School Board Agenda for October 15, 2012 – Revised Again

Another revised copy of the agenda is on the school website as of today, Monday Oct. 15th, adding an executive session:

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Today, Friday Sept. 12th,  a revised copy of the School Board Agenda for October 15th was posted on the school website.  The following items have been removed from the original agenda:

E. 12 Motion to approve Kim Harper a Warriorette coach.
E. 13.Motion to approve Stacey Schroeder as Warriorette Coach

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Original Agenda Posted on on 10/11/2012

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2 thoughts on “School Board Agenda for October 15, 2012 – Revised Again

  1. No, it isn’t

    It is very difficult to read comments on this site and not be appalled. What we have here is school board members arguing with their base who actually helped to elect them. You people complaining that the board members are not thinking of what is in the best interest of the children, shame on you! You didn’t care when it mattered. You elected these people because you bought into the rumors and nonsense that was happening at the time. It is interesting that the children had a drama free day at school and yet our “adults” can’t live without it for a minute. You are being wronged by them? Well good! You wanted it, you got it. Clean up your own mess.

    How dare you all lay any of the blame on the new principal and talk about “the good old days of Brad Bennett” Do you really believe that what is happening at LaSalle is because Brad Bennett left the district? Please! The superintendent is now located in that building. This is the reason for the heightened security and if you believe anything else, I have a bridge to sell you. Some are saying they can’t blame her because she is receiving all of these “threats”. Really? I have heard of others being threatened by her. She is “afraid” Of what? The “Harley Hillbillies” she has to work for? Maybe if she got off this site and actually did some PR, things would improve. Although I believe it has now gone too far.

    Teachers are now upset. TOO BAD!! “It is up to the community to fix this now” NO WAY! You knocked on doors and asked for this. Do your job and live with it! You also wanted this, you got it!

    As for the board members on here lying and denying who you are, I expected nothing less. You were elected by the people in the community because they trusted you. Now you hide behind a computer and type lies and call names. Are you proud? You disgust me. Even your own superintendent sells you out when given the opportunity. This is why people think you are ignorant. If you have the brains to graduate college, I would expect you would have the brains to do something constructive with your time. You are so worried that people are breaking up families? I call bull! If you have any issues in your family it is most likely due to the time you invest being so hateful and taking that time away from your family. Go cook dinner, help your kids with their homework, plant a tree, exercise do something constructive.

    What are you gaining? Nothing other than “oh I burned her” No one is getting burned by your words but yourself. People are laughing at you. You have made it crystal clear that you don’t give two hoots about these kids. Each sitting board member has an agenda that is for sure. But the truth is, the kids are not getting the education they deserve.

    In the process, you have betrayed your friends and your community. You have thrown your school and the children into the trash. And, you laugh! I am glad that you find this funny. It shows your true inner person. It makes me sick that you sit on here and feed outsiders exactly what they need to prove Creve Coeur is exactly what they think it is…trash.

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