One thought on “Agenda for Feb. 4th School Board Committee Meeting

  1. District 76 committee meeting canceled due to weather? Several people drove to their jobs this evening and will return home later. The children of district 76 had to walk to and from school today. So, why did Mrs. Strong cancel another meeting?

    Risk Assessment!

    Board members enter a warm car at home and drive to LaSalle School parking lot. They then enter a warm building. The amount of time they would be exposed to the cold air would be less than two minutes. Little risk! The roads are slippery, so it is possible to end up in a fender bender. The car usually protects the passenger from serious injury when driving at low speeds. The school board president decided to not take any risks and allow all the board members to safe home. Sensitivity.

    March 12, 2012, four board members voted to authorize the Superintendent
    to enforce the mile and a half statutory limit for students at Parkview who are not
    subject to a dangerous crossing for the 2012-2013 school year. Motion was made by Julie Troup
    and seconded by Rebecca Kern. What this means, if the state does not provide reimbursement for a child to ride a buss, the child will walk.

    Prior to that night, previous boards thought it would reduce the risk of injuries by transporting more children with in the mile and a half statutory limits. Previous board realized the 72% of the children in District 76 are classified low income. Rather than drive pass the children with empty buss seats, more children were transported safely to school by bus

    Risks for children spending more time walking the streets include, but are not limited to:
    More chances of severe frost bite.
    Struck by a car because there are no side walks for children to walk on.
    Struck by a car because the roads are slippery.
    Head injury (bump a child on a slippery road and they will fall)
    Death, their head hit the icy pavement too hard.
    When a person is bundled up, their field of vision is obscured. (increases chance of walking in front of a car.)
    When a person is cold, their concentration is to get to where it is warm and the chances of walking in front of a car increases.

    Mrs. Strong, please put on the next board agenda, Motion to return the bus route to 2010-2011 bus stops. Please take the time and do a Risk Assessment for the children like you did tonight before canceling the meeting. The board can reach out with a helping hand.

    Please do not wait for a child to suffer an injury before you do another Risk Assessment. Canceling the meeting tonight was thinking about the risks to the adults. Next board please take the opportunity to reduce risks to some of the children. It will not cost the school district any more to return to the old schedule. Previous boards reached out to help. I hope the majority of the current board will too.

    Thanks for your consideration.

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