Dist 76 Donates Renovated Litchfield Building to Head Start

Creve Coeur School District 76 has partnered up with the program and donated its renovated former administration building to house its own in-town Head Start program.

Having opened just a week ago, the Head Start program hosted an open house Wednesday for residents to see how the Litchfield Building on Highland — the districts’s former administration building — has been altered to accommodate the needs of Head Start children.

Litchfield BldgSuperintendent Jeanne Davis said there are plans to convert another room in the Litchfield building into a classroom so that the location can accommodate up to 64 children. (source)


3 thoughts on “Dist 76 Donates Renovated Litchfield Building to Head Start

  1. Thank you, ccmom. I am also very interested in this building lease. Just a thought…maybe we could ask the district’s “anti-bully” board member, Ms Troup, who Mrs. Davis hid behind so well during the last board meeting. I also believe she might want to be more careful in wishing for school board replacements, since there is not one of our new school board members who knows anything about conducting a meeting…let alone running a school board! Again, what is in this lease that the school board members agreed to?

  2. Just a bit “curious” about the “lease” of this building? I remember watching the video of one of the school board meetings where NO ONE on the board or the superintendent knew anything about the lease conditions. As a concerned parent I am interested in how much our district is leasing their building for? Think I’ll have to do some “digging”.

  3. Once again this website is spouting out wrong information. The district building was not donated to Head Start. It is being leased by Head Start. Please look at District 76 website. The correct information is posted there.

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