members, I mean, be as they say “a concerned citizen” not a bully! The school board members are in line with you at parent pick-up, next to you at your local gas station, behind you at family dollar. They live and work in our community and their children and grandchildren probably sit next to yours on the school bus or at lunch. These are the same people that you guys are accusing of not caring for our schools. They have kids here as well and I am sure their children are just as important to them as yours are to you.
        But, I am glad I was able to clear up all the issues you had and your welcome!

    • myschoolboardrocks…..You sound as if you are one of the “puppets” supporting Mrs. Davis. Maybe you should join the blonde lady and the President. They think she walks on water just like you do! Let me explain to you that Mrs. Davis is NOT in the COPY ROOM. It is my understanding that her office was painted and central air installed. She took the janitor’s limited time at the end of summer break to once again move her office. People have better things to do with their time than cater to her needs. PLEASE do not make it sound as though she is STUCK IN A CLOSET!
      It has been rumored that Mrs. Davis knew that she was on her way out because of her failure to preform her duties. If truth be known she knew that she was in trouble and took advantage of unknowing supporters.
      MAYBE you should get YOUR facts straight and listen to the way she speaks to the audience. They only respond in kind.

      • Way to go, Ozzie! Sounds like there’s some hidden skeletons in HER past! She’s a DANDY, alright!

      • Ya…you got me on that one, alright! Bunch of hidden skeletons! You obviously think I am a school board member, which is comical! Its funny that you guys are just racking your brains to try to figure out who I am….and really, I am just a parent who cares for my children’s education and just thought some of you may care to hear my feelings.
        But I should have known that ignorant comments and false accusations come from ignorant uneducated people who don’t care about the truth! Keep it up…your only making yourselves miserable. At first I actually was amused by your ignorance but now its just kind of sad.

      • First, No one in the audience at Board Meetings has been a “bully”. That is reserved for some of our School Board and the Superintendent. Second, Questions are asked that are not on the agenda because they have never been answered and there is no chance of getting concerns on the agenda. Do you think the Board will say “Sure we’ll put that on the agenda so you can let the public know what we’ve been holding back”?

        Next, the School Board Members are not in line with us anywhere, Except for a few, they are next to us looking down their noses because they think they are superior and are on a power trip. And yes, their children are just as important to them as ours are to us – but they think their kids are more important than the rest. Do you honestly think their kids are not treated better?

        Also, I don’t have to rack my brain to figure out who you are. I already know. It’s very obvious, but you are in the same mind set as our “greater than thou” Superintendent – “If you live in Creve Coeur – you are uneducated and live in poverty.” Never forget poverty – she reminds everyone of that issue repeatedly, especially the media. But guess what? There are a lot of highly intelligent people in Creve Coeur who only want total honesty and fairness to all. Here’s a thought: Poverty does not = stupid. Why do you think all of this mess is going on in the first place? I am also not amused by your ignorance or sad as you seem to be. I am disgusted that you have no morals, integrity, and obviously don’t know the meaning of honestly. Maybe you should check out a dictionary.

        Now to your comments on August 27, you have not heard several stories like the one ISO Truth said happened, because they never did. Just like hers – it never happened. I also advise you to pay more attention to who is actually doing the slandering and false accusations. Look closer at who is accusing the LaSalle Parent Club of things that never happened. They are doing this to justify their underhanded mishandling of everything. They are doing this to cover up for all the meeting kept secret that they denied having. Ask yourself why a parent who never once helped out at LaSalle School in any way suddenly showed up at all these meetings that supposedly never existed. Ask why that parent was sneaking around school trying to get petitions signed which is totally against policy, even though the Superintendent knew about it. Ask why she is one of the few parents allowed to “help” at LaSalle this year. Maybe because she is a relative of one of the teachers who is also behind these meetings that never existed?

  5. Sorry, myschoolboardrocks, I’m with Craig on this one! Actually, Creve Coeur School Board Meetings should be called Creve Coeur Superintendent’s Meetings! The superintendent totally “directs” her “underlings”! Frankly, I could care less about previous School Board members. The present School Board members are those in question! It appears they are in “over their heads”! My major concern is the School Board’s lack of inititive in questioning what Mrs. Davis says or does. Does anyone ever check her “facts”? If you’ll notice—her approach is all about what “she” has done and is doing to benefit the children and the citizens of Creve Coeur. Someone has got to buy that woman a crown!!! I still wonder what happened with the remodeling of her office building? Has anyone questioned the architects? One day they were working and the next day they stopped. Where is their contract?
    You seem to have some knowledge about how things are run at School Board meetings. (Perhaps you are a member or a relative). My concern is that the School Board members don’t answer questions and won’t accept public comments on items that are not on the agenda. Coincidently—the superintendent and the president make up the agenda! Hummmmmmmm? The word around Creve Coeur is that no one wants to cross Mrs. Davis or question her because she does hold a grudge and has “wicked” pay backs! But—as School Board members, it is your/their job to serve the SCHOOLS and the PEOPLE of the district—not ONLY Mrs. Davis!!!
    Quite honestly, I am glad people like Craig care enough to doubt the “previously fired” superintendent’s ability and motives! Somebody had reasons to dismiss her in the first place! I think the Board should always be aware of such and proceed with CAUTION! Keep reading and writing, Craig. I’d say the majority are on your side!

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