District 76 Seeks Candidates for Superintendent Position

IASB is accepting application on behalf of District 76 until noon on March 1, 2013. The district is seeking candidates to replace Jeanne Davis who will be leaving June 30, 2013 to accept a position in Lewistown CUSD #97. This flyer with additional information is posted on the Illinois Association of School Board site:


[gview file=”ad1.pdf”]

[gview file=”ad-2.pdf”]


3 thoughts on “District 76 Seeks Candidates for Superintendent Position

  1. Were interviews conducted last night? The BOE main page on district website had a late addition yesterday afternoon listing Tuesday as a day for interviews. Wednesday and Thursday had already been listed. Agendas have been posted for a few days for Wednesday and Thursday. No agenda was posted for Tuesday. What gives?

  2. If Ms. Davis would pull a nasty stunt such as that, she certainly does NOT deserve to be in charge of ANY school district. (The operative word here is “school”…a place of learning). Our children would be learning how to deceive an manipulate!

  3. Word on the street is Ms. Davis will not leave the district if “the right” people get elected to the school board. Something to think about as we go to the polls next month!

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