Residents Invited to Attend Discussion Meeting – December 5th, 2012

The following flyer is being distributed around the community inviting residents to an informal meeting to discuss concerns regarding Creve Coeur Schools.

Creve Coeur citizens and especially parents/guardians of students in District 76 are invited to attend an informal informational meeting at Larry’s Driftwood, 661 S Main St,  on December 5, 2012 at 6:30 p.m.

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8 thoughts on “Residents Invited to Attend Discussion Meeting – December 5th, 2012

  1. Are you kidding me? What do you mean the principals will be “switched”? Why would this happen in the middle of the school year? Think we need some answers at the next school board meeting! I, too, have heard that the Superintendent is completely “inaccessible” at all times! She really is afraid of her Creve Coeur parents! Very sad situation for this school district, I’d say!

  2. I am sorry you are so offended by my views, but I have just as much right to post them as you do! But, I know it has got to hurt, beings the entire point of this sight is to trick people into believing you people are not crazy.
    To correct you,I never said that the Driftwood is not a good place to talk. It is a great place to talk, eat, shoot some pool and maybe even play some darts…but, you should not pretend that this has anything to do with the schools! My point was, that if this was a actual parent/school/district meeting, wouldn’t it be taking place at the schools with our teachers and school officials?? Your choice to have it at Driftwood is fabulous choice, if you want to call it a little “get together with your friends”, but don’t act like it is an official school or district 76 meeting.
    Also, I was not aware of any meetings at the VFW…the flyers must not have been passed out at school dismissal like this one was or I just wasn’t invited to this one. All I am saying is that you shouldn’t lead people to believe that this is an official school meeting and that anyone at this meeting can change any thing that is taking place at the schools right now. If you want to say, “hey come see who is running for the board” or you could say, ” come and tell us what you hate about our school district”, that’s fine too, but don’t lead people to believe that anyone at this meeting has the ability to make any changes.
    It is interesting how you bring up not being able to speak to teachers, because I am free to speak to my childrens teachers any time I choose to by email/phone or in person, and they always seem to know everything regarding my child’s education. I am also concerned about your home made signs…why did they have “TEACHERS” written on them and now “teachers” is scribbled out of all of them… is probably a good idea to get the teachers permission before you start using them as your bait..huh?
    One more point I would like to make is that in your flyers you say this meeting is for
    “our childrens education” but then you list concerns such as: parent pickup; school parties; fundraisers;grandparents lunch; etc. This has absolutely NOTHING to do with our childrens EDUCATION! So why don’t you say what you really mean and not pretend it is about the childrens education that you are so concerned about because none of these issues will affect any child’s education!
    But, since I was invited, I have decided to attend so I can let people know the truth and voice my own opinions at your little gathering…so, I will see you there.

    • Has this group made someone scared? What exactly is the problem with having a social event like this to get feedback from parents to present to the District 76 Board. Nothing in this flyer states that this group can fix anything change is due. Change is a good thing, however hard for some.!
      Scientific studies show that involved parents make for better students. If everyone would put egos aside and work together we would not have post on this site bashing anyone person. Everyone is equal and should be great equal.

      • Again everyone is equal and should be treated equal….what is it going to take for everyone to come together.

    • My Oh My—myschoolboardrocks—Don’t we have an ATTITUDE?!! Since when do “concerned citizens” get ridiculed for taking the initiative to meet and discuss important issues and concerns about “their” school district? AND…why do you care where they meet? Actually it sounds like you could use a “cold one” to calm your hateful attitude down!!! It appears to me that these people are not “bullies” as you describe them. They are parents and citizens who have “unanswered” questions, which I understand continue to go unanswered! I have not talked to anyone that has received a direct answer from a board member or the superintendent. (By direct…I mean actually a face to face answer.) Since when does one have to send an e-mail to ask a question? As parents and as citizens in this school district I think we deserve face contact. I also suggest parents ask their child’s teacher personally what’s REALLY going on in the schools. I heard the district is actually in “total chaos”!!! Good Luck at your meeting “deanslist” and all. (Are you going to pay for the cops to watch over you, like Mrs. Davis and her school board do)? Keep up your good fight for more..shall we say..
      “CLARITY”! Enjoy the pizza and beer! It’s the BEST!

  3. Yes….This is what people do when they have no other options….cry about it over a beer! You might as well put..”.Attention fellow losers…if you did not get your way after you acted a fool and embarrassed yourself …come to the bar and cry about it with us!”
    I feel sorry for the hard working waitresses at Driftwood who have to put up with your nonsense…please tip them well!

    If you DO have any issues with District 76, I urge you to laugh at this flyer, like I did and do the right thing and talk to someone who can actually do something about it. Get your issues resolved through speaking about it with someone who can actually make a difference(your child’s Teacher, Principal, Superintendent), not people who take their grievance (with a elementary school I might add) to the bar and whine about them. These people are all trouble makers who everyone’s tired of listening to, please do not embarrass yourself by showing up in public with these people! There is absolutely NO ONE that will be at this “informal meeting” who can actually make ANY changes in the school district, that is why it is being held at a restaurant/bar and not at the school! It is just a small group of bullies who tried to get their way and failed!
    Although, I must say, it would be fun watching the miserable group cry into their beers!
    I also want to add that Driftwood has fabulous pizza and is a great place to whine and dine with friends …not a place to have meetings regarding our children and the school district!

    • First….I am not on the current board or do I want to run for the board….I am tired of reading MYSCHOOLBOARDROCK POSTS you have nothing nice to say at all.

      Apparently after reading this from MYSCHOOLBOARDROCKS…this looks like you are on the current school board by your posting as this is how they act if you watch the videos that are posted on this site.

      What a cheap shot about the Driftwood…don’t forget the last few board members that got into office used the local VFW…so don’t go saying anything about Driftwood. You say Driftwood isnt a good place to talk…then why would the VFW be any better??? Both places do serve “adult beverages” (proper terms).

      Crying and whining read what you posted above…that is exactly what you did in your post. BRAVO

      Any issues… Superintendent will not answer any questions, no return phone calls, Principal….from what I see she is not any better than the Superintendent, Teachers don’t know what is even going on or what they can and can’t say to parents….so your comment up above is totally not CORRECT.

      Why am I seeing COPS sit at meetings and we are paying those out of the districts money that could be used for the kids???? This board knows nothing and does nothing…maybe they need to learn what responsibility they have as a board member.

      You want to talk about Bullies…the school board and yourself need to go to the assembly at school and learn from it.

    • I have to agree with MY SCHOOL BOARD ROCKS on this one guys. “Get your issues resolved through speaking about it with someone who can actually make a difference(your child’s Teacher, Principal, Superintendent), not people who take their grievance (with a elementary school I might add) to the bar and whine about them.” I will have to try that. Maybe I will go and talk to the Principle… Except that would probably be pointless since they will be switching schools at the end of the month. Next lets try to talk to the Superintendent. If you actually do make it to her office it will end with either her threatening to call the cops on you or having you banned from school property as in the case with a current Parent and on a second occassion with a Current teacher. I do however like the statement of “getting issues resolved through someone who can make a difference.” As a matter of fact, everyone that can make a difference lives in this community and probably went to actually see what was being said. those are the people who actually care and make a difference. Driftwood probably isn’t the first choice I would have gone with about having a gathering but at least it was open to the public. Maybe next time we can do it behind closed doors so no one has any idea of what takes place and then avoids the questions at an open meeting. Also, if there are no actual threats against someone, but that said person is just scared not to have a police escort, then that said person should be paying for her personal protection out of her own pocket. Talk a about an inappropriate use of funds. Maybe next year a couple of the other board members can get a personal bodyguard as well.

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