Keogel, Ragon, Bailey, and Greiner win seats on School Board

Tazewell County is now releasing the following unofficial totals for the Creve Coeur School Board Election held on April 9th, 2013


Number of Precincts 8
Precincts Reporting 8 100.0%
Vote For 4
Times Counted (3,907 Voters) 539 13.8%
PAM GREINER 219 12.0%
LINDA BAILEY 237 13.0%

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2 thoughts on “Keogel, Ragon, Bailey, and Greiner win seats on School Board

  1. I am so glad this nightmare may finally end. Do we all dare to think there is a light at the end of the tunnel?

    The teachers union paid for the election as they did in the last election we all know this to be true.  Everyone should know, not all teachers were on board for this, and not all teachers are created equal.  I have heard that some wanted to vote as to whether or not the union should fund the election.  It is said they were told they did not have the right to ask for a vote.  Many teachers at the district believe with everything they are that they should not have to be held accountable for the education of his or her students.  I see more and more the behaviors of many of our teachers are the same as those who post on this site.  These people are educated individuals who should hold themselves to a higher standard than they actually do. They should be role models. Instead of knocking on doors and gossiping in halls, they should be nurturing children. And, for those of you who are doing just that, GOOD FOR YOU! You have risen far above the others in you career. You are the educators I want influencing my children. The others I would like to have a restraining order against.

    Secondly, many of you have villainized Tammy B.  I don’t personally know Tammy, but from what I have witnessed, she is a hard-working, wonderful mother of two very polite intelligent young men.  She is angry and has taken some things said very personally.  And, why shouldn’t she?  Many of the ugly comments are personal.  You people just spew not what you know, but what you have been told is true.  A story gets repeated more than three times in Creve Coeur and becomes a fact for the record books.  Tammy has some solid facts behind what she is saying.

    Dezi R can be harsh in her words at times.  I have found it only seems to come in defense of her family or her reputation.  She has been unappreciated and misunderstood.  But, I know it makes many of you feel good about yourselves to kick her when she is down because it is one of the few times you are able to feel superior to anyone. 

    As for Linda and Pam, these two women have poured their hearts and souls into the community for years.  I have witnessed them come to the defense of children who are not their own.  They worked for years as parent club members and on the BINGO committee.  What some of you people say about them makes me sick.  Again, you regurgitate false information as fact because you have copied your neighbor’s paper rather than do your own homework.  Linda and Pam have been fortunate to be able to give their children and grandchildren many things in life of which other children could only dream. I have personally watched these women work to give other people’s children luxuries which their own parents cannot. They have never asked for anything from any of you in return.

    As for requesting accounts, if I were a school employee and I was being accused of stealing funds, I would pray that someone from the board would request the questionable accounts to clear my name. The teaching staff and a few parents are stating that some of the board members are making the accusation. Rewriting history only makes it true for those too ignorant to find the truth.

    Val R has raised two beautiful, gifted daughters. Many have said of her that she thinks she is better than everyone. I don’t believe this is true of Val. I believe she EXPECTS better of everyone. I believe Val knows that Creve Coeur people are better than outsiders would like to think they are. And, I believe it is her goal to have every child in Creve Coeur believe this as well.

    Julie T, I do not know. I find it quite disgusting that people comment on her weight and her intelligence level. From what I understand, she is a registered nurse. This is not the career of an ignorant person. I have heard some pretty ugly statements made about her behavior during the election itself. The sad part is, the source of the information I have found to be very reliable in the past. If you did make the scene at Parkview during voting Julie, SHAME on you. You have stooped to a level of ugliness that no elected official should EVER stoop. If it is true, it is my opinion that you owe some people in this community an apology.

    Becky K, I believe that you make way too many posts on this site. You are an intelligent, funny person that I believe should not make statements that you have made. I believe these statements are beneath you and you are much better than that. I understand that some ugly things have been said about you. Again how wrong it is for some to misunderstand your motivation. But, I pray that you continue to take care of the children of Creve Coeur and leave the rest of the garbage where it belongs.

    Judy S has been attacked because she chose the wrong side? Yes, I have watched at board meetings Judy roll her eyes a time or two. Who hasn’t been guilty of it from time to time. She used to teach in this district and, it is my opinion that she should have been rehired a few years back as a special education teacher. She worked for this district for years and always, always put the children and their education first. Judy is one person that many of the teachers in the district should use as a role model in their own classrooms. I can almost guarantee that the children would be better off if we had more people like her in the classrooms.

    Wayne and Tabitha B. I have only come in contact with a few times and from what I can see, they are good people. They are loyal to each other and their son. I believe they have been aggravated from time to time with the goings on as of late. But, we all are!

    Julie McArdle is a good person who has never been given a fair chance in this town. Things are blamed on her. If she follows orders, she is blamed for making the decisions. If she doesn’t follow orders, she is insubordinate. What exactly does this woman need to do to prove herself? She was disliked immediately before she ever moved into her office. Those on this site who are bashing her, I believe have never bothered to ask for a meeting with her. I have met with her and she is not what she is being made out to be.

    I am constantly reading books of no educational value whatsoever. The Village of Creve Coeur as of late reminds me of a book a read years ago, Needful Things by Stephen King. The good people of Creve Coeur are attacking each other and for what? If you truly care to fix the problem, ask yourselves: What is the problem? What is the common factor over the last several years? Where are you getting your information? Do you know these things you say to be fact, or do you “think” they are facts because someone you know has told you they are? Are you yourself guilty of the gossip fence and forgot that it was a conversation gone wrong? Do you take pleasure in trying to destroy people?

    How would it make you feel and act if you witnessed someone treating your child the way you have treated others? How do you look people in the eye and continue through your day? For that matter, how do you look at yourself in the mirror and think “oh that was a good one”. I would like to think I am a good person. Heck, I think everyone would like to THINK they are a good person. But, if today were the day, if you were to be judged TODAY, how do you think you would fair? If you believe in a fiery pit, I think you should be afraid! And who IS that person behind it all leading you to that pit?

    “Everyone loves something for nothing…even if it costs everything.” 
    ― Stephen King, Needful Things

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