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  1. Obviously, you don’t know who I am or you would not say I am Mrs. Johnson & Mrs. Allen. (the ones you accused of stealing and not being qualified for their job…right?) You claim to not talk about people or gossip…so what is this in your report saying about how you yelled across the yards to Harper saying “better be careful she does not steal your husband too”, referring to Stacy, who you mentioned had started the argument. If that does not sound like someone picking a fight, I don’t know what does. And wouldn’t you consider this to be gossip?? But I thought you did not do that? And I never put anyone down because of a disability, or because they did not work. I simply stated that when you do not work for a living you should not try to compromise others who work hard at their jobs to support their families. When you lie and falsely accuse people of misconduct, which you did, it seems as though you are trying to discredit them and cause conflict in their workplace. I also did not say who was behind falsely accusing teachers and staff of affairs and misconduct…I said that you support the site that posts such horrible things! If you do not support it, then why would you have it written all over your car windows? I could go on and on about all the things you are either wrong or just flat out lying about, but I don’t think I need to….I think that it is clear to everyone with all of your contradictions and accusations.

  2. You obviously do not know who I am , Vince….are you would not be calling me Julie. I know I have stated this before, but I am not a school board member, never have been, nor do I plan on running for the board. I am a parent and a citizen of Creve Coeur, so that means my thoughts for “Informed Citizens” are just as important as yours. By reading others comments, several people would like to put a face to lol2012…but your thoughtless guesses are getting you nowhere. I, as well as you and many others on this site, wish to leave my identity anonymous. I have been bullied and harassed enough by members of the seedy six, that I choose to not be a victim of their aggression any longer. I simply feel that it is important that people know the truth and that theirs always two side to a story. I am sorry if my writing offends anyone, but the writings on this site have offended many innocent people, so I think it is only fair that I make a stand for what I believe in.

    As for the wrongful termination statement, I did state that she was put on paid leave, my point was that had she been terminated, she would have sued the district for wrongful termination. Or did they just plan on keeping her on paid leave until her contract was up? That would have been a pretty penny for the district…huh? And as far the the new board members not going over any information before they made their decisions….how would you even know this? Unless you were with them in every step of their journey as board members then I do not see how you could intelligently state that they did not look into the matter. I assume that this is your guess…but I think three days is plenty of time investigate and make a wise decision on how to stop wasting district funds. You just did not like or agree with the decision that was made.

    Truly, I think a new superintendent will be a welcome change to our district. I am afraid whoever it may be, they will always be a target all of you. But, I hope that there are good things to come for our district and our schools.

  3. So I have been debating on whether I should set the record straight on some of the things that you say the flier forgot to mention….and I decided that people needed to hear the TRUTH, not just your ignorant nonsense. So, I would like to mention that the school board would have never had to pay anyone had the old School Board not put Davis on leave to begin with! But when the new Board came in, the damage was already done and it seems that they had a mess to clean up. What people might not know is that when you have a wrongful termination suit against the school district that your district will be spending a ton of money on attorneys fees and not to mention Davis’s pay(because remember, she was on paid leave by the board because they did not have valid reasons to dismiss her) as well as paying the new superintendent that they hired in her place. So, it seems that they made the best decision that one could make in that situation and chose to settle the matter in the cheapest way possible for our district. So, by hiring Davis back, this would stop the wrongful termination suit and pay the person hired in her place for his time….in turn this saved the school district thousands upon thousands of dollars! I am confused on how you think that paying 2 superintendents and dealing with years of legal fees would have benefited our district?

    As far as field trips go, I am concerned about my children’s education while at school! All you seem to care about is the parking lots, parties and field trips?? Take your child to the zoo on your own time, my children go to school to learn!

    As for the 200,000+ grant you are claiming was misused….that is just bullshit.
    The district had what they call a matching grant. You must not know what this means…so to help you out: If you have a matching grant…what ever money of the grant that you spend, your district must also spend the same. So, I believe that the school board approved many improvements that where completed to our schools (like a badly needed new roof on Parkview). But the grant is specific on what you may spend it on and they had no intentions on spending district money on things that they did not need! So whatever money was “sent back”, as you say, was money our district was saving.

    Lastly, I have looked over the info. that you and others have requested on the FOIA and OMA’s and it speaks for itself! I do not think you or anyone else has a right to ask for any parents private information that they give to our schools! As a parent that has completed the background check and gave my name to our schools as a volunteer, I did not give the schools permission to give out my name to you! When and why I am at the school is none of your business! And as for all the other info. that was requested, it is a waste of the staff’s time and the districts money that they put in to research for all of your petty requests! And by STATE LAW, ALL of the OMA’s and FOIA’s requested are listed on the district website. So, when you only see your names up there, that is because those are the only requests that they had…so quit crying that you are being picked on!

    • I know who you are, Julie, and I think your comments to other Creve Coeur citizens are terrible! You are a SCHOOL BOARD MEMBER! SHAME on YOU! As far as I am concerned…ANYONE who sits on the school board…doesn’t doubt or question this superintendent…and is so “nasty” to my Creve Coeur neighbors and citizens, should be ashamed and embarrassed to represent Creve Coeur and it’s children! And…as my kids say…YOUR BAD!

    • May I suggest you look at the top of this page where you see the black bar located under the picture. See the words Home, Mission Statement, Village, School District, Public Library, Fort Creve Coeur and Local Organization. Move you pointer to School District and a tab pops down. Then move your pointer to Board of Education. Click on Minutes 2010-2011. Then Choose March 24, 2011. There you will find that Superintendent Jeanne Davis was placed on administrative leave for the current 2010-2011 school year. So the statement she was wrongfully terminated is not true.

      If you want to take the time you can read several other minutes prior to March 24 and see the amount of time the school board spent in closed sessions deciding if they should keep the superintendent in the building until her contract expires or would the schools be better off if she was removed from the buildings immediately.

      Within three days of taking office Rebecca Kern, Judy Strong and Julie Troup voted to return the old superintendent and relieve an administrative assistant and interim superintendent. They never explained why. They did not ask for any meetings to look at the records or meet with the attorney. They did not ask the other board members why they voted out the old superintendent. The new board members along with Chuck Thomas voted to bring Ms. Davis back and pay all compensation due to the interim superintendent and administrative assistant until their contracts expired. In June 2011, the new board members voted to pay another superintendent $20,000 and he never worked in the district.

  4. Well it looks as though the honeymoon is already over for the seedy 6…I see everyone is putting up their own signs now. So much for team work with these guys. Clearly it is not one for all all for one when your dealing with these six. I guess we all new that it was only a matter of time before they turned on each other. Doesn’t it make you wonder, if they can not even get along with each other how will they ever work as a team if they got onto the school board?

    • From what I understand – there is no dissention (if you don’t know what that means-use a dictionary) among the 6. They are secure enough in what they are running for, that they can put up signs together and separately. I feel sorry for you and I hope everyone else who is reading what you write feels the same pity I do. You must really be scared that 4 of those 6 just might get elected. I for one hope so.

  5. So, after reading ALL of your comments I am confused in what order or to who they are responding to, I can only assume that they are geared towards anyone that is not for you(Tami) or the other 5 of the 6…right? I also am wondering why you belittle me for not responding with my real name if you are not either “onlythetruth”?? I do find it comical that it is such an issue for you…especially since you seem to think what I write is inaccurate. Hey, if this website is for people to post and read about issues in our district, I think that it is only fair to hear more than your teams lies…..so thank God there are other people letting you know how they feel.
    And I despise what you say about our teachers! Our teachers are NOT in it for themselves and they do NOT expect a kickback as you suggest. That is sick and wrong for you to even say something like that. They are not spending money out of their own pockets (like you suggest) for any of the candidates. To my knowledge, the teachers union is aloud a sum of money to be spent for occasions like this. They are standing up for the people they trust and feel would make a us a better district and it is obvious your just mad that it is NOT you! Let’s face the facts, our teachers are what makes our schools, their opinion counts and I have yet to see any teacher backing you!

    • I can’t think how to respond to any of this except Huh??
      How long did it take you to type in this nonsense?

  6. I also heard someone is stealing signs, putting signs in front of, and slicing banners from the 6 candidates. This is sad. I am glad the police know and have recorded this since it is a felony.

    From the PACE meeting last Thursday, I was disgusted to see Angela Johnson’s reaction when the question was asked “Where did the money get deposited from the Halloween Dance, concessions, and Haunted House?”. Of course there was no answer. Many people don’t realize that Angela Johnson and Christine Allen are behind a lot of the lies and slander on this website. They try to remain in the background and use cover names when on here, so that people don’t realize what they are doing. To the Public: You might want to ask these 2 where is that money? Was it deposited in the Parkview Parent Club account, which is not supposed to exist? Is this Parent Club still active, while Davis is telling everyone that PACE is the only one that exist? You might also want to ask Angela why she is lying and saying Rudd was hauled off by police at a Board meeting for fighting her. The truth: Angela started the argument and there was NO fight. Ask the Police Dept. There has never been anyone hauled away from a Board meeting. The only reason police were present was because Davis wanted to feel important and play the part of the poor little superintendent who feels so scared and threatened. The only thing she should feel scared and threatened by is that her lies may catch up with her. Also also ask Christine Allen why she is teaching at LaSalle when she was hired as an Aid. Does she have any teaching credentials? I am being told she doesn’t.

    • Wow Tami, you have some rude comments to the public, for a candidate running for the school board. Why do you think that if someone is not for you, that they are not thinking for themselves? No one is accusing you or Rudd of being a puppet for Linda or Val. No one is saying you don’t think for yourself when you talk out your ass. I believe that you have a right to your own thoughts…(even though I also feel you should be committed). Although I do think your delusional in your thoughts…at least they are all your own. What I do NOT think is right is the way you throw out names and the amount of slander you post on here! I am not sure if you think my comments are the ones you say are from Mrs. Allen or Mrs. Johnson….but I can assure you, I am neither. I do know these ladies and am astonished about what you are accusing them of. I think this is exactly what all the people are talking about when they say, “If Bowers and Rudd do not like you then they make up lies and slander to try to hurt you.” This is a perfect example…so thanks for helping us show everyone what we are talking about. Any one who knows Mrs. Allen or Mrs. Johnson knows that what you say is absurd…I don’t think I have heard many things come from you that are not. I can not count the number of people you and your friends have accused of stealing and names you have tried to slander. No one is safe from your accusations..not even our teachers( Nettles and Thatcher for example). Your biggest downfall is yourself….it is clear that you will try to bring down anyone that is not backing you and your party. It is a good thing that no one believes a word you say.

  7. For your information. This flier that states all the wonderful things the school Board has done since the new members came in 2 yrs ago- they kind of forgot to mention a few things:
    1) All the money spent to pay off the Interim Superintendent hired while Davis was on leave. The money spent on paying Mr. Bockler who had to step in for Davis. The, I believe, $20.000 payed to Mr. Eberle to not take the position he was hired for when they brought Davis back.
    2) How many field trips did our children not get to take this year? Are parents happy with this?
    3) The grant we now have to return for $200,000.00 + interest that was not used. Because our Board cannot handle money right. Do you think we will have a good chance in the future to get grants after this mistake. I highly doubt it.
    4) The money spent on Foia’s and Oma’s that was not necessary if Davis had given out what was legally requested, instead of trying to hide this public information. I am sick of hearing her whine about the FOIA’s and OMA’s. Give me a break. This is her fault, and if there is nothing to hide, then why could she not just answer the request. Not one of those was asking for anything that is not public knowledge.
    As for Davis leaving- I hope and pray she is- but she can try to stay. Why is she concerned who is elected to the Board if she is leaving? That can be answered one of two ways: 1) She wants her puppets on the Board so they can hire her back at a higher pay (if she stayed under her contract her raise would not have been much). 2) She wants her puppets on the Board so that when all these investigations are done be the different organizations, and something comes back on her, her puppets will cover for her. THINK ABOUT IT!!!!!!

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  9. With all the hype of the election, I did my homework. I know who made this site & why. Beings the creator of this site is an old school board member who was not voted back in last election, it is obvious she has a score to settle. But it is important that people realize that lowering yourself to bad behavior will never work in your favor. It is clear that this website supports blogs that contain slanderous information meant to ruin lives and careers. For any candidate to promote this site is saying that you agree with and support the lies and allegations that are written on here. As a godly woman, I can not support any candidate that has such low standards for themselves and others. In this country we are innocent until proven guilty and correct me if I am wrong, but there has never been any proof of the numerous amounts of misconduct that people who support this site have accused others of.
    I have faith in our teachers, and hold our teachers at a higher standard knowing that they hold our children’s future in their hands. They are the backbone of this community being a resident of Creve Coeur or not. The teachers are taking our children into the future and helping to guide them and mold them into better young adults that will soon be our future and the future of Creve Coeur. We put our children in the care and trust of our teachers and we should support them and be behind them as we would our own family. I trust that the people of Creve Coeur are smarter than what the 6 “bad seeds” give them credit for. The children, teachers and community of Creve Coeur deserve better than this! Thanks to Keogel, Thomas, Harper and Carlson we can have better! Let’s get our board on the right page and all working towards a common goal to improve our schools. Enough of the drama and turmoil caused by the 6 bad seeds! For the 4 spots open on the School Board vote for the 4 Candidates who do not get in the middle of the gossip and NOT or the 6 that thrive on it!

    • unbelievable!!! Maybe you should check your facts a little better. Those 4 candidates are handing out fliers full of lies and gossip. Not one of those statements is true and they know it. Also, if these candidates are so upstanding, then why would one of them allow their child to go around to classrooms at Parkview and ask other students to help pass them out? It is bad enough that these so called adults would hand out fliers full of lies and slander, but to have their child do it and ask other children to do it is terrible. I wonder if the parents of Parkview students know their child may have been asked to do this. From what I understand this child was finally stopped from going to each classroom, so thankfully not every student was asked. I wonder if this child or the parents were reprimanded for this behavior?
      I have also noticed that the other 6 candidates seem to know how to run a campaign with ethics and morals. I have not seen or heard of any flier of theirs that attacks the other candidates. Maybe the 4 candidates you support should take a lesson from those 6 on how upstanding citizens with morals should behave. Wouldn’t the world be a better place then?

  10. This website is the only display of ignorance and purposeful deceit (as you call it), that I can see. I am not sure who you are attacking in your rant, is it the teachers or is it the the school board? But, you are correct in that the TEACHERS UNION is spending money in support of 4 GREAT candidates. Now, I do not know why you are concerned on what the Teachers Union is spending…I am much more concerned about where our tax money is going! Let’s all have a look at the REAL District 76 Website http://www.cc76.k12.il.us now when you get there, click on the district tab-then on the left hand side about half way down the page you will see FOIA & OMA ..click on that! Now, for those of you who may not know, what you will find here is Freedom of Information requests and alleged Open Meeting Act violations put forth by Bowers, Griener,Bailey,Ragon, etc…(all names are included, so check it out for yourselves). This has cost our school district….our TAX DOLLARS, well over $20,000.00 in legal fees and Administrator and staff time in answering all of these ridiculous requests! More than 50 documents have been filed with NONE finding any abuse! Now, this is what I have a problem with! And as if that was not enough, these same people filed challenges against the petitions of potential board candidates costing our district about $2,000.00! So, this seems like something the Creve Coeur community should be up in arms over…I know I am! Why would these people waste our district funds, that would be used for the education of our children, on finding petty information??? For example: Bowers requests all PACE emails;correspondence;volunteers names and back ground checks/ Greiner filed grievance for minutes not on website..etc… the list goes on and on! I encourage everyone to look at it for themselves so you can get an ideal of what is going on here!

    I also would like address yet another lie posted on this site. It was suggested that certain candidates would keep Davis in as superintendent if they where elected. The truth is that Mrs. Davis put in her resignation. For those of you who do not know what this means, she has accepted another position elsewhere and will not be with district 76 next year. So, the lies they are trying to tell you about her staying is just as ignorant as the people telling them.

    There is one more thing that is concerning me about Bowers, Brainard, Rudd, Ragon, Greiner and Bailey, this is their lack of ability to count. Just to point out that there are 4 (FOUR) spots open on the B.O.E…NOT SIX. So you might want to scribble a couple names off your homemade signs because it seems as though you are running against each other. You must have acquired your counting skills from Rudd and Bowers.

    • Wow! I followed your instructions and looked into it for myself and I am truly disgusted! It is clear to see how the district would be spending a lot of money on this. They probably had to hire someone just to answer all of the complaints and questions put forth by mostly Bowers, Bailey and Ragon. I can not imagine anyone voting for these people after seeing this for themselves. And to think that our tax money is going towards this ignorance, it is criminal! It is clear after seeing this who the bad guys are!
      I have also been waiting to see some apologies on here that are owed to some teachers. I have seen all of the lies and allegations written from stealing to affairs. I read all of the smut wrote on this site and now that everyone knows it was all lies……..nothing…not a word, the topic just ended altogether. I think that some huge apologies are in order!

    • WTF?? I am a single father and do not get involved in drama, but when I saw what was going on here I had to take a stand! When I heard Rudd and Bowers were involved I knew it was trouble from the start! They are the gossiping moms who like to spread lies and stir up trouble wherever they go. I am also a little familiar with Bailey, Ragon and Greiner who used to be on the school board. They are a bunch of unhappy old woman who always have a scowl on their face. Brainard I am not familiar with, but if he is hooked up with these cats then he must be a character.
      I went to the district 76 website and not on the left but the right hand side found the MOA and the FOIA. All I can say is WTF?? These people are obviously out to cause problems and it is costing us as taxpayers money! Now, maybe Rudd and Bowers do not care about this because they live off our tax money anyway,but I work hard to support my family and do not find it entertaining to watch them waste our valuable district funds on this.
      I will definitely be talking to everyone I know and telling them to get out there and vote for Keogel , Thomas, Harper and Carlson! I trust our teachers and believe they have made the right choice to back these candidates!

      • Wow aren’t you such a mature upstanding citizen. Once again, someone who can’t think for theirselves. Do you even know what a FOIA or OMA is for? What a joke!

    • I feel sorry for you!!! Since you obviously can’t read, let’s clear this up for you. The signs say choose 4 of the 6. I find it hard to believe that you make fun of their signs, when they are not receiving $4000.00 for campaining as the others are. This is a concern for the community considering the teachers did not get to vote on the decision to support these 4. Oops, you probably didn’t what that known, did you? I bet you also don’t want it known that the teachers who did get to choose are friends of Davis. I find that a conflict of interest that the Union Reps are very close to Davis. I noticed you like to print names on here, where’s yours? I know who you are but others don’t. Why don’t you stop being a coward and stand behind your nasty comments?

  11. Its elections time again. I see that Creve Coeur School District 76 Teachers Union is spending a large sum of money. The large billboard located across the street from Family Video on Main St. and Highland is not cheap. They have also been spreading a lot of yard signs in our community.

    Two years ago the teachers’ union kept demanding of the Board of Education to release the documents explaining why the superintendent was placed on administrative leave. The teachers suggested that since the Board of Education would not make the documents public, then the school board did not have a valid reason for placing the superintendent on administrative leave. Well. The teachers was successful in getting all their candidates elected.

    So why didn’t Mr Thomas, Mrs Troup, Mrs Strong and Mrs Kern release the documents (explaining why Ms. Davis was placed on administrative leave) to the public before they signed a contract with the superintendent two years ago? Was there something in the documents that showed the previous board may have actually had VALID reasons for their actions?

    Mr Thomas, Mrs Troup, Mrs Strong and Mrs Kern have had almost two years to release the superintendent complete personnel file to the public. After all, the teachers asked for SCHOOL EMPLOYEES PERSONNEL RECORDS be made public two years ago.

    Are Mr Thomas, Mrs Troup, Mrs Strong and Mrs Kern hiding something from the public?

    Did the previous board members actually have a valid reason for their actions?

    I want to know because apparently the teachers only supports people that support the superintendent 100%. I want to see all the records!

    OOPS, my bad. All employees, students and parents information is CONFIDENTIAL… Anyone suggesting that any school board is hiding PERSONAL information from the public may be a display of ignorance or maybe purposeful deceit.

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