15 thoughts on “School Board Meeting Agenda for Sept 17, 2012

  1. myschoolboardrocks….YOU DO AMUSE ME! That is all I can say about your last posting. It doesn’t deserve more of a response than that. Craig…..how does it feel to get your hand slapped and put in your place by the person who knows all?

    • Thanks, I thought you that would amuse you;) I am glad you finally wised up. I do not pretend to know everything, but I say it how I see it. But, I am glad that you think I know it all. Oh,btw, you should probably not use the term “get your hand slapped” so loosely because your new candidate for the board might cry abuse.

      • oops….let me point out my typo before you degrade me for it, “Thanks, I thought that would amuse you;)” is what I meant to write.

  2. ozzie-craig~Let me amuse you for a second and play along in your game…… You are being hurtful and mean by calling me hurtful and mean. You are mean spirited by calling me mean spirited and you attack me anytime I do not agree with you! By stating “ignorance is bliss” aren’t you calling me ignorant? So, if I say things in question form or by using quotes or sayings, like you do, I am not accusing or belittling or attacking others in your opinion…right? So, let me ask you then, are you really this ignorant? Do you not realize how dumb you sound? Are you catching those stones that you warned me about are just letting them hit you in your hollow head?
    Ok, enough of that game. It is clear that you have nothing else to do at this point than try to make others (who know you are full of lies) look like the villain here. It has got to be hard to have started this website to bash Davis and the board, only to have people disagree with you and point out your lies. Sorry to get in the way of your “involved citizen” idea. But I guess you live and learn, nothing good comes out of a malicious act.

  3. I am so glad to see that you can count, now you need to work on your reading skills. I did not say that you personally made all those comments. I was merely trying to point out the fact that You and Others have been writing slanderous lies and (what you even admit to) RUMORS. The point I was trying to get across to you is that you scold me for writing my own personal feelings but then you act like all the other false accusations and name calling by others is just fine because it is in regards to people or persons that you are not fond of. I do not feel that I have attacked anyone, I am only stating the truth as I see it. And I am sorry if by calling you an idiot in anyway hurt your feelings but your comments are (in my opinion) very idiotic. If you are just asking questions, why then would you even suggest that Davis is putting in a private drive? Just because it is in question form does not change the fact that it is a false accusation. And my reasoning for bringing up the PC wanting to use donated funds for landscaping at LaSalle is to point out the fact that more gravel being put down will not only help with landscaping but also make additional parking spaces which will help in the limited parking issues at Lasalle. I have found that no matter what Davis does you people will find a problem with it (even if its your own idea). And to make it clear, I NEVER criticized Davis’s working staff. I just suggested an option that they might want to think about. If I were not happy in my work environment I would certainly be looking for employment elsewhere and think that maybe they should do the same. So, to conclude I would like to acknowledge the fact that you claim to get your (in your words) rumors from a reliable source. In my opinion, you may want to find a new source because it seems all of the rumors that you speak of are completely false.

    • myschoolboardrocks: I can not get over how these people want to throw out names like bully, vagina, puppet, accuse people of affairs and even threaten others well being and then point the finger at you because you said that what they say is idiotic! I guess that is exactly what they are doing in every other aspect so I am not sure why I am surprised. They want to cry that they are being attacked but then do and say worse things than they want to lecture others about. But don’t get discouraged because theirs more people than you might even think that completely agree with you and know you are 100% correct.
      And I am not sure what “craig” is talking about, I too was at Parent Pickup at Lasalle when Mr. Bennett was principal and I know for a fact people could walk in and out of the school as they pleased…I did it myself many times as well as my friends and parents. Nothing that they say even makes sense anymore, its like you are in the twilight zone when you read all of their contradictions. I am afraid they are starting to get confused with all the lies and stories they are making up that they don’t even know what the truth means anymore! It is becoming pointless to even try with them because you are not dealing with a full deck of cards here. I think the old saying is correct “you can’t fix stupid!”

  4. myschoolboardrocks…..Just a few points to clarify your confused brain.
    1. I have never accused anybody of having an affair, called people “terd on a log”, threaten to run people over, or referred to any bodily part other than your brain. I HAVE referred to SOME people as puppets but not because they say anything positive about Davis but because they say NOTHING at all!
    2. Private drive…My so called asinine comment about a private drive was merely a question of concern derived from a rumor that I was trying to clarify. You said why don’t I try asking…I DID! And I am not sure how the donated funds for landscaping is revelent to this concern.
    3. I have never referred to Davis as a slave driving tyrant however, her people skills need fine tuning.
    4. District staff…Assuming they are unhappy they probably need their job whether they like it or not. Do you as a tax payer (if you work) want to pay their unemployment?
    5. YOU mentioned that we are all free to have our own opinions which is true however, you also stated that I threatened people and tried to break up families. That is a hurtful and false accusation by YOU! It seems to me that you are the attacker.
    6. Regarding visits to the district office….according to you, you do not personally know anyone in there, how can you defend one person (Davis) while criticizing the hard working staff.
    7. Another important point…. you condemn others attacking other people with “false rumors and hurtful accusations” and then call me an “IDIOT”! My information comes from what I consider reliable sources and I am sure you consider your sources realiable. Obviously throwing stones is OK as long as they don’t bouce back at you. Therefore, since you were so caught up in laughing I can only assume the old saying of ” INGORANCE IS BLISS” is quite pertinent.
    Everyone should be given the opportunity to agree to disagree.

  5. Yes, these ROCKS that are at Lasalle are the type of rocks that you would build a Levee to hold water back!! What is this being used for? We already had a accident due to the change of how students are dismissed at the end of the day, i can see this rock causing another accident!

    • Are For REAL?? The accident was caused by the ignorant parents that thought they could break the rules by parking across the street and calling their children “walkers”. Had they not been crowding the streets with their large SUV’s maybe the child would have seen the car coming! Its sad that you all are teaching your children how to NOT RESPECT Authority! By your actions, you are telling your children that it is ok to not listen to rules. It is clear that you are confused about some things so let me try to help you understand that rules are put in place in a school for the safety of the children. Years prior to this one, the doors of the school were open for anyone to come in and get any child they please. Did you ever stop to think that maybe that was not safe to have just anyone be able to walk into the school and pickup your child? I know that change is difficult for some to understand and handle but get over the fact that you might have to wait a couple minutes longer and think about the safety of all the children involved! And I urge you to look into other elementary schools in the area and see what there pick up procedures are….you will see that it is a very normal process!

      • LOL! “Are for real”? And you call me an idiot? At least I don’t sound like a hateful and mean spirited person. Maybe you should reread both of your comments that you made today and really think how you sound. You don’t seem to like any comment that is made on here if you don’t agree with it. Hmmmm…….now that sounds like what is going on with the BOE. According to every comment that you have made on here…You are the only one who knows anything. Everybody else is wrong. You attack! Once again that sounds familiar. Now as far as being disappointed about your identity, I don’t think I would be.

      • Ozzie—Good for you for pointing out how HATEFUL and MEAN myschooboardrocks is every time she writes a comment. It’s obvious she’s been hanging around Mrs. Davis a little too much! (She talks that way about anyone who disagrees with her, too)!

      • It occurs to me that Mr. Bennett didn’t have the dismissal issues you are referring to. Perhaps he didn’t have “ignorant parents in large SUV’s”! I’m thinking you may need to “unsharpen your tongue”, myschoolboardrocks!

  6. myschoolboardrocks….speaking of “rocks” since you seem to have “rock solid” knowledge about the BOE and Mrs. Davis can you please explain why there have been many truck loads of rocks delivered to LaSalle? Could this be for Mrs. Davis’ private entrance? If a private entrance is being made for Mrs. Davis, then she will be wasting another chunk of the districts money on her herself. I have heard that Mrs. Davis mentioned the possibility of installing a room air conditioner in single classroom at PV. What about the other teachers?
    Since you believe that everything is hunky dorey in the district, maybe you should open your eyes on your daily visits to Mrs. Davis’ office at 3:00. You should be able to see unhappy and discouraged people if only you would take off the rose colored blinders.
    Maybe you should run for the BOE so you can sit nest to your husband.

    • WOW! LOL! You are really, truly an idiot! My husband does not NEST as you say in an office. You must have me mistaken for someone else. And its funny to see how you are sooo concerned about more parking spaces at LaSalle! LOL! I am not sure where you see a private drive at anywhere?!?!? And, after all, It was the Prior Lasalle school board members who wanted to spend donated funds on landscaping…right? It seems that no matter what Davis does you will have an issue with! It is very sad! And as far as daily visits go, I have never visited the district office for any reason. I actually have no reason to be visiting the district office since I do not personally know anyone in there. You obviously think you got me all figured out. Now I would hate for you to know who I am because it will probably be a huge disappointment for you;)

    • Sorry, I must have been so caught up in laughing at you that I forgot the YOU in “are you for real” My bad:) But I am pretty sure you need to read back over your comments because it seems as though you are saying that to the wrong person. Now if I am reading the same things you are….I have read you and a few others accuse people of affairs in closets, call people “terd on a log” even threaten to run people over. Oh, don’t let me forget the “vagina” comment (which really hurt my feelings btw)LOL! And that’s not all, you call people puppets any time they have anything positive to say about Davis as well as saying that the board members are her puppets and then you make asinine comments about Davis putting in a private drive. I mean, come on….be real for one second, do you really not see how crazy you sound? Really, who is attacking who here? If you want to find out what the gravel that was delivered is being used for, why don’t you try asking, (like I did) instead of making up your own stories about a private drive. I am sorry that I do not agree with you (or Tammi or the other jilted people who are out for revenge) but Davis is NOT a slave driving tyrant like you want to make it seem. I mean the false rumors and hurtful accusations is getting out of hand by you people. But then you all want to point the finger at other people and whine that YOU are being picked on?!?! It is obvious that you people will stop at nothing to bring Davis down. And if the staff in the district office is so unhappy as you suggest why are they still there? Nothing that you people say makes any sense. We are all free to have our own opinion but when you start threatening people and try to breakup families you have crossed the line and I am NOT the one who went there! So save your lecture for someone who needs it because I am clearly not the attacker here!

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