7 thoughts on “Agenda For Feb. 25th School Board Meeting

  1. I am sorry to butt in to your witch hunt, but you must have overlooked Item E.3 on the Agenda. Getting a little ahead of yourselves on the lies and false accusations.
    Also, I figure Mr. Nettles must be using his invisible button when he gets around you because I have seen him at many events.

    • I didn’t realize he had an invisible button, thanks for the information. That would explain why I don’t see him at the volleyball games or the 5th and 6th grade basketball games. Huh, I guess that would also make it alot easier for him to steal the money as well.

    • I didn’t know it was a witch hunt, but if that is how you are refering to Ms Davis then welcome aboard. When Paul does show up tp the very few games he has been to does he ride on his magical unicorn as well or is that also invisible. Its always nice to know that there will always be sides to take and some of us have already chosen which side we are on. I can appreciate the fact that you along with many will try to cover for Paul, but he is a big boy that has made some very poor decisions lately that he needs to be held accountable for. I for one can assure you that if the School board doesn’t get this resolved then I will personally take the next step to get legal action started. Also, thanks for the information about Mr Nettles and Ms Thatcher. I guess that means she was the go to while his wife was pregnant. Again, POOR DECISIONS. Must be hard to support a pregnant wife, a newborn, and mistress on his salary.

      • No, silly…unicorns do not exist! But….I guess I let the cat out of the bag on that one. But, you had it figured out anyway…YES…..Mr. Nettles has SUPER POWERS!!
        How else could you explain all of the things you accuse him of?!? That must be why all the ladies are after him as well! And with all of the money that the school concessions bring in…he probably has a lair on a yacht in Mexico and flies there at lunch on his private jet that he keeps on the roof top of the school.

        GROW UP!

  2. It definitely seems as though Ms Davis is covering for him. Maybe it is time to get the police involved. If someone is stealing money then that person should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Why is it that Ms Davis has worked so hard to get additional funding and grants but then turns a blind eye to someone stealing money. I thought I was the only one that noticed that Paul hasn’t been to many of the games. I know he has only been to one of my daughters Volleyball games all year. I wonder if his wife knowd where he is when he tells her he has to work a game and then goes to see Ms. Thatchers instead. Or was that not public knowledge yet!?!? I guess it is now LOL

    • The more I think about it, I am concerned on why you have not got the police involved already, like you mentioned? Why would you even wait for Davis, who you have already made a point to say you do not think she does her job? Why would you leave it in the hands of someone you do not trust? If you knew, in fact, and have proof that someone is stealing money, then why are you even hesitating to call the police? I think that speaks for itself about your accusations.

  3. Here we go again, another meeting and still not on the agenda is the “looking into the missing funds/money from previous activities and concessions that is unaccounted for while under the watchful eye and wallet of Mr. Paul Nettles. How is it that the current Athletic director, who rarely attends the schools games and who received a raise last year because he’s handles so much, gets to get away with theft of U.S. Currency. Maybe it is time we go over the head of Ms Davis and get the Creve Coeur Police to look into the matter. Heck, for all we know Jeanne could be just as much involved as Paul and is afraid to say anythig to him to cover her own tail. Just a thought… that is starting to make sense.

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