Creve Coeur School Board Regular Meeting – February 18, 2014

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2 thoughts on “Creve Coeur School Board Regular Meeting – February 18, 2014

  1. AMEN, timetofly! I feel I’m watching a repeat of many previous board meetings! (Groundhog’s Day all over again). This superintendent evidently doesn’t know much about this parent club money issue and it is quite obvious he doesn’t care about it. If he is strictly relying on and believing information solely from Mrs. Strong, I can see why he’s throwing his arms in the air. When reviewing tapes from past board meetings, everyone can see Ms. Davis manipulated her board members and now they are manipulating Mr. Aldridge! Please people…get your act together, and Please review the parent club facts, personally and then LEAD, Mr. Aldridge!

  2. How much time and effort has been spent debating this issue? Do the right thing and let the two parent clubs decide how to spend the money in question. $10,000 is a drop in the bucket compared to the whole budget. The money will be spent to benefit the children. Very disappointed in the lack of leadership displayed by Mr. Aldridge during this meeting. He throws his hands in the air and states he has nothing to do with this controversy!! If he suggested to the whole Board that they approve what was suggested by Pam G. it would be passed and the controversy would be over. Instead he lets Mrs. Strong continue to say things that are not correct and at times inappropriate!! DO the right thing and stop this nonsense!! Time to be a LEADER Mr. Aldridge. That is what you are paid to do!

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