4 thoughts on “Creve Coeur Board of Education Meeting – Feb 25, 2013

  1. showme & ccmom: I could not agree with you more…why would we want to vote Mr. Thomas back in if he doesnt want to listen to what citizens/concerned parents have to say. I don’t personally know but i asked why he is a write-in…and that is because he didn’t fill out the paperwork correctly. The current President of the School Board should know how to fill this paperwork out and should not need to be a write- in. I will not be voting for Mr. Thomas.

  2. Mr. Charles Thomas no longer allows general public comments. I noticed he removed the second comment section on the agenda for the past several months. If Mr. Thomas no longer wants to listen to us, I do not understand why he thinks any voter would want to listen to him any longer!

  3. Great question, showme! I am certain Mr. Thomas, Ms Davis and crew are simply avoiding questions from those in the audience. (They are quite good at that by now, you know)! Anyone who votes this man, Mr.Thomas, back on the school board is as CLUELESS as he is, frankly!

  4. Why did Mr. Charles Thomas end the practice of requiring the superintendent to bring charge accounts to the board meetings so school board members could review them before voting on the payments each month?

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