District 76 Board of Education Meeting Cancelled – August 5, 2014

This meeting was never called to order due to an audience members making the Board aware that the agenda was not posted at the district office 48 hours in advance as required by state law.



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4 thoughts on “District 76 Board of Education Meeting Cancelled – August 5, 2014

  1. All I know, ccmom is the word I heard at my coffee shop. Not only does the school superintendent want to get rid of school custodians but he has a garbage mouth too. I thought professionals were trained to control themselves. Shouldn’t they -school board- make him apologize for using the f word at a meeting? Our poor kids! Not a Good example at all. We should also keep our local custodians. They need jobs!!!!!!!!!!”

    • The use of the “f” word is probably why the sound was bleeped out as he was having his outburst. I believe he said he didn’t like being called a f—–g liar! Let’s not forget this is the same man that used the word “retarded” in a derogatory manner during a meeting last fall. One must wonder what he says to his staff during his everyday interactions if he is going to be so bold during meetings that he knows are being videotaped!! In my opinion this man has anger issues and is a liability to the district.

      • My only comment/question is -what would the superintendent do to a teacher, teacher aide, or bus driver, cook, or custodian if they used this language in front of the children or parents (public) they work for-? Once again we have another superintendent that could care less about US! When are you going to learn? Come on school board- Don’t always ‘go along’- Think about Creve Coeur!

  2. So glad the school board cancelled the meeting last night. Actually, I drove by Lasalle School Sunday evening around 9:30 to see if there was a school board meeting scheduled and guess what? There was No notice on the door. Glad the meeting was cancelled cuz I plan to go next time.

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