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  1. Yes, and you can say this because you post your real name too, “deanslist”?!?
    And I figured out that, it must just be more enjoyable for you all to claim that I am a board member, since I have stated time and time again that I am not. I guess a lie is more interesting than the truth to some of you.
    And, like I stated before, I am sorry if my statements bother you or anyone else, but I thought that is what this site was for? You people keep saying this site is for voicing your opinions and to be informed. I am just informing people of what I know and giving my opinion on how I feel about things. Just because my views are different than yours does not make me nasty person. My definition of being informed is to hear all sides of story so one can make an intelligent decision.
    I am not claiming to “know” bowers, like you suggest, I am just aware of the the problems that she and other candidates have caused in our schools. I do not think that it would benefit our school district to have people like this on the board.

    And who are you to judge who is or is not a true christian? You are not God, so clearly that is not for you to decide. But, I do know that NONE of the candidates falsified any signatures, like you say! That is just one of the many lies started to try to belittle some of the candidates.

  2. My name is Tammy Bowers and I thought I might use this website to post what I stand for and answer any questions about my running for a position on the School Board. I believe a good school board should keep these concepts at all times: honesty, integrity, and transparency.
    Honesty – I have no hidden agendas. I have 2 children, 1 in 4th and 1 in 5th, so they will be going to our schools for many years to come. Therefore, I want our schools to be exceptional places for our children to learn and grow. As a School Board Member I believe that when citizens ask questions, they should get an answer. That answer may not come at the meeting the question was posed, but should be answered at the next one if possible. This gives the Board time to investigate so the question can be answered correctly.
    Integrity – Everyone is equal. Everyone has a right to be heard and to participate in their child’s education. Even if you don’t agree with a Parent, they should be heard. I do believe in background checks for anyone in close contact and one on one with students. If parents pass these checks, then they should be allowed to participate. It should not be based on income, social standing, or personal preferences. Parents should be welcome at school.
    Transparency – Nothing should be hidden that can legally be made public. There should be no private meetings, committees, councils, or groups, except where a child or person has a right to privacy. I fully intend to keep private matters to myself. There should be no reason for FOIA’s or OMA’s to be requested.
    My background – I have spent 6 years volunteering in the LaSalle Parent Club. For several years I was the Secretary. I helped teachers, students, assisted in field trips, and helped office personnel many times. For several years I was an assistant in Cub Scouts, I am able to take a break from that since other parents are helping now. I am currently the Secretary of the First Christian Church Board. I served several years in the service position for CWF (my church’s women’s group). We did many service projects such as blankets and health kits for disaster victims, school supply kits, and Race for the Cure Sojourn Bears.
    I want to help put our schools back on track. To make our community proud of our schools. I would appreciate your vote on April 9th. I will do my best to make sensible and educated decisions.
    If you have any questions for me, please ask. I may not be able to answer right away as I do not have internet at home. I will try to answer as soon as possible.
    I will NOT answer any attacks on myself or others. I will NOT argue with those who choose to use this site as a means to slander and degrade and just basically BULLY others. Thank your for your time.

    • I think you might want to look up DID or dissociative identity disorder. Your two comments seem a bit contradictory, Tami or onlythetruth….whoever you decide to write as. You can not make false accusations against innocent teachers, staff and volunteers and then pretend that you are not a part of the slander, bullying and degrading! It is a well known fact that you sit at the library writing these accusations as “onlythetruth” and then as “tbowers”, but you want to pretend that your not a part of the problem. It is also a known fact that all the drama at our schools began when you and Rudd got there. As if it was not obvious enough by the timing of your posts, you let the cat out of the bag when you were seen writing “onlythetruth” posts on the Library’s computer. So, why after so many years of causing problems at our schools, do you now, a week before the election, try to ingratiate yourself with everyone??

      I also am confused with all of the time you donate …. why don’t you work for a living?? I find it disheartening that you brag about all of the time and money you spend volunteering yet you try to cause trouble for others in their workplace who try to work hard for their families, when you do not even hold a job.

      But honestly, I like what you have to say in your comment by Tbowers, I only wish it was the truth! I would like to know if you have ever met any of your opposing candidates? They are truly a great group of people! They have not been involved in any catty b.s. or name calling like you have been. They do not accuse our hard working volunteers of stealing, they do not picket outside grade schools at dismissal, accusing fellow parents of stealing from the children or cause chaos at children’s parades! They are good, christian people who are not interested in a title or authority…and they will not cuss you over a handicapped spot in the parking lot. They do not spy on our teachers or send their (minor) children out by themselves to campaign for them. They see hope and progress in the future of CC and want to make the right changes for our school district.

      • LOL…like your name as that is what I am doing in regards to your comments that you consistently post on this site. Wish I could say something nice about you but from all your postings u are nothing but a nasty person…it is so obvious that you yes would be on the board or one of the members of the citizens running for a position on Koegel side.

        I have not posted on this site for along time…however when I read these comments about what you say I cant believe it….I know Tammy Bowers from Church and for someone to make a comment about her not working is beside me…i guess you dont know her like you think you do.

        The group of citizens you are campaigning for are not true christians if they falsified signatures like the write in candidates did. That is all I am going to say about that ….i am not going to go to your level about bashing.

        Maybe you need to step up and let everyone know your name or are you afraid to be judged by the way you have judged others..remember the “golden rule” do on to others as they do on to you!

  3. Mrs. Strong at the March 18, 2013 board meeting you asked how Parkview students compare with the other students that graduate to East Peoria High School. I have looked up the answers

    There are 1,377 schools in Illinois with 7 & 8 grades that were ranked in the 2011-2012 school year. The feeder schools to East Peoria High School are Parkview, Central and Robein.. The following list is actually the results of the 7 & 8 graders combined. So how does Parkview, Central and Robein test score compare to the other 1,377 middle schools in the state of Illinois.

    Here are their rankings.

    Parkview – 1,154
    Robein – 691
    Central – 766

    Since some of our student graduate from Parkview and attend Pekin High School, I am providing the list of their schools.

    Here are their rankings.

    Parkview – 1,154
    Broadmoor – 669 (Pekin)
    Edison – 621 (Pekin)
    Rankin – 319 (South Pekin)
    Georgetown – 911 (Marquette Heights – North Pekin)

    Remember these are the ranking for the 7 & 8 graders combined.

    If you are wondering, twelve schools in the state tied for number one. Two of the number one ranked schools are in Peoria. They are Hollis Consolidated Grade School and Washington Gifted School.

    The lowest ranked school in the state at 1,377 is located in the city of Chicago.

    • Information about our schools. Visit the link below.


      The ~ is located to the left of number one on my keyboard.

      I hold down shift key and press the ~.

      Sorry, I must leave the ~ in the link.

      You can copy and past the address if it is easier.

  4. Ms Davis claim that I started making request during an election year is false!
    I started requesting information May 2012. Several months before elections.

    If I am unreliable, then why is the Attorney General still investigating my FOIA requests and OMA requests?

    Ms. Davis and Mrs Troup statements that none of the violations were founded of any consequences. Why would they make such a statement when they are still pending?

    After Ms Davis and Mrs Troups’ comments, I contacted the Attorney Generals office for an update regarding the Open Meetings Act and Freedom of Information Act reviews.


    The superintendent complied by providing the documents I requested and that matter is now considered closed.


    • Mr. Giddens, This is Tammy Bowers. I am also waiting for investigations from the Attorney General on my FOIA and OMA requests. I was informed by the Attorney General’s office on the next day after this meeting that not one of my request was unfounded. They told me that Ms. Davis must be mistaken. I don’t understand how she can say the Attorney General said they were unfounded when this was obviously not true. I also noticed from the District website that she failed to mention the other names that also made request. I get the feeling certain people were being harassed, especially since some of us are running for election. I thought Ms. Davis once said she doesn’t have anything to do with the elections. I wonder if this is OK for her to do these things.

  5. An Open Letter to School Board Candidates, District 76 Teacher’s Union Members and Fellow Creve Coeur Voters:
    I have read the information sheet put out by our teachers and have seen your campaign signs, as well as the HUGE billboard and I have done some homework on some of your “Truths” Information sheet.

    Your 1st statement about the administrator’s insurance being paid is true. However, it is also true that this was a “common practice” during the late 80’s and 90’s for School District 76. The Teacher’s Union and the School Board approved this for several retiring administrators, as well as teachers!

    Your 2nd statement about the money spent on Freedom of Information requests and Open Meetings Act violations is unfortunate, but somewhat exag
    gerated, in my opinion. I watched the previous school board meetings and saw MANY requests made to the Superintendent where she promised to get information to audience members or school board members and NEVER followed through! These people simply took the appropriate “next step” to get answers to questions.

    I do believe that 2 of the 3 “Write-In” candidates made MAJOR mistakes with their petitions. Thus, their names could not appear on the election ballot like the other candidates! This is a BIG concern to me as a voter, and frankly I don’t think the “previous board members” have any reason to be “afraid” of these people!

    The Creve Coeur website that you claim as “misinformation” is very enlightening to Creve Coeur voters! The taped school board meetings are VERY interesting and informative to those of us who watch! (I won’t repeat the things we have heard about your Superintendent, but I am glad to see that she is leaving town)! As far as the blogs about what’s going on, we enjoy hearing both sides of every story and there are obviously 2 sides!

    As far as board members “going after people”, I was told that the average stay for administrators in a school district is about 3.5 years, which makes Creve Coeur “Ahead of the Game”! At least our “Infamous” school board members have kept our administrators “on their toes”! That is a GOOD thing!

    The Chicago incident you mentioned is simply a FALSEHOOD. No hotel in Chicago or anywhere that I contacted will EVER allow anyone access into a room that is not theirs’, and you certainly know that! There was NO room invasion!

    The Parent Club $ situation was poorly handled, to say the least. To this day, after watching tapes of your Superintendent’s explainations, I still do not understand what her “plan” is! Actually, it is quite obvious to me that she just talks in circles to frustrate and confuse people! She doesn’t seem to know how to answer any questions directly. (Once again, I think we’re lucky she’s leaving our school district)!

    As you can see, I have been checking your facts against others. (2 sides to every story, you will recall)!
    I do question why the teachers of this school district are supporting “ANY” candidates? I also checked into the cost of such a billboard. This is BIG $ !!! (I thought teachers didn’t make much $!

    Now I’m thinking—the last time the teachers went door to door (my house included)campaigning for school board members, we voted in their candidates and every one of them is a “disappointment”! Your Superintendent said that this year happens to be a contract year for the teachers. Now—if the teachers get “their candidates” elected, they will get a WONDERFUL contract, but more “DUDS” on the Creve Coeur School Board, who can be “manipulated”! Can Creve Coeur School District afford such a mistake?

  6. One hour and twenty minutes into the meeting, the discussion was about helping children education. The superintendent tells the board “you can have two teachers or one teacher & a bus. You can not have both!”

    Later she also states “the problem is not; could all the children benefit from after school tutoring. Who’s going to pay for it?”

    (The $5,000 grant pays the teacher and transportation)

    Ms Davis keeps bragging about how much she has doubled the reserves. Money in the bank is not teaching our children. In my opinion, the district should have provided a few thousand dollars to help more children.

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