Annual Town Meeting for the Residents of Groveland Township to be held April 12th


NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN to the legal voters, residents of the Township of Groveland in the County of Tazewell and State of Illinois, that the Annual Town Meeting of said Township will take place on

Tuesday, April 12, 2016,
being the second Tuesday of said month,
at the hour of 6:00 PM at 
586 Groveland Ave.  Creve Coeur.

for the transaction of the miscellaneous business of the said town; and after a Moderator having been elected, will proceed to hear and consider reports of officers, and decide on such measures as may, in pursuance of law, come before the meeting; and especially to consider and decide the following:

1)    Supervisor’s Report
2)    Report of the Road Commissioner
3)    Assessor’s Report

Dated   03/21/2016

Pamela Christianson
Town Clerk