District 76 Board of Education – Committee Meeting January 14, 2013

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6 thoughts on “District 76 Board of Education – Committee Meeting January 14, 2013

  1. What is STUPID is for anyone to come to a public forum on the internet and slander a fellow human being in the way that is being done here.

    What is STUPID is to accuse someone, by name, of a serious crime when you can’t possibly know for certain that a crime has been committed.

    What is STUPID is that the people making horrible remarks on this blog under a cloak of anonymity are likely ousted board members who are seeking to cause drama in order to secure re-election. One of whom was themselves suspected of mishandling funds in the past.

    What is STUPID is that these people are only serving to further the negative reputation the city of Creve Coeur has in this area by acting exactly like what they are rumored to be.

    • Your absolutely right about accusing someone without knowing for sure. But when you make a run for concessions and dont turn in any reciepts, unload some of the items and leave some in your vehicle, its not that hard to know what is going on. As far as being an ousted board member, i’m not. however if I ever did run for the board I wouldn’t knowingly add my family members and have them sign any forms (of which they weren’t qualified to sign) and the use that misrepresentation to secure my spot…Isn’t that right CHUCK THOMAS. We won’t miss you either. So MASONS918 since your lunch break is over don’t you think you should get back to the kids.

      Mike L.

      • How do you know the receipts have not been turned in? How do you know that the items that were left in the vehicle were paid for with school funds?

        If I run to Wal-Mart to purchase supplies for my job, I may also pick up a thing or two for myself. Which I would then leave in my car.

        Again, you are making accusations without knowing all of the facts.

      • I know this because the only receipts turned in have been as of late. When you go to walmart with the companys cash do you provide a receipt? Of course you do and if you say you dont then you obviously dont pay in cash but a check or credit card. In this case that isnt happening.

  2. Anyone notice, or is it just me, our “esteemed” superintendent is no where to be seen on this latest video. We can all hear her, of course, but she is once again “hiding” from view. (This time behind a school board member). Oh my, sooner or later she’s going to have to answer some questions. Ya gotta LOVE it!

  3. Well fellow readers… If you haven’t watched the video posted above then you missed the fact that Mrs. davis has referred to this BLOG as a “Stupid Website.” That’s right Mrs Davis, this site is so STUPID that we actually pay attention to what goes on at the school board meetings that pertain to both us and our kids. It’s so STUPID that we have teachers underneath you (not like Chuck this time) who are stealing from the school and activities fund. It’s so STUPID that people actually would like to know why you are doing nothing about this situation. It’s so STUPID that the blame is placed and passed on to “students giving candy to their friends.” It’s so STUPID that we sit here and watch the discussion about using a roll of tickets because we, the staff, are apparently to busy to monitor a school function. It’s so STUPID that even when you know there are no receipts and there is no money being turned in when there are school functions that you still blame the kids instead of the Teacher YOU have handling the money. It’s so STUPID that the staff you have in place that is stealing reflects on YOU and your character as a person. It’s so STUPID that you really think we believe you when you say we have talked to Paul and Amber and are waiting for them to get back to us. It’s so STUPID that this stupid website can recall the meeting in October when this was first brought up and was supposed to be looked into, but yet you say no one has brought this to your attention. It’s so STUPID that you sit there in your corner hiding from everyone, showing us that you have no desire to actually finish out your last year, while again placing the blame or the fault in this case on something or someone else. Fact: The only thing STUPID about this blog/website is the fact that we actually have to listen to you speak at these meetings to witch your reply is either that STUPID WEBSITE/My Attorney/ EMAIL ME/ and For The Children. We all know that you will cover for your pet Paul, as i’m sure you did when you found out that some of Chucks signatures were fraudulant. We won’t miss you when you go because then and only then will someone take action against the person who is not only stealing money from the School, but our children as well. If anyone wants to know where you decide to go just look up the ISAT scores next year. Look for the school that drops the most and you can almost be certain thats where Mrs. Davis went. Well fellow STUPID BLOGGERS, according to Mrs Davis we should call the principle and SI to report our concerns about this theft of US Currency so I second the motion. Call non-stop and i’m sure something will happen!!! Unfortunately, it will probably be Mrs. Davis threatening to call the cops on us for doing as she requested. good evening to all and maybe tomorrow Paul will decide to admit his theft and return our Districts money because thats probably the only way anything will get done with Mrs. Davis in the drivers seat!!! P.S. It’s so STUPID that you have no clue about our own Districts financial plans that maybe Paul learned how to steal from someone running the show.

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