Creve Coeur School Board Meetings 09/10/12

This video contains both the special meeting and committee meeting held on September 10,2012

Below are the documents that Mrs. Bailey referred to in the meeting regarding the Litchfield Building:

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10 thoughts on “Creve Coeur School Board Meetings 09/10/12

  1. Since no one is allowed to speak at Board Meetings, thank goodness this website exists. Judy Strong bashed the audience for making comments, while also saying The Board welcomes people. She made all kinds of derogatory statements, but the audience was not allowed to speak.
    Jeanne Davis throws out accusations of slander and libel. Just what does she call the rumors she is behind about LaSalle Parent Club funds missing and false accusations made against some of the officers?
    Mrs. Strong berates the audience for bringing up items not on the agenda. She says people are supposed to contact Mrs. Davis instead. She can’t be so naïve to believe Mrs. Davis ever answers any questions or is willing to have anything put on the agenda. And yet Julie Troup sits there telling about a complaint her neighbor has (which this neighbor was not even present). I guess you need to be Julie’s neighbor to be important.
    Judy Strong needs to check both sides before getting on her soapbox and berating and belittling people who truly care about the kids. She needs to ignore all the flattery and nonsense she is being fed and see what is really going on. Just how long can someone keep being naïve? She wants to talk bullying maybe she needs to look to her right at the four people sitting there to see the bullies.
    Also Becky Kern wants to talk about parents not checking in at the office at LaSalle School. I think she needs to look in the mirror. She was there many times without a name tag on ad no she was not there as a Board Member. She was there as a parent, unless she is also misrepresenting the Board like Julie Troup has done. Talk about taking advantage of a title. These people need to realize they put their pants on the same way the rest of us do.

    • WOW…sounds like someone did not get their way?!?! I am pretty sure this is what you call bad sportsmanship! I do try to teach our children that THIS is NOT how you act when you don’t get your way. I think I will use this as an example for them in the future on how NOT TO BEHAVE! You must be the loud overbearing woman at the meetings that make it impossible to even hear what is being said by the Bored. Maybe if you listened instead of ranting the entire time you would make more since when you speak! And you might want to take your vitamins as well!! Well obviously you have absolutely no idea who I am, but it is very obvious who you are. You better take the writing off your windows now that everyone knows the money that you questioned is and always was right in the account, were it belonged. I for one am glad that you do not and never will have access to those funds again, because you do not sound stable enough to be spending our donated funds! Remember when you point your finger there’s always three more pointing back at YOU!

      • Maybe you should REALLY listen to the way Mrs. Davis and some of the board members speak to the audience members and other members! If anyone spoke to me like that I would be over the edge. There is NO EXCUSE in such rudeness. How can YOU justify the way these people speak to others. Maybe the reason you see nothing wrong with this is because this is the way you react to others if you don’t get your way. If I something positive was said by Mrs. Davis and her four followers I would be the first to say it. It is difficult to watch such behavior from the people that represent out district.

      • I am seeing the board meetings just as you are and I think its difficult to watch some of the audience members behavior! I think the board members are becoming frustrated and they have just cause to be. I am thankful that the board is still going strong because if it were me I would have hung up the gloves a long time ago! They do this out of kindness and don’t get anything in return but to be harassed and belittled by people like you! I think the audience has been told about school board meetings policy time and time again but some people still find it necessary to disrupt the meetings with outlandish comments and questions. When you continue to argue and become hostile with board members it is only natural for them to be on the defense. What is that old saying…”Treat people how you want to be treated”. If you want a positive attitude from the board you might want to try to portray a positive attitude towards them. And I complete agree with you on one aspect, but you got it turned around…if some members of the audience would speak to me the way they do to the board members…that would send ME over the edge! I am not sure how YOU can justify the audience members treatment towards the board members?!? I mean, come on…the board had to have the police at prior meetings due to the audiences bad behavior! Its just how the comment said…the pot calling the kettle black.

      • As for my typo, I meant Board…not Bored:) I think I was thinking how bored I am the some peoples ignorance!

    • If you care so much like you say, you might want to stop humiliating your own children! Acting like a heathen in front of them and picking them up from school with crazy writing all over your windows is probably a good way to make them a target for teasing and ridicule! My children would disown me if I acted the way you do at their school! You need to think about their feelings and realize how embarrassed they must be of your actions! I feel for them…especially knowing that you can purchase window paint but not school t-shirts for them.

  2. Perhaps this is one of the worst board meetings I have watched on here. Mrs. Davis acts as she owns the board and president. She refers to the president as “my president” and “my board”. Isn’t the board over her? What an arrogant and self righteous woman. If I hear one more time “it’s about the children” come from her mouth I may scream! Those words seem to mean nothing to her. When was the last time she was even around a child in the district? She acts like she and she alone carrys this district. It is me, me, me. Look what I have done. All I can see that she has done is rip this district apart. That is a sad reality. Whenever someone questions her, she becomes very defensive. She then takes that right away from that person. That is not the way a board should be run.But it is her way. And we all know EVERYTHING HAS TO BE HER WAY because it is all about her. What is the comment on here about a limited budget? I thought in a prior meeting Mrs. Davis stated that the district has $3,000,000. How do we go from that amount to a limited budget? I hope that when elections come up that the four that are up her butt get voted off. They are doing the district no good. They only good they are doing is to help Mrs. Davis continue on her merry rampage!!

  3. WOW—Thank you for posting this video so quickly. While I was watching it, I did notice that ALL the school board members tried to participate in the meeting this time. BRAVO! However, I was very dissapointed to see the way questions from the audience were handled. Actually, the school board has gone “High Tech” by using a timer on the participants. Better talk quickly! A lady in the audience asked about the “board policy” on “banning a parent”. Nobody on the school board could give her an answer. I heard the comment that it appeared the “blind were leading the blind’! As I understand it, citizens MUST submit a written question or an e-mail question to the administration and the superintendent will reply IF and WHEN she feels so inclined! I was shocked to hear the man in the audience say that the Lasalle School Parent Club $ has not been “found” yet! That was a problem asked about in May. I believe it is now September! Does the school board see ALL the questions that citizens send to the administration for “special review”?
    I still believe Mrs. Davis should be wearing a crown!!! Where does she find the time to do ALL she claims to do in a day? As I understand it, the children of Creve Coeur, that she CARES SO MUCH ABOUT arrive before she does in the morning! (Perhaps she is busy “re-routing” the parking lots and checking the “thin walls” and “dirty carpet” at the administration building)!
    In response to the blonde lady’s comment about the board meetings not being a “friendly environment” If you watch the video, you will see how the school board members, and especially Mrs. Davis, “bully” the audience. Citizens simply want questions answered in a timely fashion! And, if you continue to be “cyberbullied”, I suggest you contact the Parkview program supervisor to learn how to stop it!

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