Results of the Click-it-or-Ticket Campaign

Creve Coeur police were busy during the department’s Click-it-or-Ticket campaign this month. The following violations were found through this program:

4-people with warrants for their arrest


21- driving without insurance

1 – driving withtout a seat belt fastened

3- driving under the influence of alcohol

3-suspended or revolked licenses

2-drug related incidents


One thought on “Results of the Click-it-or-Ticket Campaign

  1. As a fairly long time resident and home owner, I do appreciate this website. I would like to complain about some things in CC. (1) The old bank on Highland, the kids in the neighborhood have been destroying it for about 5 years now. There is broken glass, dangerous holes in the payment, gang signs painted on it (about 3 years now) and it is barely maintained. It is an eyesore and a dangerous building. (2) I live on LaSalle Ave. for a street with seven to eight houses, the traffic is unbelieveable. People fly up and down the street at very high speeds, and since there is no sidewalks I cannot tell you how many times, I and my wife and children have almost been run over. People drive down our street to avoid the stop lights, and they will fly through the dance studio’s parking lot to avoid slowing down to make the curve. If CC police want to make money on tickets set up on LaSalle, I am sure that there are plenty of DUI’s coming out of the liquor store. And when the dance studio moms are dropping off their children or picking them up, look out. I have often thought about following one of them home and race up and down their streets. I bet their police would at least give me a ticket. But again, that is why people still refer to CC as Crevetucky.

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