One thought on “School Board Committee Meeting – Nov 5, 2012

  1. Hey Fellow Citizens—Check out Sunday’s (Nov. 11) Peoria Journal Star article on school district “Report Cards”. It appears that OUR Creve Coeur School District has the WORST test scores! This is not only for 2012, but also for 2011. And…this is not only for Tazewell County schools, but also Woodford County schools and Peoria County schools. Creve Coeur was really the “WORST”! I was simply “mortified” when my friend from
    Marquette Heights called to question me about our “lousy” grades! It seems to me that our school district has some MAJOR PROBLEMS…and perhaps they should consider personnel changes! Hummmmmm…I’m waiting to hear the “The buck stops here” from our superintendent! Oh, I’m sorry…I forgot she needs the “buck” to pay our police officers to come to the school board meetings!!!

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