Board of Education

 President             Linda Bailey

Vice President     Valerie Ragon

 Secretary            Pam Greiner

 Member              Randy Giddens

 Member              Brenda Keogel

 Member              Katherine Ragon

 Member              Savanna Tyler

12 thoughts on “Board of Education

  1. Pathetic bickering. Pathetic. We all know who the liars are here.
    I saw Wayne lurking around by the McDonald’s in Peoria handing out french fries trying to buy votes. Surely, you’re aware, a vote is worth a shake. Think about it, guy.
    I saw Kim making sandwiches on the back porch. Disgusting. Back porch sammiches. What’s wrong with you?
    I see Tammy Bowers lost. Such a shame. Her keen fashion sense to wear spring capris with heavy winter sweaters will be missed. Sweaters! Ugh.
    School Board 2013 is a wreck. Blah.

      • Your threats of physical violence are unnecessary. My fists are metaphorical fists of truth. Omnipotent, if you will. (That means all-knowing, all-seeing, etc.)
        Curious, “50shadesofpaid”, where the fur coat came from? I saw you at Casey’s gassing up looking like Hootie the Pimp in a flashy rabbit fur coat that clearly costs at least $50 even at Goodwill. Oh, and Premium fuel? No one buys Premium fuel! That is, unless you had a windfall.
        How about that? Explain, 50shadesofpaid, where doth thou obtain such wares? Why doth thou fill thine tanks with liquid gold?

    • Apology accepted.

      Another clarification: myself and wife was in Peoria eating when the confrontation occured between yourself and Tammy. We stopped over at Tammy Bowers on our way home from again please don’t bring me in the drama.

      I am not here to bash and throw dirt around about others.

      Thank you.
      Wayne Brainard

  2. I have not posted anything on this site in months. There are many reasons for this, but the main reason is one person that was always right (myschoolboardrocks). Now I see that lol12 has taken that spot. The way that person comments makes me wonder if they maybe the same person. When I did suggest that myschoolboardrocks maybe married to a board member the comments stopped. I am going to suggest the same thing to lol12. Deny if you want, it really makes no difference to me.
    Thank you for helping me decide on one of the candidates that I will be voting for tomorrow. It will be Tammy Bowers. I realize that she has not always been right in what she has done. But I will NOT vote for Kim Harper! I believe that she and Stacey did go to Tammy’s home uninvited and degraded her about her physical disability. That is NOTHING BUT WRONG!! That type of person should not even be considered for the position in which she is running. I cannot believe that she would expose her own daughter to her behavior. That just sickens me.
    As for Chuck, I cannot see that he has done a great deal for the district. He simply sits and agrees with Mrs. Davis. I expect the board president to be more of a leader and use a voice. I am still confused why he is a write-in. I have heard it is because he had his wife take his petition out for signatures. He had to have known that couldn’t be done. So why did he do it??
    As for the other two, I do not know anything about them. I wish them well.
    I do realize that lol12 will be on here to tell me how wrong I am and how right she is. That is what she does. That is fine. I have stated MY opinions.

    • Dearest Ozzie (Wayne) if you choose to state names then maybe you should get the facts straight. I did not go over to degrade Tammy I went to ask where the sign was that was put in the easement in front of her home. I started off very politely and wanted her to know that it was unappreciated and wrong, not to mention illegal. But I would have stopped it there…if she hadn’t started throwing stones. First of all she accused me of taking a sign from the corner by my house…1)Never saw a sign there and 2)I know that it’s not legal to pick a sign up that doesn’t belong to me. I’m not sure if anyone has noticed but there are signs missing all over town! Then Tammy started throwing out slanderous comments about me and brought Kim in to the conversation with those horrific comments. Now we all know that Tammy has chosen to do the devils work for some of the previous board members but she also listens to all the negative misinformed information of other disgruntled people as well…which is what prompted my first negative comment. The last comment regarding her disability…totally uncalled for on my behalf but the way she has acted time and time again caused me to speak in a manner that I typically don’t use. The fact that I let her get to me at all makes me sick! The cops being called of course was her buddy’s Wayne and Tabitha’s doing, so glad that they could run to her side after my harmful words.

      I have sat back for months and listened to horrible things being said about my dad and all of the other board members currently and of the good people trying to obtain spots now. I have seen $10,000 being spent by the school district to get 3 people off the ballot because the others running can’t make it on their own merit. I have heard lies about testing scores being lower in our district and of course that’s crap because I sat in a board meeting where it said the scores were starting to go up. I have heard my friends be bashed such as Mr. Paul Nettles and Mrs. Davis all because there always has to be drama and wasted time and MONEY!

      I am ready for the money in this district to go towards the kids and the education, not being spent on trying to fire people or bully people. I want the teachers to be able to give each child a book and not have to share the books in class and not be able to take it home to study.

      Do you people not realize that the school board is not for your personal ideas or agendas…but to give our kids the opportunity to be more than they could or may every imagine! Most of the kids in this district don’t have anything but school to look forward to or to get them past the the limits of Creve Coeur! I know that Kim Harper and Chuck Thomas have been more supporting of the kids in this community than some of the parents. I know that both have bought shoes and clothes so that kids would be able to participate in school activities. I know that Kim and her husband Mike have given kids rides back and forth to school and functions and NEVER asked for a dime from the kids!

      When you hear about drama you do not hear Chuck Thomas or Kim Harper…that is because these are the very people that are too busy helping the community out to make it better to deal with the childish drama.

      No matter how this ends I know that my dad and Kim are amazing people and much more than just what you see on the outside. IF they win the election GREAT…if they do not that is fine as well! I know what my dad has went through over the years and to be honest I don’t wish it upon anybody.

      Stacey Schroeder

      P.S. If I didn’t want a sign up…I can guarantee the green one at the end of my driveway would be gone! BUT instead the weather has ripped it down twice and twice I have picked it up and taped it back up…didn’t have to but I did it because it’s the right thing to do!

      • Stacey,

        I think you have me mistaken for ozzie…I just got home from the board meeting i stood in the parking lot and talked to another canidate…why dont you ask your dad if i was in the parking lot so how could I possibly post the comments.

        So again…putting incorrect information out by accusing others something they have no involvement in…that makes me wonder how much of this is really true if you take the time to post my name out as you thought i was ozzie.

        Another mistake by you. Please keep me out of the drama.

      • I’m sorry Wayne I assumed you did but either way that means that Tammy has been spreading lies to others. See this crap has gotten so childish that people can’t even post their own names! Sorry I assumed you! But wether it was you or not…what I had to say was the truth! Honestly Wayne I believe you might have a chance to win…but by associating yourself with the others you might have cut your own throat! I have nothing against you and again I’m sorry I assumed it was you.

    • Well I have not been on this site for sometime now, but I am glad to see it has not changed WOW……..Shock and surprise more lies and more lies created by the people who have created this website. So let’s go ahead and do a little house keeping and clean up some of the lies apparently given to you Ozzie by Tami Bowers SHOCKED AGAIN. Canadiate Kim Harper did not go to Bowers uninvited the person that went to Bower’s was asking about a campaign sign placed on the easement in front of her house that just mysteriously disappeared the next day. Kim Harper did not make comments of Bower’s physical disabilities the only comment Kim Harper made was she would not allow her friend (Chuck Thomas) be slandered by her or anyone else. As far as Kim Harper’s daughter being there, was due to the fact, the child heard Bower’s making comments about her so she was there to defend herself. So as you can see you have not been told the exact truth, but again I am not shocked about Bower’s telling lies and again creating drama. Who the hell in their right mind would vote a canadiate like that. Ozzie you yourself said Bower’s does not always do right.
      I am sure the fab6 will have all kinds of comments due to the fact if you do not agree with them your wrong. I also am voting but it will not be for the six with personal agenda’s

  3. This is the first time I have entered this site and will undoubtedly be my last. The insults and threats posted on this site have made it really easy for me to know who to vote AGAINST on Tuesday.

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