Annual Chili Supper at LaSalle School – Feb. 22, 2013


The annual chili supper will be held at LaSalle School (300 N Highland) on February 22nd.

All You Can Eat Chili

Also serving
hotdogs, peanut butter sandwiches, chips, and nachos
Dessert & drinks are available too.

Raffles include –
American Girl 2013, Saige

Silent auctions
50/50 Drawing

There will also be a raffle for several theme baskets.

5:00 pm until 8:00 pm


12 thoughts on “Annual Chili Supper at LaSalle School – Feb. 22, 2013

  1. Yes….That is what I expected from you. No answers about your friend/running mates disturbing behavior, no answers on why you are not concerned about others (who slander and falsely accuse innocent victims) not leaving their names.
    Well, at least there is one thing we both agree on, this website is like high school gossip. Gossip in the worst since…accusing teachers of crimes and adultery, the slandering of good people, and out right lies. But that makes me wonder why your running mate would support this site by adding comments and advertising it on her car windows?

    I am also left to wonder why you do not like our schools bus transportation systems. I see many parents waiting with their children at the bus stops. Waiting with your child before and after the bus pick-ups and drops-off would surely be the solution to one of your bus issues. I am then left to wonder why you suggest that more and more people are choosing parent-pickup other than the bus? Are you suggesting that our buses are not safe and do you not think our bus drivers do a good job at keeping our children safe?

  2. Mr. Brainard, since you stated that you will reply to any question…I do have a couple things I would like to clear up.

    Mr. Brainard….after thinking about your issues with the parking at Lasalle, I am left to wonder why you do not have your children ride the school bus? The school bus seems to be a very good solution to your parking lot problems.

    I also would like to know, since you state that you are going to the Chili Supper tonight, if that means that you disagree with Bowers , Bailey and Rudd’s mission to boycott the event?

    Wouldn’t you agree that by boycotting this they are in no way supporting the children, since after all the event is to raise money for the children?

    • lol2012….I did not see this post until I just returned from Regional Boy Scout Pine Wood Derby Race today.

      I was hoping that you would introduce yourself last night to me as I attended and if you wonder i did spent money at the Chili Supper fundraiser for the children of District 76.

      Reply to your questions above:
      Parking Lot Issues – My son does not ride the school bus in the morning or in the evening. When our son was in 1st Grade we didnt like what we was hearing that was going on while riding the bus. Also as stated from ISOtruth…they mentioned the girl that got raped…so if my wife is available to drop off and I can pickup then no sense in using provided transportation. Parkview is currently testing some different transportation plans that could be implemented at Lasalle. That plan is if you live within 1.5 miles of the school and not crossing a dangerous highway then you would not be provided transporation to and from school.

      Why does it appear that more and more our taking and picking up there children? I have seen a increase in the last year.

      Chili Supper – Attended the event and spent money during the fundraiser so I am not for boycotting this event or I would not have attended nor was I asked to boycott this fundraiser. I did see others that is running for the school board at the event that you feel wanted to boycott the fundraiser.

      Once again would love to meet you in person as you know who I am…and welcome more questions from you.

      • Hmmm…just a little confused about your answer because we were ALL asked to boycott this event right here on this sight! You must have over looked this because all you seemed to reply to ME about your parking issues. Did you not feel it necessary to tell the author of the “boycott” speech how she might NOT sound like someone who cares about the children?
        I was also at the event (and if you wonder I spent money too) but was not graced with your presence. And I am pleased that that you found in necessary to add that you attended the boy scout event…you are a true humanitarian. I AM happy to see that Tami ate her nasty words and came to the event anyway. She probably felt pretty foolish after writing such an ignorant rant.
        To bad your fellow running mates Bailey and Rudd did not swallow whatever little pride they may have, and come out to support the children.
        And just a little tip, if you are going to try to make a point that I am not writing my name…you might want to read all the comments written on here. They seem to be unjustly accusing a lot of innocent people of heinous crimes! So, why do I not see you calling them out for this? I would think you would give them the speech about “I am Wayne Brainard and I approve this message.” Oh, I see, it is fine with you if you, your friends and your running mates do not leave their name…you just do not like someone writing about YOU.
        I get it…….I am sure Mr. Nettles and Mrs. Thatcher and Mrs.Davis and Mrs.Kern and Mrs. Troup and Mr. Thomas, and Mrs. McArdle and many many others that are so often brought up on this ridiculous site, get it too!

      • You asked a question and I answered….I am not going to following the path of every reply on this site…this reminds me of high school gossip clicks.

        One thing you will find with myself is I am honest and not a person to gossip or keep stirring the pot.

        You said you were looking forward to meeting me at Chili Supper but I didnt get to meet you. I was not at this fundraiser as a campaign function simply to support the children at School District 76 but would have enjoyed talking with you. Chili Supper was excellent, its over and know I think we need to move on. If others choose to keep talking about the boycott that is there problem.

  3. I am not sure what issues you have had with parking, since I no longer have children at Lasalle…but it seems to me that there are a lot more important issues going on than what parking spot you get. If this is your biggest worry (as it seems) then that is very sad!

    When your running mates make comments to boycott a fundraiser for the children it brings you down with them. I am glad that you have not lowered yourself to this kind of behavior. But, I would suggest that you not associate your name with Bowers, Rudd or Bailey if you do not wish for people to think that you agree with their ideas. And you are correct, I do not know you, but maybe I will get the chance to introduce myself at the Chili Supper tonight.

    And I know it is driving you crazy, but with your evil running mates, I do not wish for my family to be attacked by giving my name. Since I am not on and never will run for the school board I do not feel that it is important for me to do so. You can pat yourself on the back for your “I approve this message” speech, but you SHOULD back up your comments since you are running for the board. Tell Tami aka OnlyTheTruth that she should back her comments as well.

  4. So soon you forget about all the CHILDREN who died at the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting!! I feel very sad for you but I am glad that you are the one they keep out of our schools because what you write here IS CRIMINAL!! You are SICK and demented to write such comments! What a role model you are to our children by suggesting that if you don’t like the rules just boycott them, as you say! It seems that you do not care for the children at all…just about new rules that you don’t like! Well, as we all tell our kids, rules are put in place for our safety! Sorry that you do not like them but if the world did not have rules everyone would be running around killing each other! We will pray for YOU…Tami Bowers!

  5. Boycott the LaSalle Chili Supper-Stand up for our kids and parents.

    1) Are you ok with the Superintendent taking the funds from the previous LaSalle Parent Club and not returning them as promised last May?

    2) Are you ok with parents not being allowed into classroom parties, except for the privileged few? Do you like being treated as a criminal or as if you aren’t good enough to enter your child’s school?

    3) Did you like not being allowed to walk with your child at the Halloween parade? How about it being in the back of the school and it was more like a parade of merchants advertising? Did you know the Fire Dept., Village office, and Police Dept. refused to come to the school for it? Can you blame them? They work with a small crew and could not be away from the station. The Parade has gone on for many years and was safe. Why did it need to be changed? This is Creve Coeur, not Peoria.

    4) Do you like the fact that Parent Pick-up before an after school is a mess? Drop off time is later and backed up and our kids can’t even use the front door because it apparently disturbs the office. After school is a joke. Cones are now up and there is no where to park and we have to drive through mud and potholes. Why? School is out at 3:00 p.m. and we can’t get our kids until 3:10-3:15. Why? I find it hard to believe this is safer than when we picked up our children in the gym and out of nasty weather. But I guess it is safer to keep out those nasty Creve Coeur parents who might pause a minute to chat with a neighbor or say hello to one of our wonderful teachers. Again, that is only allowed for the few privileged who have been deemed to be the better citizens of Creve Coeur’s Harley Hillbillys.

    If you don’t agree with the way OUR school is run, stand up and fight back. Boycott the Chili supper and show these people that the parents in Creve Coeur are not stupid and not willing to be treated this way. By going – you are saying that everything they do to keep us out is OK. Please show them we won’t accept this.

    Thank you, and I hope you will think on this. Even Pray on this and for our school.
    A Proud Creve Coeur Parent

    • Way to be FOR THE KIDS! I sure know we are NOT voting for you Ms. Bowers! I will see all the parents who REALLY DO care about our children AT THE CHILI SUPPER!

    • No, this is NOT Peoria…it is Creve Coeur…where a woman was shot and killed at OUR Dairi Queen, where a child was KIDNAPPED waiting for the school bus and BRUTALLY RAPED for 7 hours! Before the new rules at Lasalle, I saw 2 convicted CHILD MOLESTERS IN OUR SCHOOL during Halloween Parade!! So, yes, the privileged few you speak of are the ones who have filled out their form and had a background check, so we know that our children are safe when we drop leave them at school! If I am not able to be there to protect my child I am damn glad that there are rules enforced to secure the school from danger! I do not know what bubble you live in…but the rest of us live in the REAL WORLD and it is not a pretty as you try to make it seem!!
      I suggest we pray for the person who wrote this because they have LOST THEIR MIND!


    • I could not be more disgusted than I am from your boycott the Chili Supper speech! You run around saying that everything you do is for the children….how is this behavior supporting any children? The CHILDREN and teachers have worked hard putting baskets together and getting the school ready for this event! This is an event to raise money FOR OUR CHILDREN! Why don’t you tell the children to boycott school why your at it, because most of them do not like the rules put in place for them, either!

      This is EXACTLY what I am talking about when I tell you NOT TO VOTE for Bowers, Rudd, Brainard or Bailey!!

      If they made the rules our schools would be a free for all…any child molester, rapist or thug would be allowed to come and go from our schools as they please! Hopefully you will get there in time to pick-up your child after school, because they would have it that the kids just wander out so it is easier for them! I am sorry but my child is much more important to me than getting a little dirt on my tires or having to wait a couple extra minutes! I would wait a lifetime if it was for my child!

      We do NOT want people like this making the rules for our schools!!
      We ARE the citizens of Creve Coeur, and WE DESERVE BETTER THAN BOWERS, RUDD, BRAINARD and BAILEY!

      The CHILDREN are our main concern…and it is sad to think someone would have a problem with the rules that are made up to PROTECT our children!

      • Again lol2012…using my name and stating that WE DESERVE BETTER and listing my name…i plan on attending the Chili Supper along with my family. I am not hiding behind my name as others on this site are doing, if you are a good person then tell the community who you are and let them decide. I have nothing to hide as stated before if you have a question for me simply ask me and I will reply. To bring others that you know nothing about into these conversations …its obvious that you are either running or on the current school boards list of don’t see me making posts to not vote for one of the canidates currently running. Just like I had the cops called for simply moving a cone and then putting it back so myself and another parent could pull in a parking spot that was open and out of the way of the guard rail and other areas during pickup. The priciple came out and told me dont ever touch those cones…they are there to stop u (being me) from parking on the curb and pointed that i was currently parked on the curb…what she was not aware of is that the mother that she was talking with was the car parked on the curb that she so thought was mine and called the cops on me for. The parking continues to go on along the was I being HARRASSED because I am running for the board and that the priciple has not communicated to those cars that park in that area daily? When talking to the police officer that arrived he said he wasnt not sure why he was at school…and later found out that it was for moving the cones and putting them back EXACTLY in same spot. It seems to me that texting, talking while entering the school parking lot is worst then moving and putting back a cone. Im honest…i admit about the moving the cone to help myself and another parent…and no its not one of the others running for school board that I did this for…the mother said to me the following day…I cant believe you had the cops called for helping me!!!

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