Creve Coeur Students Motivated to Raise AYP Test Scores



Both Parkview and LaSalle School made AYP (the standard for schools’ academic achievement) this year. It is the first time the district has shown progress up to standards after failing to make the mark the past two years.

Only 48 percent of students met or exceeded standards on the ISAT exam. But Safe Harbor, a stipulation that gives underperforming schools the chance to show reasonable improvement, made the district eligible for AYP after it improved by at least 10 percent of students meeting standards from the previous year, which was 36 percent.

The achievement upgrades the district’s improvement status from Academic Watch Status Year 2 to Academic Watch Status Year 1, meaning it is one more AYP making year away from being designated a district without the need for improvement.

The district was tagged with the Year 2 status after several years of not meeting AYP. So it has been required to provide auxiliary academic services to at-risk students and was in danger of losing control of Parkview and LaSalle to the state.

Analyzing and acting on that data from Illinois State Achievement and Measures of Academic Progress tests, along with motivating students, is what helped Creve Coeur School District 76 achieve Adequate Yearly Progress, a benchmark of academic progress, this year, Superintendent Shayne Aldridge said.