5 thoughts on “Don’t forget to vote today! —- April 9th, 2013

  1. Huge billboard – $2500
    Flyers -$500
    Signs- $1500

    Nemeses of Ms. Davis (Linda, Val and Pam) getting elected despite Union donations =

    • I’m still wondering where the funds to support all this came from?!?!? Anyone have any guess or time frame on when they produce the receipts or documents that shows how they paid for this?

  2. Frankin-TROUP and Thelma-KERN- you need to lay off the scoobie snacks.

    The “Dream Machine” needs room for Brenda, Linda, Val, and Pam….

    No more room in the CHUCK-Wagon.

    Koegel i hope your attendance in the coming school board year will be better than the past school year.

    2013-2014 will be an interesting year!

    Congrats to all the new candidates.

  3. Received the same letter you’re referring to. It doesn’t appear at all unusual or inconsistent to me. I’m thinking this group of 6 “did their math” long ago, and realized there were 6 of them and only 4 actual positions open.

    As far as this site goes, there are many of us hoping it is kept open. What does the election have to do with this website? We thoroughly enjoy hearing Creve Coeur news.

  4. First time posting, wow what a embarassing site. I am a voter and I have done my research. I know who I am voting for. That being said…I just wanted to let Dezi Rudd, Tammy Bowers, and Wayne Brainard about what I received in the mail yesterday. I received a letter full of inconsistent information. This letter was from Val Ragon, Pam Greiner, and Linda Bailey. It appears to me that maybe the 6 have broken up. I honestly don’t know Tammy, Dezi, or Wayne but I feel like they have been used by the other three. I am just glad the voting is today and hopefully this site will go away. Creve Coeur deserve better.

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