School Board Accepts Resignation of Superintendent Jeanne Davis

At a Special Board Meeting tonight called by President Charles Thomas the District 76 School Board accepted the resignation of Superintendent Jeanne Davis. The resignation is effective June 30, 2013.

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5 thoughts on “School Board Accepts Resignation of Superintendent Jeanne Davis

  1. Well, Well, the plot thickens! Nothing has been done about misssing concession money! I do believe Mrs. Davis promised to look into the situation at one of the last school board meetings. Is something being “covered up” just being “ignored”? Maybe we should get the police involved, since Mrs. Davis says she needs them at the school board meetings, any way! Time to do your job, and ask some questions, school board members!!!

    • After all the allegations and passing the buck, i think Paul could become the next lance armstrong. Oh wait, maybe the kids at school were stilling the candy and/or money. Then again, why wasn’t the money turned in to begin with? I agree with a lot of you that maybe the school should run an audit and also get the police involved. I believe that if all of the money can’t be accounted for (with no basis to determine how much was actually stolen) then we should pull all the records from prior years and determine an estimated value that should have been produced. Based off of that we should give “him” the option of returning the approximate cash value with additional “open” reprimand from the district or press charges for theft of U.S. Currency. Worst case scenario is termination and a felony charge. We can’t ignore this situation when one of the very people that should be teaching and guiding our youth as a positive role model is in turn showing them that crime is okay. Mrs. Davis, maybe its time you really did do something for “The Children” and allow the police department do their job to determine the nature of the crime and handle manners as they see fit. Finally, if Paul really thinks he can pass the buck onto the kids or other staff/personnel then he is more naive than I thought. When you start placing blame and know that you are responsible then it will only lead to further agony down the road. Just a thought but maybe Paul should stop Embezzling the schools money just to help with additional financial aid for his newly increased family. Paul…You need to turn in your resignation!!!

  2. I agree 100%. CC76 Needs to find someone that is actually a member of the community who isn’t just looking for a job title but a meaningful career. as I reflect back on most of the posts and articles on this site I realized that there are still alot of issues that aren’t resolved nor going to be if they aren’t addressed again. I believe in either the last meeting or two it was discussed that there hasn’t been and money/funds being turned in from any of the athletic events or concessions. With that being said, there haven’t even been any check issued to replenish the concessions either. After everything that has happened, the mis-use of school funds, you would think that we would monitor this better. From what I have heard the Athletic Director still has failed to turn in all of the proceeds to these said events nor can produce receipts for items purchased. I also know that he has visited some retail stores for goods with these funds and upon unloading many of purchased items, he has alsoleft many in his own vehicle. Now I know he has had a recent addition to the family and it may very well be that money has been tight but we need to address this issue and bring Paul to the next Board Meeting so maybe he can explain his ill-advised and unregulated practices that violate the schools policy. Every other person who has been in charge has always provided receipts and paid with a check after turning funds in. The sad part of all of this is that is goes all the way back to the start of the baseball season and no one has ever spoken up about this. Why is it that when someone we know does something that isn’t right we just look the other way rather than speak up and ask the very powerful question of “why?” are we not following the rules or guidelines. I know I am rambling and in a way venting, but this wholw ordeal is just keeping/taking money from the district and it’s students.

  3. Interestingly enough, Mrs. Davis is still “tooting her own horn” in her letter of resignation! It’s simply amazing to hear all the things she “alone” thinks SHE has accomplished while in our school district. Who is SHE kidding? Good Luck to the next school district that inherits her! (Perhaps she may want to consider another vocation, altogether.) And… Good Luck to our school board in hiring a “Better Fit” for our CHILDREN and our COMMUNITY! We need someone who REALLY cares about US, and shows up for community events! We need someone who doesn’t spend the day “hiding” in her office for fear of someone from our community dropping by the office with an issue to be discussed! Sorry for venting, Creve Coeur, but it’s time for some serious decisions…starting with the school board ! We have some “baffoons” serving on there, presently! Most of these new board members don’t even speak at the meetings. GO, SCHOOL DISTRICT 76! And…GOOD LUCK, wherever you go, Mrs. Davis! (As long as you leave Creve Coeur)!

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