Meet Your Candidates Night Video – March 24, 2015

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Below are the charts that Mr. Giddens referred to in his presentation:

(Scroll down to see all the reports and use the pop-out feature in the upper right corner to enlarge)

[gview file=”IIRC-present.pdf”]

[gview file=”schooldigger117.pdf”]



2 thoughts on “Meet Your Candidates Night Video – March 24, 2015

  1. Dale and I went over and voted today-to me this election is about so much more-this past summer I watch co-worker and friends cry -these people not only work at our schools but also live in our community -because of outsourcing- never happened in the Creve Coeur School district before-2 of the people running for school board voted to look into outsourcing- but the hardest part was that instead of coming to the union upfront-they did it behind our backs- they didn’t even tell us about it the first couple of meeting of negotiations-when I found out about it-after I finished crying for a couple of days- I wrote to each of the school board members asking them to sit down and have a conversation with us- it didn’t work-we gave them some solutions to what they said were the problems-they continued with all of the steps to outsource- until they had to accepted their first proposal with a pay freeze for 2 years for all support staff personal- not just the custodians. They gave us this proposal before outsourcing was even mentioned. Outsourcing wasn’t in their first proposal- just so everyone knows the support staff voted unanimously to accept their first proposal and to take a pay freeze for two years- one other thing- it wasn’t just about 4 custodians- the school district hires summer custodians who are in our contract- which consist of a teacher- 3 of the cooks- and a certified aide. These people would have also lost their summer jobs-some of them have been working summers for the past 10 years+. Our contract is on the school web site-it was their first proposal. I am a firm believer in being open and honest-I also believe problems can be solved if both parties come together with honesty and want to find a solution. Everything that I have said in this is the truth- check out all of the board meetings from July, August, September and October- I was at all of the meetings- and I spoke at many of them. There were several votes that could have stopped outsourcing but they continued to vote for it. One vote on July first was hidden from the public- that was the vote to give the custodians 90 days notice- wasn’t on the agenda but voted on after closed door session. They will now tell you is was about saving money but they continued to give big raises and they hide the fact that they sent out bids for the classrooms to only be cleaned two days a week- when our custodians clean them five days a week. THAT IS THE REASON – I voted the way I did. I Love our community and the people who live here. We have to work together to take care of our children and each other. God Bless!

  2. I would like to thank all of the candidates for attending last nights- Meet Your Candidates Night- It is so nice to see so many people who want to volunteer their time for our children and our community. I love our small community. I love the children that I am fortunate to work with everyday. I can’t thank the families enough for sharing their children with me- that trust I take very seriously. Just as I take my vote seriously- I am a firm believer that any problem can be solved if we have an open line of communication -with trust and honesty. I expect it of myself and the people I vote for because that is what I want the children to see. Anybody who knows me -knows that if a child or a family is in need- I will be one of the first people there to give a helping hand. God Bless and let’s continue to take care of each other. Ms. Patty

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