Mission Statement

The intent of this blog is to provide public information about the village of Creve Coeur in an accessible format. It is my intent to inform and connect the community with village, school and other local events.

To submit local events please email us at crevecoeurcares@gmail.com


I am a concerned citizen that is not affiliated with the Village of Creve Coeur Board, District 76 , the Board of Education,  Creve Coeur Library, or Creve Coeur Community Center, or Change Creve Coeur District #76.  I do not speak for or represent any of these groups in any way.
All information posted here is available through FOIA requests, public postings, or
mailings by the community groups.

The posts, opinions and conclusions on this blog are those of the respective authors. They do not necessarily represent the views of Creve Coeur Cares.

The content of this blog is for informative purposes only. The owner of the blog cannot be held liable for the completeness or the accuracy of content on this blog or on websites that refer to this blog. The owner cannot be held liable for mistakes or omissions in the information or for the availability of the information. The owner cannot be held liable for any loss, injury or damage resulting from publication or reliance on this information.