LaSalle Elementary and Parkview Junior High Both Make AYP

Schools across the state of Illinois are receiving their annual report cards, based on state and federal standards. It measures a school’s adequate yearly progress, more commonly known as AYP.

“Last year this district undertook some serious processes to get their kids to learn” according to Superintendent of District 76, Shayne Aldridge. Principals at both schools implemented some new approaches including reviewing student data, looking at individual strength and weaknesses, and creating competition among students.

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3 thoughts on “LaSalle Elementary and Parkview Junior High Both Make AYP

  1. Dear Webmaster – Where is the Peoria Journal Star article written by reporter, Vikaas Shanker on November 22nd.?

    Name of the article: Parkview, LaSalle motivate students to raise AYP statues

    Citizens of Creve Coeur would like to see this article posted on your website. We want you to share the news that our students are making progress. If Creve Coeur Cares than Creve Coeur Shares!

    • Thanks for bringing that article to our attention. We are happy to share this follow-up article regarding AYP with our readers.

  2. Now this is something fantastic to talk about for Creve Coeur. We should all be sharing this information with our families, friends and co-workers. A big thank you to all who were involved in getting our kids to AYP during the 2012-2013 school year. Keep up the great work! We support you and want you to make AYP again this year. Be proud of this accomplishment and keep moving forward for continued successes.

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