Candidates for Creve Coeur School Board for April 9th Election

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Below are the list of candidates as they will appear on the April 9, 2013 ballot for Creve Coeur Dist. 76:
Brenda L. Keogel
Tammy Bowers
Wayne Brainard
Dezseray Rudd
Pam Greiner
Valerie Ragon
Linda Bailey

There are three write-in candidates:
Shirley Carlson
Kimberly Harper
Charles M. Thomas

14 thoughts on “Candidates for Creve Coeur School Board for April 9th Election

  1. Excuse me, dear lol2012…I do not know, nor do I especially care to know who took what money…I simply believe we citizens are due an explanation as to what has transpired since the last school board meeting!!! And once again…simply put…WHERE is the money? I believe Ms Davis stated she would report back to the public and you board members about this. I’ll be anticipating her reply at Monday’s school board meeting. (Can’t wait)!

    • I am a little confused in regards to your response. Ccmom, you told me I was harsh and rude for stating known facts and my opinions…so, I asked you why you are not saying that to others on this site who are accusing innocent victims of criminal acts and adultery. It seems you are not answering the question as ccmom but as vince. I do not recall ccmom asking “where is the money?” but vince…..correct?
      Well, dear Vince or ccmom, what ever name you choose to use, I will still have the same response either way. You can not say that your questions are not being answered if you have not attended the meeting to hear the answers yet! I hope you get the answers you are looking for so you can stop slandering innocent people.
      By the way…it seems as though you may not have read my last comment thoroughly, due to the fact that you continue to respond to me as a Board Member. I assure you that I would not submit myself to that sort of punishment but I am flattered all the same.

  2. Right on Concerned! WHERE IS THE MONEY? Were we not promised a report on the audit looooooooooong ago, also? I do remember Ms Davis in one of her “I’ll get back to you moments” at one of the school board meetings promising the auditors report was almost completed! Here we go again and again and again!
    Where is the auditors report? WHERE IS THE MISSING PARKVIEW MONEY, Mr. President? (Aren’t you trying to be elected to the school board, again)? Tell us why we should vote for you? Do you have these answers about the missing money, Mr. President? Do you care? Perhaps we should ask Ms Troup? She is always “covering” for Ms Davis! Why is it that we citizens can see how our mighty leader USES her team of board members, but they, themselves cannot see it? Why are the school board members not asking more about the MONEY?

    • What you are forgetting to mention, is that Davis announced that there was never any money missing! You are accusing innocent teachers of stealing from our children! These are the teachers who have worked in our schools for years and spent their own time helping at Parkview events for our children? It is ridiculous to accuse any of our teachers, who have worked so hard in our schools, of stealing from a school concession stand.

      As for the Parents Club money…I was at the meeting that Mrs. Powers announced that they could not make any since of the books that the previous Lasalle Parents Club had kept. She had also mentioned that the money that they had reported making from fund raiser events had never added up. So it seems to me that THEY need to answer to some missing funds. It is beyond me why anyone would put the schools donated funds back in their possession? It does not seem that Bowers or Rudd were ever mentally capable of handling our schools funds. And I think it is safe to say that the money was never theirs to spend to begin with! Donations to our schools remain in the possession of our schools…and not for any one parent to spend. That is how it is now and how it always should have been!

      And for any parent that has been lied to and was made to believe that they can not volunteer at our schools, I am pleased say that the schools have a group called P.A.C.E made up of parents, teachers and volunteers that are all concerned about the education of our children.

      So when I see comments that try to belittle our School Board members or candidates for the Board (that the School District is backing) it is disturbing. If you are going to write negative posts about candidates , lets not forget problems caused by Rudd and Bowers. The abundance of complaints from parents and teachers alike about Bowers and Rudd are well known. So it makes sense when Rudd writes about no one volunteering while she was Officer, but they do, in fact, volunteer now. I think parents feel at ease being involved with P.A.C.E. since they are not allowed to cause conflicts in this organization. And let us not forget the hundreds of dollars in bad checks written by Rudd to Parkview School while holding the title of President of L.P.C..(This was a public matter spoke about at a Board Meeting that Rudd was in attendance.) Rudd and Bowers will tell you themselves (as seen written above) that they are currently not allowed to attend school parties. They would like you to believe that they are being picked on by Davis,but you cannot convince me that anyone can legally be banned from our schools without a valid reason……….. so you be the judge.

      The people of Creve Coeur are better than this and we deserve better than this! Comments written by Rudd above will show you her intelligence level, “and stuff”. It is laughable to think that anyone would find them to be valid candidates for our School Board.

      • For a school board member who “rarely participates” and NEVER questions your rude and arrogant superintendent…you have NO business saying such nasty things about others!!!

      • I am really not sure if that is a response towards me, due to the fact that I am not or have never been on the Board. You must have me confused for somebody else.
        But, yes, the truth about Rudd and Bowers is harsh and that is why I feel it necessary to make people aware of this. But help me understand why accusing members of the School Board of having affairs and accusing teachers of stealing is not harsh and nasty to you?? If there was actually proof of this, we would see people in divorce court and teachers sitting behind bars right now, would we not? Why do you think it is fine to slander others but criticize me for stating true facts and my feelings? You have the right to your feelings about any of the candidates and I reserve that right as well, whether you like what I say or not.

  3. Carlson don’t know u so good luck, Keogel if u get in plz do what’s right and who care who likes who on the board I think u could make some right moves and others good luck.

  4. 1st I don’t know how iam immature but if u talk about me u r leaving someone else alone 2nd why don’t u use your real name just saying. And if I talk about everyone then why did I get more people to sign my petition and others had trouble. My son is in 6th grade and since he has been in kindergarten I have helped at everything that school has had and I do it for the kids. Every teacher and stuff knows that I do it to help the kids. I have done so much for that school and now that davis don’t like me I can’t even go to a class party and now my daughters teacher does her parties on her own. That’s not fair there are people who has done stuff to help and other who wont do anything but now they want to go up there and help like they have helped the whole time but that’s fine. They u got peopple who say they want to help and when its time they don’t show. For whoever gets in

  5. March 12, 2012 – Charles Thomas, Julie Troup, Judy Strong and Rebecca Kern voted to deposit all monies raised by the parent club on behalf of the district in a district account beginning 2012-2013 school year.

    Then suddenly in April 2012, three board members asked Superintendent Davis to immediately transfer the LaSalle Parent Club funds to the district account now. President Charles Thomas wrote a note to the LaSalle Parent Club treasurer husband asking for help contacting his wife.

    Watch last summer videos. Mr Thomas, Ms Troup and Ms Davis kept telling everyone they were waiting for the audit to be finished. Eight months have now passed since they told the public they were auditing the funds. Where is the audit?

    Last fall Superintendent Davis told the public, the LaSalle Parent Club funds are in a separate bank account.

    It is now Feb 2013. Where is the money the LaSalle children raised during 2011-2012 school year now?

    Return the money to the LaSalle Parents Club and children that raised the money so they can work with the LaSalle Principal and teachers to determine how the money would be most beneficial.

    Charles Thomas, Julie Troup, Judy Strong and Rebecca Kern need to put an end to the drama they created.

  6. As you can see by my username…This is Wayne Brainard and I approve this message being sent and I am not hiding behind a made up usesrname.

    I’m not ashamed to use my name if I am going to post a comment, as you can see by some of these comments those that are running against myself and others are wanting to play dirty games.

    The above post….this is simply bulley messages and not hard to figure out what side of current canidates this message was sent from.

    I am here for the kids and not a trouble maker I simply tell the truth…and will not provide excuses.

    I have no bad background nor does my spouse, always willing to help out the community and then I have to see the above comments about me. I am not a follower of this but when my neighbor informed me that someone posted this about me its my duty to get the story straight. So please keep my name out of your drama . Im not running for an Actor’s part, a seat on the District 76 Board. I have one thing to say to the other people running good luck!!! I grew up with this kind of talk when i was a kid …. It’s time for a change parents !!! Vote for Wayne Brainard. Thanks and have a great day !

  7. Now I’m thinking—Word on the street is that the reason Charles Thomas is running as a Write-In candidate, is because he didn’t fill out his school board petition properly. Now doesn’t that seem quite ironic that this happened to our school board PRESIDENT?! Of course, several of my neighbors have noticed that he has always had trouble understanding policies! Time to re-think this whole school board thing, people! Do Not Forget he was one of the major reasons Mrs. Davis came back to our school district. By the way—has Mrs. Davis or Mr. Thomas ever answered the concerns about “missing money” at Parkview? I’m sure that’s another thing they’ll “get back to us on”! Vote carefully, people. Do Not let “them” tell you who to vote for this time!!!

  8. It’s time to stand up Citizens of Creve Coeur and remind the schools and school board who they work for. We are their boss and it’s time to make them listen with our votes. The last time we had an election for school board members, the CCEA (Teacher’s Union), knocked on doors, sent out postcards, even put up a billboard telling use if we want change in our schools that gives our children a better education, “vote for Kern, Troop and Strong” There was even a meet your candidate night where we were told about all the great things they were going to do and how our children, teachers and schools came first. We were lied to. Our schools went from Bad to Worse as Mrs. Davis was put back in charge of our schools and the Kern, Troop and Strong went along with anything she wanted including hiring the new principal Mrs. McArdle. I haven’t forgotten how she changed how parents can be apart of our child’s school: class parties, Halloween Parade just to name a few. And then Mrs. Davis and her “Get rid of the Parents club” campaign. Now we have a joint P.A.C.E. group with all the $ going into 1 pot to share between schools. And misappropriated funds from the concessions that haven’t gone into the pot or been explained to us, the public or the school board, who really doesn’t seem to care. I was taught that stealing was illegal. Enough said.

    Now that I’ve reviewed a few things. Let me share what I see interesting about the write in candidates. Did you know that Shirley Carlson works for the Regional Office of Education and gets hired by Creve Coeur and other districts to train the teachers. She gets paid to do so. I see that as big conflict of interest, don’t you? Charles “Chuck” Thomas, current School Board President, who I have see drive his car to the back of LaSalle School when I picked up my youngest, to secretly meet with Mrs. Davis who parks back there too. What are you hiding from? Oh secret combinations, what deceptive webs might you be weaving? We don’t want a mini District 150 on this side of the river. Then Ms. Harper, why must you be a write in? Why didn’t you get approved? Are you hiding anything?

    Fool us once, shame on you. Fool us twice, shame on us. Not this time. The stakes are to high. Don’t get any ideas CCEA of trying to tell us how to vote. Why should we ever trust you on such matters as who has the best interest of our children and schools in mind. Look what you’ve cost us and many of the fine teachers in the district.

    My neighbors and I have decided on Bailey, Bowers, Brainard and Rudd. I hope everyone will too. Thank you for your time and consideration.

    • Your neighbors and you need to seriously think about your choices. With all the negativity Mrs. Bowers & Mrs. Rudd have been causing, they will bring this town even lower in standards. Mrs. Rudd is immature and one of biggest gossip talkers in town who can’t keep her stories straight. How can we believe in her? Mrs.Bowers is in such need of control that if things aren’t done to her liking then she bad mouths anyone & everyone including innocent cub scouts. Her actions are out of control and now are harmful to our children. She is so privileged that she doesn’t have to obey Creve Coeur’s street laws in school zones. A student is bound to get hurt after school at Parkview because she illegally parks on the corner where oncoming vehicles are not be able to see.

      • I could not AGREE with you more! I think the neighbors she might be referring to, are the neighbors who know that this person is insane, but has to live next to them anyway. I would probably nod politely as I walked away too, thinking how unfortunate it is that THIS is my neighbor, if I were them. Well, sad but true, I too live way to close to one of the candidates running for the board that were mentioned above and believe me, anyone who would vote for Bowers, Brainard , Rudd or Bailey has to be as crazy as they are! I have never met a bigger group of trouble makers in my life! As you can even see by the comments above…they find something bad in everyone! Don’t let them get ANY information on you or the entire tri-county area will hear about it. And I’m sure they will add some dirty lies to make it more interesting, as they did above..trying to insinuate Mr. Thomas has a secrete affair with Davis because of where he parks..or saying that because Mrs. Carlson works for the Regional office she should not be a candidate for the Board?? I do not know Mrs. Carlson but it seems to me that working for the Regional office would make her MORE qualified for the board… wouldn’t it?? And what did they say about being a write it…that you must be hiding something? Really?? And, It’s funny how they are already saying that the teachers, board and entire school district work for THEM?!? I bet our schools staff will take a second look to find where their signatures are on their paychecks?!?

        If Brainard, Bailey, Bowers or Rudd got on the board…watch out… because NOT IF but WHEN you get on their bad side the rumors will fly! I cant even imagine the craziness they could come up with about you?? The entire town will start hearing stories about you and your family. They are ruthless and careless about peoples lives and have no problem spreading lies to hurt people or their families!

        If you do not know these people and are thinking about voting…I am not trying to persuade you to vote for anyone else…just DO NOT VOTE FOR BOWERS, RUDD, BAILEY or BRAINARD! Ask will see! Do not give them the authority to hire or fire our staff, suspend our children or have anything to do with the money you donate to our schools! If you do, I hope you or your child never has to go in front of the board for a private matter because the entire town will know your business and I am sure they will add a little to it to make it more interesting, like they always do! If you actually know these people, think about it….why do they seem to know so many negative things about soooo many people?? Have you ever actually heard them say a kind word about anybody but themselves? They seem to have dirt on the ENTIRE town already…so let’s not let them in our schools to hurt our children or teachers with all of their rumors, lies and accusations!

        To be a School Board member you need to be CARING to peoples needs, SENSITIVE to others situations and QUITE about sensitive matters… none of these are capable for Bowers, Brainard, Baily or Rudd!

        Like I said, Bowers Brainard, Bailey & Rudd find fault in EVERYONE ELSE………………….. but themselves that is!

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